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  1. I am so sorry for your loss, Helena.
  2. She's been known to sport a bright red smooch in that patch on her forehead! She can be a touch cantankerous at times though, and can get a good nip in with the three or four teeth she has left.
  3. This is Peetie. She's a thirteen year old Shetland Sheepdog and one of my very best friends. She considers herself far too old and important to be a dog and prefers buttered pasta with peas for dinner. I simply adore her.
  4. You're not listening! The dill is dead, I ended up tossing it from the balcony as well. I will spray the sage with a cat, and then have a BLT. Thanks for your help!
  5. But then what do I do with all of the cats? I would feel strange tossing them off the balcony.
  6. Monarch caterpillars have eaten every bit of my dill and are now ravaging my sage. I pick them off and toss them off the balcony, but they find their way back. I am not sure what to do.....
  7. Oooh Cathy! Those are the best! What wonderful friends to have!
  8. My worst meal ever was on a C-130 military mail plane over the Swiss Alps, on a return flight to Turkey. I was eleven. The plane was not pressurized, and therefore had to fly at a particularly low altitude to maintain healthy oxygen levels for the passengers. It was unbelievably cold and the constant bobbing over mountaintops gave one a shivering dizzy flu-like feeling. The disorientation was increased by the need for earplugs and the constant drop and rise in elevation, and the side to side rocking due to the netted jumpseats we sat in. This continued for hours and hours. When mealtime arrived, the navigator/flight attendant/cabin cook/live entertainment plunked a congealed salisbury steak TV dinner in our laps with a grin. I recall just looking at grayish slab of meat with its spurious char lines, suspended in a puddle of gelatinous lard and frozen green beans. The aroma of the meal was overwhelmingly rank and inescapable. I think I managed one bite, at the most. My mom had a bag of brotchen, but they were frozen solid and inedible, even after being stuffed in my mittens. I am grateful that every single meal I’ve had since has been better than that.
  9. Cynthia


    I had a great meal there recently, and one item that's really standing out as a suggestion is the rabbit loin ceviche. Luscious.
  10. For me it would be the cheesy stuff from Huey Lewis or Queen. I can't help but sing along when I hear Bohemian Rhapsody!
  11. Just completed about three and a half hilly miles of hiking. I think I could have done more, but the heat is starting to get to me. It’s very muggy this time of year in Central Texas; and the daytime temperatures are getting close to 90. It’s all uphill from here. Any tried and true tactics on staying cool while doing some warm-weather hiking?
  12. Two hours of Kundalini this morning. I wanted to get a hike in, but I am hurtin' for certain. So, that's on tap for tomorrow.
  13. Okay, for today: Two hours of Kundalini. I now bend in four more places than I did yesterday.
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