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  1. Holiday gift from our VP is a combo bench scraper/chopper, along with green tea langues de chat straight from his trip to Japan.
  2. I was supposed to bring local California cheeses to the Thanksgiving fest in Pennsylvania, but I left them in our fridge and thus had to buy all the cheeses at Wegman's (rather than just the washed-rind ones that would have stunk up my suitcase). Only the Humboldt Fog was from CA, but everyone seemed to like the selection. Menu for 13 adults and 1 child Appetizers --Said cheeses, plus crackers --Avocado deviled eggs --Salami with mustard dip --Spicy-sweet caramelized pecans --Various beers Dinner --Turkey and gravy --Sausage and bread stuffing --Mashed potatoes
  3. We had an ancient bottle in our liquor cabinet for years.
  4. I was super-excited to hear about that. Now I can just swing by on my way home from work.
  5. A real find, hiding in the back of a used book store in Lambertville, NJ. From 1952--I believe it's a first edition. Interestingly, the recipes list the ingredients last rather than first. Also, several chapters (e.g., Cheese, Wine) are devoted to describing the region's offerings, with no recipes.
  6. My mom left Judith Krantz novels lying around.
  7. Lowcountry shrimp and (cheese) grits, from the Jubilee cookbook. Fried green tomatoes from our garden on the side. The leftover cheese grits will be breakfast for the next couple of days.
  8. StephanieL

    George Lois

    At 91, just 2 months after his wife. Created (or stole credit for) many iconic ad campaigns, as well as controversial 1960s Esquire covers. I have a couple of his books.
  9. After much searching, I finally found the elusive Baltika #6 Porter at one of the local Eastern European groceries a few months ago. We had it last night, at room temperature (it was a last-minute "let's have beer" decision). Mild and sweet on the finish, and seemed much stronger than 7% ABV. I liked it and would like to try it chilled at some point.
  10. Workplace lunch at Square Pie Guys yesterday (Detroit-style pizza has become a thing here), so I asked N to make something on the lighter side for supper. She made an Asian stir-fry with boneless & skinless chicken thighs, cremini mushrooms, and roasted honeynut squash, seasoned with soy sauce and Chinese five-spice powder and served over rice.
  11. Was the comic South African? I wish Nando's was in more places in the US besides Chicago and Baltimore/Washington, though we have a similar, more Portuguese-oriented mini-chain in the Bay Area called The Port of Peri-Peri.
  12. I saw it on Friday--amazing documentary, and long enough (2h 15m) to really get in depth.
  13. If you're on hold with the USPS, you get your choice of music: contemporary, R&B/hip-hop, country, Latin, and "world beat". While I don't like being on hold at all, I'd rather have that option than an endless loop of one or two songs.
  14. My chorus rehearses in the Music building of Cal State East Bay. In the snack area, the vending machine that dispenses hot drinks had a hand-lettered sign on it saying "Dead Ants in Drinks!". So come out here for all the ants you want. 🙂
  15. Quick and easy charro beans, with RG pintos, bacon, Mexican chorizo, canned tomatoes, and yellow bell pepper.
  16. A Park Avenue. This hit me hard. --2 oz. gin --3/4 oz. pineapple juice --3/4 oz. sweet vermouth --2 tbsp. orange curacao Shake over ice and strain into a cocktail glass.
  17. A boilermaker. Or Southern Comfort drunk straight from the bottle.
  18. Leftover spaetzle with shavings of aged Gouda and a little truffle salt.
  19. Pegu Club for me, hot rum sling for N. To make the latter, dissolve 2 sugar cubes in a little boiling water, then add 2 oz. dark rum, the juice of 1/2 lemon, a dash or two of Angostura, and more boiling water.
  20. Well, Dusty Baker got his managerial WS ring. Big news here, since he was close to getting it with the Giants.
  21. StephanieL


    First time back at Cal Performances in nearly 3 years, to see the Soweto Gospel Choir. N hadn't seen them in a long time, and I'd never seen them at all. The first half featured South African songs and the second half featured songs by Black American artists. Very energetic and engaging show.
  22. The cats were definitely on old time yesterday morning.
  23. N wanted to use some of the fish stock she put up in May, so she made a chowder with potatoes, lingcod (from our freezer), and cockles, seasoned with saffron and a little smoked paprika. We've got canned clams to add to the leftovers, since neither of us will be able to get to the fishmonger this evening.
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