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  1. Michelin over many years restricted themselves to Europe. I think it's only a few years ago they launched in the USA ? When did they do Japan ? China is the next obvious market for them, and Hong Kong/Macau would be a logical stepping stone. Seems to me it's a purely PR venture, aimed more at developing their brand image as a world leader rather than aiming to sell tens of thousands of guides to Hong Kong. Wilf raises an interesting dilemma. If you were going to Hong Kong for the first time, how would you find out which were the best restaurants. Probably you'd try to buy a Guide.
  2. Which particular Chinese dialect do you read ?
  3. macrosan


    I wholeheartedly agree with this. It has to be made clear that whilst the media are primarily to blame, those who continue to avidly watch this stuff then take their equal share of the blame.
  4. I assume the news of Woolworth's administration in the UK is known over there ? The jet is in the mail.
  5. The difference between Bear Stearns and Lehmann, I guess, was just that one came first and one came next I suspect the decisions represented little more than a change of view, plus maybe a bit of schadenfreude for Fuld. The difference between the financial companies and the auto companies is that banks provide an essential service to society for the time being, whilst auto manufacturers just make cars which are in over-supply anyway, and their demise will not affect wider society ... except their employees, but they are being viewed as unemployment fodder anyway. This maybe makes
  6. It's difficult to find the people, but far from impossible. What makes it difficult is usually when an uninformed consensus forms, and it takes a brave person to stand against that consensus. In the context of the financial meltdown, far too many self-avowed experts had a singular self-interest in hyping the market, because that put money in their pockets. The "expert observers", and the politicians, then joined that consensus because it was easier than thinking for themselves. Schiff is an exception to that. If you listen to what he was saying two years ago, it contained much commo
  7. But Peter Schiff was obviously working with two huge advantages over those other experts. First, he was thinking for himself. Second, he has invented time travel.
  8. And I think that's actually what the American people want, isn't it ?
  9. How about your sub-prime ? Is that current ? Was Alf Landon related to Priscilla Fothergill, by any chance ? And is it indeed true that you have been the first to announce for 2012 ?
  10. Poor Rich Cut down in his prime, and just after they called him as favorite for 2012
  11. Sure, but how about in New York ? Almost anyone makes pizza as good as in Italy. But I will pop along and give it a try.
  12. Do they charge for that ? Oh, and by the way thanks for the visit.
  13. Sure they have, Charity. It's called a "strip search"
  14. macrosan

    Da Umberto

    Just to be quite clear, let me confirm that both my dishes were truly bad. I left about a third of each dish, and I only ate as much as I did because I happened to be pretty hungry. The problem was not a comparison with my other meals - Redhead and Katz scored very high compared with those I clearly drew the short straw, because certainly it seems that the others' dishes were all much better than mine. So I ordered badly ? I chose two specials. How can specials be bad things to order. I think whoever cooked my two dishes, it wasn't the same guys who cooked the others. Theirs were
  15. macrosan

    Da Umberto

    See ? I knew I was ordering the wrong stuff. I only ordered what I did order because : I love porcini That was the only word I could make out in the heavily accented litany of special appetizers I love duck That was the only word I could make out in the heavily accented litany od special mains No-one told me I was ordering badly Anyone know what cazzo turista inghlese non puo ordinare corretamente means, which was something our server muttered to the maitre d' ?
  16. macrosan

    Da Umberto

    Haha I enjoyed that, Wilf, very nice. Grazie tanto, signore, e buona fortuna a tutti
  17. macrosan

    Da Umberto

    I've still never been to Sammy's. Maybe I should try it to do a proper comparison.
  18. macrosan

    Da Umberto

    Five of us had dinner here on Friday, and I had the worst meal of my week in New York, and probably the worst meal I've ever had in New York ever. We had booked for 8.30 and were seated at 9.15. We had a smart-ass waiter, very glib, very cocky, who seemed interested only in selling us drinks; I think it was about a further 15 minutes before we were given menus. My starter was grilled or roasted porcini, one of the daily specials. Cooked to death and beyond, they were leathery and/or crisp, ridiculously heavy on garlic and oil. My main was roast duck in a port sauce, another of t
  19. macrosan


    Rich, you shouldn't be posting ! Why aren't you sitting by the phone waiting for a call from anyone who might have a job for an ex-candidate ?
  20. Maybe I should try it again to find out ?
  21. The pastrami was as good today as it was last time I went to Katz for lunch
  22. macrosan


    Spent a lovely few hours yesterday evening with SteveR and Daisy; this was a long planned and long overdue Admin Reunion (which as everybody knows is paid for out of the Admin Support Fund at Mouthfuls). Redhead was another first for me, and although it may not quite rank with John's and Katz's as a "New York legend", that can only be a matter of time. The bar is great and the drinks excellent II started with a really interesting draught beer and followed with a well-made whisky sour). On recommendation, I had a super fried chicken which on some levels was better than the chicken I had at
  23. macrosan


    I found the room stark, not at all welcoming. Maybe that was worsened by the fact that the place was two thirds empty even by 9pm. I guess my summary of the meal (we chose from the prix fixe menu) was that the main part of the dishes was very good, the presentation was very nice, but the vegetables and other accompaniments were fussy and artificially over-flavoured. Veal sweetbreads were excellent. I even quite liked that they showed us a basket of assorted eggs from which they would choose one to serve (boiled) with the sweetbreads. The Lable Rouge chicken was also shown to us
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