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  1. That was the first cake my father ever made, for my mother's birthday back in 1975. I have an original 1st edition of her chocolate desserts book that I picked up at a secondhand store, plus the "favorite recipes" book that came out just before she died. As Slaughter mention, those are basically exact reprints, original volume-only measurements intact.
  2. We're venturing to Total Wine and Spirits this weekend, because despite having 4 different rums, we somehow don't have the basic white and dark varieties. N also needs vodka for her infusions, and our local TW&S has distillery hand sanitizer at the cash register so we'll pick up those too. Might get some Lillet Blanc too.
  3. I guess everyone's baking bread and not making a lot of dessert....😉 Felt confident enough to tackle Maida Heatter's American chocolate pudding. Two types of chocolate plus cocoa, and a healthy slug of rum (which she calls "optional" 😜).
  4. In San Francisco, she could have had her pick.
  5. N made this banana shrub a few days ago (really good over the vanilla pudding), and she made a cocktail yesterday with it, 8-year-old Bacardi, and lime juice. It was a little sweet, so we both added some bitters for balance (she went with Peychaud's; I went with Regan's).
  6. Homemade soft sandwich bread makes for excellent French toast. 😊
  7. Lots of towns and cities in my county, including mine, are now under nighttime curfew for a week. I drove about a mile or so to the unincorporated town to do some shopping, and the CVS had just closed down at 11:30 AM and businesses along the main drag were starting to board up. Apparently, a Walgreen's and a couple of other stores in the main strip mall had been looted last night.
  8. StephanieL


    Me too. Such bright color in a bleak landscape.
  9. StephanieL


    N has a sourdough sandwich loaf rising right now.
  10. At 93. Didn't think he was still alive.
  11. Adding the Dalgona coffee worked rather well. We have lots more pudding to eat, so next time we're going to layer it with N's homemade banana compote and some Kraken spiced rum. Then there are meringues to make with the egg whites I saved, so pudding, meringue, and fresh berries.
  12. No--not much of an IPA fan, and N would prefer to drink hers as is.
  13. Made this today, using 2% milk. The bourbon-vanilla maple syrup was made a couple of weeks ago because I wanted it, and has been put to use in cocktails, over ice cream, etc. The Crown is where I took my first coffee certification classes, and where I hope to resume them when it eventually reopens. https://royalcoffee.com/pancake-party-assume-nothing-a-year-of-recipes/
  14. StephanieL


    Last night, a recipe from Jerusalem: meatballs with fava beans. The meatballs are supposed to be 1/2 beef & 1/2 lamb; we only had the lamb. The texture was very smooth--in my opinion, the amount of breadcrumbs could be reduced--but the taste was great, mostly because you make your own spice mixture to go in it, and there are lots of fresh herbs. Both shelled and unshelled fava beans are used, and a long cook time in liquid means that the unshelled ones get nice and soft. N didn't have time to make a side, but the recipe calls for making a combination of orzo and basmati rice (separate recipe) so I'll make that when we eat the leftovers.
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