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  1. In less than a week, one of my fellow altos who I used to sit next to died of fast-moving metastatic colon cancer, and a good friend's dog died at age 6 also very suddenly from a tumor on his liver (he was literally frisky one day and had to be put down the following evening).
  2. Generally, vanilla ice cream with either a stout or a porter. In this case, the beer was Elysian's Espresso Milk Stout, brewed with Stumptown Coffee. Now that the weather is getting warmer I could try substituting a lambic or kriek, and as part of a virtual beer tasting I got one that's supposed to be like a Creamsicle. N is a bit of a purist so she only likes vanilla ice cream in floats.
  3. My mother used a hochmesser and a wooden bowl when she made meatballs and hamburgers--as someone who helped her with this, I can say it was great for mixing in the egg and breadcrumbs and seasonings. When I visited Alaska, I got a (marketed to tourists) ulu knife that looks like a hochmesser but was/is used to skin fish. The one I bought didn't do a great job at either that or chopping.
  4. Trying out this Dalgona Coffee Pudding recipe. I've completed the vanilla pudding step; thanks to an accidental inclusion of more cornstarch than the recipe called for, it thickened up very well. I've already made Dalgona coffee and know that it works, but I used generic instant coffee so it tasted like a lesser version of a Greek frappe. I'll be using Medaglia D'Oro espresso powder this time.
  5. Got tired of making my own lunch every day, and broke down and ordered banh mi and sweets from the local Vietnamese restaurant that doubles as a French bakery (not kidding--the owner is a Vietnamese woman who grew up in France and was trained in pastry-making there).
  6. Having a beer float at the end of a hot, crummy day.
  7. I didn't realize how many crab fisherman stored literally all of their crab pots there. Jeez, how bad do things need to get?
  8. StephanieL

    Larry Kramer

    At 84, of pneumonia and probably living with AIDS for so long. Founder of ACT UP and a giant of activism, even if he could be a pain the ass, and a screenwriter before that. N and I got to meet him several years ago when we attended a performance of the revival of The Normal Heart--he and others were handing out leaflets outside the theater.
  9. It's pretty hot in the Bay Area today, so we're having classic mint juleps. I pressed into service the one Tiffany & Co. item I have, a pewter "Georgetown Cup" that I got via work eons ago. I can feel my brain melting a bit, though at 2 oz. of bourbon per drink these are not as strong as the ones meant to be sipped all day.
  10. Very much looking forward to thumbing through the latest & greatest RG book: https://www.ranchogordo.com/collections/books-and-publications/products/the-rancho-gordo-heirloom-bean-guide
  11. We've been running the dishwasher daily or every other day.
  12. StephanieL


    N made a loaf of basic sourdough, using a combo of regular bread flour and whole-wheat flour, and then used the discard to make crackers (a KAF recipe). The crackers will go with recently defrosted black bean hummus, left over from a batch made a couple of months ago.
  13. StephanieL


    Aw, thank you! We have been having more modest meals than these, including takeout.
  14. StephanieL


    Because it's going to be hot here over the next several days, N has been preparing fish in ways that we can have chilled or room temperature. We got beautiful salmon roast and cod fillets from the farmer's market yesterday; this vendor has wonderful, rich salmon in particular. Last night, N gave the salmon a dry rub (brown sugar, salt, pepper, Spanish paprika, and a pinch of dry mustard) and smoked it over apple wood. We let it cool on the counter and then put it in the fridge; today, she's going to make a salad and RG green French lentils to go with it, and we have a Spanish rose on ice. (Dessert will be store-bought chocolate cream pie.) Tonight, she's going to pickle the cod South African style, in a curry with onions, so that we can have it tomorrow evening.
  15. Cherries! Lots of them at the market today, at around $6/lb for both Bings and Rainiers. Also picked up salmon and cod for this week's dinners.
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