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  1. Frasca is great -- and an amazing selection of Nebbiolo based wines -- from trophy Barolo (mostly too young) down to much lighter ones. We had a lovely one from Lombardy. Thin and acid in a good way -- wonderful after a few days of big Californian wines. As we left we made our next reservation. So...this post was back in Dec....interestingly enough....we now LIVE HERE IN BOULDER! So...I've been 'foodin' around the past few months, loving it. Pizzeria Basta is one of our weekly favorites.
  2. This. I love my Sansa clip. and i have ~3-4 different iPods/iPhone. It's just a simple mp3 player.
  3. http://www.securityfocus.com/ http://www.slashdot.com http://www.theregister.co.uk/ http://isc.sans.edu/index.html http://www.nist.org/news.php http://www.scmagazine.com/ ..are the ones I visit daily. I'm an IT security professional in charge of security for top Gov't Supercomputers. tweets? Hrm...haven't thought about that as I only follow Charlie Sheen...but a quick google turned up this: http://www.sans.org/twitter.php - which I recognize a lot of names on the list as people I'd follow in the IT security field.
  4. thanks for this! I really feel the need to head here before I move.
  5. Well, in this case I agree. That said, I don't like going to movie theaters. But to me as I said, this has an appeal. Many of the things I don't like about movie theaters have been done away with or addressed with this concept. As far as the pricing, unless I am missing something, there seems to be good value here (at lease for me). For example, pay $25 -- $10 for the movie, and $15 for the food/beverage experience . . . and then the $15 is credited toward your food/beverage purchase, right? If that's the case, it's an excellent deal as far as I am concerned. that's correcto...
  6. Perhaps the site just isn't updated. I haven't been there in person in a month or so at least.
  7. Having been to Christophers a few times in the past, I've never seen that burger on the menu (and don't see it now)! Were all of the 'competition' burgers, burgers that restaurants normally serve on their menu or was this just a 'who can cook the best burger at the moment' type thing?
  8. And someone else in town would have to give up their license... Apparently this "club license" is a way to skirt the licensing laws? whatever the case is, it keeps the kids out, and makes for a pretty relaxing movie experience! I'm not complaining.
  9. http://www.amctheatres.com/dinein/cinemasuites/ take your 'critical foodie' hat off for a second. I'm not going to really deconstruct the burger I had and rant about it not being Lafrieda or the pasta my wife had wasn't authentic Italian... Laurie and I went to the new AMC Dine-In Theater in Menlo Park Mall last night. First, it's 10$ each for the movie, then 15$ each for the seats, that goes for credit towards your food. There are 2 options, one is the 'suites' theater the other theater is called 'fork&knife' maybe? A little less comfortable, and is 18+ instead of 21+ I think...ei
  10. Thanks much. I'll give it a try....not many places where you can do music + food. Even if the food isn't top notch.
  11. or, for sweet... http://www.scienceofdrink.com/2010/11/08/the-boulevardier/
  12. Kinda. an old Pal is similar with Whiskey, Dry Vermouth and Campari. It's great.
  13. Looking for a review of this place! http://www.hatcitykitchen.com/ it's about 40 minutes away from me, but seems like everything I like. Casual. Good food, good music, no frat guys. Awaiting a review from one of ya'll. -Rob
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