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  1. You are arguing with things I didn't say. My opinion.
  2. She gave a very good impression of being sick and tired of the case. Maybe I am gullible. One of the highlights, very late in the long drawn out proceedings, was that the center dealing with my (employment-based) application expressed skepticism that my philosophy degree was in the humanities. I suggested to my attorney I send them my fucking thesis so they could fucking read it and make up their own fucking minds. She was impressed by this idea, but we eventually agreed to draw their attention to legislation on arts and the humanities and invite them to challenge Congress on the subj
  3. Yes, an amazing number of servers at different restaurants have proudly boasted to me of Bruni's visits. I probably eat at new-ish restaurants during the likely review period more than many people. Looks like Cuozzo has it about right.
  4. Cuozzo's reasoning: quoted on Eater
  5. It took me seven years to get a green card. That's with an attorney and paying to expedite everything. Seven years. I have a buddy who took more then ten years from when he applied - with an attorney and his employer paying for everything. By the time it was done he was married to an American with a kid. Moved to the states at 15 for prep school. Green Card at 33. From W. Europe. I sometimes wonder if I'd have abandoned the whole thing if I'd known it would take seven years.
  6. Quince and Coi are fully committed. And this for a weekday in November. Glad they're doing so well. I have thought about Commis, but that's going to be a drag going by cab. Farfallon? Or go and get tacos in the Mission?
  7. Wilfrid1


    Time for... "They were still alive???"
  8. It took me seven years to get a green card. That's with an attorney and paying to expedite everything. Seven years.
  9. Wilfrid1


    Damn, I forgot and ate it.
  10. But you know, you buy two of these and you certainly have a lot more lobster than a $28 roll. So science supports Luke's.
  11. There are some seats. It may well be that everyone is serving the same amount of meat, and that the difference in size is filler. But the rolls I used to eat at Tides, for example, were definitely bigger. Note: This is not to whine. Luke's is half the price of the other rolls, so it is indeed a bargain. ETA: In case anyone thinks this is further evidence of my lunacy, I did bring the roll home, I didn't take the remote to the lobster bar. Luke's is conveniently close - and no, we don't want any posts claiming that lobster rolls, like pizzas, deteriorate after five minutes'
  12. Luke's Lobster has been open a week or so now, right between the two Caracas arepa joints on East 7th. The lobster itself pleased me. See The Pink Pig for a thoughtful scientific analysis of the lobster roll's size.
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    Salmon and broccoli quiche. I may photograph the remaining half later.
  14. It had to start with the Ramones, I suppose. Then Talking Heads. Yes, a decent review - if not entirely free of the unparseable: Not to mention: :ugh:
  15. I see a copy of Ms Hodgson's book has become available at the library. I am waiting for William Grimes' Appetite City, a history of New York dining, to return to the shelves. That looks interesting.
  16. It is, however, a fine opportunity to be witty about Boulud and the Bowery and rock and roll. An opportunity I suspect he won't miss.
  17. The list is a step in the right direction. When I first visited, the only way to choose a drink was to point hopefully at the dimly lit bottles behind the bar.
  18. As far as I can see, the thread has been locked following Sietsema's last post, which addresses points I had made. But I can reply here. But I was responding to a comment Sietsema made in the first place, that he doubted they had the wines (specifically the Rieslings) listed. Are you telling me, he asked, that they have literally hundreds of wines in their cellar? Well, I have a wine fridge in my front room which can hold a hundred bottles, so I don't have even slight trouble believing that Hearth's cellar has the requisite capacity to store the wines they offer for sale. (It
  19. Getting curiouser by the minute.
  20. This, for example, is not very responsible journalism - especially since fact-checking with Grieco cannot be difficult:
  21. He does have a lot of people to go to in the bullpen. If he left a starter in too long, with Aceves and Robertson and Coke available as well as Hughes, Chamberlain and Rivera, he'd be criticized for that too. I do agree that he is showing a tendency to go to Rivera too early though.
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    Salmon cooked in cocounut milk with cumin, coriander and ginger. Rice baked slowly in the oven with chicken stock.
  23. Oh yes indeed. There are some extraordinary comments by Sietsema in the thread which follows.
  24. Interesting to see changes to the menu already. The yogurt-marinated poussin is taking a break. I tried the three day (or is it four day) short ribs, which were very tender, slightly underseasoned, but perfect when eaten with the sauce; good parsnip puree too.
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