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  1. I just saw a report on CNN that another food site offered $47.5billion for this thread. I guess I should believe everything I see on CNN, right ?
  2. I was really enjoying this rocking thread, and learning lots of very useful info about high end restos and food and stuff, and then I got lots of PMs from experts telling me that people were taking the piss. I realized this must be right when I saw the posts from the nice man called Jimmy who kept saying thanks but not a single person said your welcome. This is very cruel, so can anyone tell me where I can find a foodie support group which gives exackly the same info as in this thread, but without pulling my donger ? Thanks.
  3. A score like that requires, in addition to the skill etc of the batsman, perfect batting conditions and a sufficiency of team-mates who can also stay in long enough for the score to be made. As you say, I can't see this being beaten in the next twenty years.
  4. I do. You're at the wrong academy. But that's only each time you invent a cure for cancer, right ?
  5. That gets my award for the most irrational, self-seeking, arrogant piece of journalistic tautology I have seen this year
  6. Bognor is beautiful at any other time of year. I really must get to Spain for a proper holiday. I've had a few semi-golfing trips to Torrevieja and business trips to Barcelona and Marbella in the last five years, but I have never toured and never found anywhere interesting. Granada and Cordoba sound specially attractive. Maybe in the Autumn.
  7. That was the very first dish I ever ate at StJ. Ah memories ....
  8. Oh good grief. I hope that doesn't presage a display on the 20th
  9. macrosan

    Cafe Boulud

    How was the service ? Any used car salesmen in evidence ? Any torches, menus for the purpose of reading of ? Any helpful pointers like "we have an excellent fizzy wine called champagne ? And what about "If there had been six of you could have ordered a bowl of pasta for the center fo the table ?
  10. All these "surveys" are frankly a nonsense. The effects of smoking bans are entirely self-evident and inevitable. Smokers will avoid going to non-smoking establishments where they can. At the very least, they will go less often to non-smoking establishments. In particular this will apply to bars and restaurants, the two most important "smoking occasions" for smokers, and will likely dine out less, and drink less at bars. As the number of smokers reduces, which it will inevitably do over time, this reduction in trade will lessen. In the meantime, restaurants and bars will rely on no
  11. Macro & san (1 person) would like to come too
  12. macrosan


    I've seen plenty of buzzards, but never a red one. Also, buzzards have quite 'deep' wings (leading edge to feathers) do they not ? This bird had relatively slender wings. Maybe it was a falcon ? Adam, I generally try to avoid driving along the M40 in either direction Next time I do, I will try to keep my eyes on the road and the traffic, and allow my wife the luxury of birdwatching I used to work (many years ago) at Greenford in Middlesex in an office building alongside the canal and wide open fields. Many lunchtimes I would watch a peregrine falcon (I think) hovering above th
  13. macrosan


    Just got back from a week in Madeira. I spent fifteen minutes in a park in Funchal watching what I think was a Red Kite. Just fascinating. I've never seen a Red Kite before, as they're extremely rare in Britain, so I'm guessing. It was about 18 inches long, broad shouldered, fairly short and straight-edged tail, and a beautiful reddish brown. Somehow, watching a raptor hunt is a unique experience in nature.
  14. I again reinvented book-reading during my brief holiday in Madeira My thoughtful daughters bought me The Millionaires by Brad Meltzer. Never heard of it or him. The blurb "this is about as Grisham as you can get without having his name on the cover" reeks of a significant lack of self-confidence by the publishers, but was exactly accurate. Good, escapist read. They also bought me "Truth Game" by Douglas Hurd. Yes, the very same ex-Foreign Secretary and Pompous Ass. The book is set in the 1980s, but it's written just like a 1930s novelette. Names like Francis Trennion (FO civil ser
  15. Well thank you for sharing that with us, Wilfrid.
  16. Were you ever a British judge in a previous life, Robert ? I don't like modern music, but I don't know enough about it to say whether it's rubbish or not. Give me Beethoven, give me the Beatles. Who needs any more than that ?
  17. macrosan


    Not on my one trip there, it wasn't I think I will try Amma next time in town, even if only for the Bhel Puri I had at Diwan, which I found to be an excellent dish.
  18. It seems so long ago now, I just realized with a start that I haven't related one of the more interesting meals of the year. And I don't mean "interesting" in the Chinese sense B) I flew into LaGuardia airport at 11.50am on Saturday, and had an 11.50pm flight from JFK to return to London. Those times were carefully arranged to allow me to eat before I got to the airport or the plane So with the invaluable assistance of my new BAPA (Big Apple Personal Advisor) Abby, the selected eatery was to be Ali's. Well what a great choice that turned out to be. But before then, that courag
  19. Lawrence Donegan is an occasional golfer and professional journalist who fulfilled a lifetime dream some years ago when he became a professional caddie for a year. He caddied for a journeyman European Tour golfer called Ross (?) and wrote the book Four Iron in my Soul describing his adventures. That book became a classic golf book. This year Donegan has written a tiny (pocket-size) book called Quiet Please on his experiences as a course steward at the 2002 Ryder Cup. It's an excellent read, conjuring up perfectly the attitudes of amateur golfers and the anachronistic style of management of
  20. I confess that my image of The Wolseley (celeb-gawking and special areas reserved for celebs and "we'll do you a favour" reservations) would put me off going to this place. Early reviews I have read reinforced this opinion. But it's a great location and that review (well who wouldn't be influenced by a slapper?) makes me think I should give it a try.
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