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  1. Its about two minutes walk from South Norwood station which itself is just 12 minutes from London Bridge (on a fast train).
  2. I've come to this conversation late but I would second Mantanah in South Norwood, partly because its only a 15 minute walk away for me. This is the one Thai restaurant that is has been in the Time out Food guide with a red star or a highly recommended for around the last 10 or 12 years. It used to be run by Tym Yeoh who used to take the small staff over to Thailand every year to discover new dishes. Some years ago she left under mysterious circumstances and it was taken over (one story I read said she was was forced out by what amounted to a stalker). I visited a couple of times after that and
  3. Well, you are right to say slowly, because he's been behaving like that since at least 1975, when I first came across him. Have I mentioned before that he didn't have an Irish accent then? For those quoting evidence that MacGowan is actually English, stop right now! It is widely known that the Pogues are essentially an English Band playing Irish influenced music: Spider Stacey, Jem Finer, James Fearnly, Darryl Hunt, Adnrew Ranken and Macgown, are all English born. Cait O'Riordan was born in Nigeria before moving to London. Terry Woods and Phil Chevron were born in Ireland,
  4. One of greatest songwriters of our time. Indeed they do need each other but I attended a gig shortly after MacGowan was thrown out of the band and before he rejoined, this bought out a few protestors who had a banner "Have you no Shane?" Joe Strummer took the lead and very well he did regaling us with the Pogues favourites as well as some Clash numbers - a memorable gig but not in the same league of any gig with MacGowan staggering around the stage bottle of whisky in one hand, microphone and cigarette in the other. I've been fortunate enough to see them many times. As time has gon
  5. Matt

    The Capital

    My main criticism of the Capital has to be the use of Bacon in almost every dish. Last year I mentioned this to the Maitre D' and he acknowledged that it was a problem for him especially when trying to recommend dishes for people who had religous reasons for not eating it. Has this changed? From February 2006:
  6. That ain't juggling! This is juggling! Jason Garfield
  7. So we end up with a situation where girls are being provided with Heroin for injection - fine, I even agree that providing heroin on the NHS might reduce crime in some ways but it will lead to other problems. With regard to the prostitues there is no way that any sort of regulation is going to allow girls to legally inject themselves with a drug and work as a sex worker. The risk of disease transmission is too high and letting people who are off their heads on drugs have sex with paying customers is clearly going to be a no no on moral grounds..
  8. This case has really higlighted those calls again but my belief is that if we were to legalise prostituition the controls that were put in place would probably not allow girls to work who were hooked on Heroin or other class A drugs. I believe that all of the girls killed in Ipswich were drug addicts working to earn enough money for their next fix, unfortunately leagalising prostituition would probably not help these girls.
  9. I would politely suggest that a baseball player would struggle to play for a decent Sunday League team without a good 3 or 4 years of practice. Where they would be good may be the fielding but I wonder if they would be able to catch a ball as accurately without that enormous glove on the end of their hands The Ashes 2005
  10. Tendulkar's average pushed up by a handy 14 innings against minnow's Zimbabwe. A quick look would suggest that Lara's average would have been higher if he had played as many matches against them.
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/6154000.stm
  12. You don't linger, simple as that, they will normally ask you to take coffee at the bar if you haven't finished. You will normally be advised of the policy when booking. It isn't actually limited to the fine dining restaurants, most of the midrange retaurants would aslo do the same thing. It's easily circumvented by asking for a 21:00 table, some places won't move you on if you are booked at 20:30. I'm not sure whether St John does enforce the same limitations.
  13. Matt


    What a load of twaddle. A bloke with a false arm has a sex toy strapped to it and he had no idea what it was - fair enough he didn't know what it ws but you''d have thought he would have asked why they needed to put anything on his stump in the first place. As for the elderly women having silicone breasts put on her, you're not telling me that they thought this was being done to show how poor and impoverished they were?
  14. You won't be eating in London before 21:00 then as vitually every restaurant does it. If you book after 21:00 you'll more than likely keep your table, always best to check though.
  15. I have a japanese mandoline but I doubt it would shave a truffle as consistently thin as a truffle shaver. Go on - treat yourself!
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