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  1. I thought his dad reported him to the U.S. Embassy and Nigerian secret services months ago???? "Potential human rights violations" seems like a convenient excuse for fucking up. I know women in Asian countries who can't travel visas to the States after trying for over a decade (they might try to marry a U.S. citizen to stay in the country). And this guy gets one????? Yes, his Dad did report him, but his Dad didn't know he had become very friendly with al Qaeda. His Dad just knew he's disappeared, and his Dad suspected him of extreme Islamism. "Potential human rights violatio
  2. I bet you didn't even read that New Scientist "article" In fact it says nothing in addition to the meaningless assertion in the headline. It doesn't define what the author thinks "profiling" actually means, it doesn't define what he means by random selection. I bet the author has no idea of the basis of security procedures at airports, and I bet he knows nothing of what the intelligence community gathers. In short, he's probably just a theoretical mathematician who knows a few statistical equations. Until he provides his evidence, I can't take the headline seriously. When 40 years h
  3. To try and tease out this thorny issue of security vs human rights, the latest new in the UK on the Nigerian wannabe bomber is instructive. MI5 have stated that they had full details of Abdulmutallab's extremist Islamism, including his multiple recent contacts with suspected al Qaeda operatives. They had deliberately not revealed that i nformation to the American security services, or indeed to anyone else, because they feared it might contravene his human rights and invade his privacy. That is standing policy for MI5, it seems. There seems little doubt that if they had shared that i
  4. Because people will cry racism, discrimination, or similar and threaten to sue. It's the American way, doncha know. It's also the British way and the French way and almost everyone else's way. And when a bomb kills 300 people, those same people will cry incompetence of the security forces, and blame the politicians Frankly, I no longer care what the "human rights" lobby cries on this issue - they've had their day, and been proven to be living on a different planet from the majority of the population. The first point is right. Any security system that stands still w
  5. A couple of weeks ago, I dropped in at 7.30pm for a solo dinner (having failed to get a seat at Babbo) and within a couple of minutes I won a seat at the bar. I ordered the veal chop, and have now added that to my "memorable dishes" list. It was just superb
  6. He would have been quite pleased with a Ryan Sidebottom Just edited my post above to change Chris Broad to Stuart. Chris was his Dad, and I remember him fondly as an exciting cricketer
  7. They're good but not great. James Anderson on his day, and in the right conditions, is a fabulous swing bowler; but "his day" and "the right conditions" don't often coincide, so he is more often ordinary than dangerous. Anderson is a superb outfielder, and is becoming a decent batsman. Graham Onions puts his whole heart into his bowling, and he can be very fast and threatening, but he gives me the impression of being a stock bowler rather than a strike bowler - a Statham rather than a Trueman. He's fairly new to the Test squad, and he may well improve. He's an ordinary or worse fiel
  8. I think that profiling is inevitable, and sensible. I suspect it will be introduced in the UK and Europe within six months. I don't understand why people are saying it won't work in the USA. It seems to me that the profile of detected terrorists on planes throughout the world is both consistent and simple, and I can't see why the USA would be an exception.
  9. I think the USA is the only country still doing the shoe removal thing - which I described to the security guard at Newark Airport as "this year's response to last year's threat" I hope that your description of security at Heathrow is accurate, and that it stays that way. I think that people believing that things like staying in their seats for an hour before the plane lands, or putting their shoes through X-ray machines, or using plastic knives on flights, actually protect them from terrorist threats does little but create dangerous complacency.
  10. A QUAIL'S egg ?????? Reminds me rather of the famous ostrich egg at that basement restaurant round the corner from your one-time office
  11. Add chicken gizzards and pigs' feet. Add whiting and salad leaves.
  12. That's the funniest and yet most accurate official statement about airport security that I've ever read :lol:
  13. I recall that last week, as I was queuing at the farcical operation that passes for "security" at Newark Airport, I complained to the security guard that requiring all passengers to remove all footwear for X-ray was a waste of time. "You're checking for last year's security threat, not today's" I said. His sole contribution to the debate was to say "Take your shoes off, sir" This latest incident makes my point, and the response to it is as inadequate and irrelevant as it was last time, and the time before, and the time before that. The response is designed to do nothing but to mitigat
  14. Harwood Arms among my best meals this year, challenged by a great lunch at The Rib Room, Jumeira Carlton in Knightsbridge. The Kitchin was the best of the lot. I would rank my meal there in June as one of my top 10 meals ever. I'm glad you enjoyed it too, Carolyn
  15. Actually Bowery, west side, between East Houston and Bleecker. I think the number is about 310.
  16. Awww whatta shame I very nearly ordered matzoh ball soup as a starter, but then it would no longer have qualified as a "quick lunch". I seem to remembre throwing a shoulder out by picking up one of those matzoh balls without assistance
  17. For those interested, I can highly recommend Slainte as a sports bar. They have about a dozen flat screen TVs on the walls, all tuned to different NFL games today, plus a big projection screen at the back of the bar with benches and tables. They were playing two or three different commentaries while I was there, and they didn't interefere audibly with one another. I had a very good burger and fries for $10.95 and (surprisingly) a couple of pints of Old Speckled Hen. Most enjoyable, even if the Jets did lose
  18. By contrast with the awful quick lunch I had at Otto the other day, a quick reminder here of how a quick lunch can still be a great lunch Pastrami on rye with pickles and a 7-up, all for about 16 bucks, and every bite a pleasure. That pastrami is absolutely the best you can get anywhere. I was about to ask the guy who cut the pastrami whether he could do a couple of cockroaches on the side, but then I noticed how big he was, and that he was holding a dangerous looking knife. Next time, maybe.
  19. macrosan


    Popped into Otto today for a quick light lunch at the bar. The best thing was the bread. I ordered Penne Puttanesca. The penne were mostly stuck together in clusters of three or four, an amateurish error caused by failure to stir when it was cooking. Astonishing for even the most incompetent of cooks. The pasta was seriously undercooked, partly the result of the sticking together I guess. Puttanesca sauce is very strong and distinctive, but this one wasn't. It was almost bland, very lacking in anchovies and peppers. Altogether one of the worst pasta dishes I have ever eaten - including my
  20. I can do Friday 18th or Saturday 19th December And I don't even mind if it's you know where
  21. I think one has to allow poetic licence to the PR agencies that generate these stories. For example, the idea that the Queen putting venison on her birthday menu created a surge of interest in game is risible I've been dining out on game in the Uk for 25 years, and I certainly don't see much difference in the offerings. Rules and Wiltons and Gay Hussar do today exactly what they did then. Naturally a whole raft of new restaurants have hit upon game (quite rightly) as a valid menu alternative, and many restaurants have introduced new recipes; but if anything I'd observe that the variet
  22. What a shame, Carolyn When I was in Edinburgh a few months ago (last minute decision to stay overnight) I rang Witchery at 5pm to try to get a table for one. I got a very casula "Absolutely not - we're completely full". So I rang my second choice, Tom Kitchin, and was welcomed like a long-lost client; and I had one of my best meals in years. How was your meal at Kitchin?
  23. macrosan


    This was a "get together" in the old style .... meeting new people, free-flowing conversation, much laughter, and terrific food. How foolish we are to allow these events to disappear from the London board I'd had the Grouse Meal at Harwood some weeks ago, but this meal was simply several cuts above that one. The Game Tea and the Apple and Cinnamon Doughnuts were equally wonderful on both occasions, but last night's grouse was in a different league. Lat time it was very "high" and the meat was soft and almost mushy. This time it was of perfect texture, great flavour and magnifice
  24. macrosan


    Ta very much. Is that at 7.29 or 7.31 ?
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