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  1. We had dinner with some old friends from college yesterday. The husband has a large whiskey/bourbon collection, and when he was offering to make me a cocktail I noticed he had a bottle of Drambuie. Turns out he hadn't opened it yet, so I suggested we have Rusty Nails. Basically, it's 1 1/2 oz. of Scotch mixed with 3/4 oz. Drambuie in a rocks glass with ice. Between that and the 2 glasses of Pinot Noir, I had a very mellow evening. (It was a long week.)
  2. I would never have ordered a hummingbird feeder that ugly, even under the influence.
  3. My contractor, for thinking we'd gotten the physical copy of the signed permit from the city. Turns out neither of us did, and he and his crew lost a day of work today because he had to run around to get that copy after a visit from the city's inspector yesterday.
  4. Microwave bread pudding, to use up the stale challah. I added fresh strawberries and some pieces of a Ghirardelli 72% bar. For what it is, it's not bad.
  5. We keep getting mysterious Amazon packages addressed to "Parker"--it's almost certainly part of this brushing scam. The first time, N contacted Amazon and they eventually said that we can keep the packages, but at this point I don't quite know how to stop them from coming. So far, we've gotten a package of Pilot rollerball pens (OK, not bad) and two similar-looking but kind of tacky glass hummingbird feeders.
  6. Oh sure--I can visit other coffee places or make my own in the office. This is more of a kvetch than anything else, lumped in with all of the umpteen other pandemic-related frustrations.
  7. Tomoe Sushi, after nearly 40 years. It was one of the first places I ever had "real" sushi (not prepackaged).
  8. He fleshed out that story for the Kitchen Confidential book, and it was interesting to compare the two versions.
  9. I had a halvah mousse at Chabad--it was really good.
  10. Before the pandemic, the city of San Francisco made it illegal to not accept cash as payment in retail stores, in response to many fast-casual places, coffee bars, etc., only accepting payment via cards or apps. Once the pandemic hit, enforcement of that stopped all over the place, as no one wanted to handle potentially deadly filthy lucre anymore. A year and a half in, I'm still finding coffee bars that won't accept cash; in fact, one fancy-schmancy national chain won't let you do in-store payments with their own app. You want to get your loyalty points, you gotta order ahead through the a
  11. Nope--I have problems peeling hard-boiled eggs too. Might be a brown shell vs. white shell thing.
  12. I guess if you want "real" mains, you have to look outside fancier places. The Afghani place by me has huge entrees. 😉
  13. Breathless, et les autres.
  14. A local bakery, run by a Jewish woman, offered a holiday package of a round challah + local honey (avocado!) + apples--I got it so that I could have something holiday-oriented. (Maybe next year I'll get their apfelkuchen too.) As for other things, I'm going to services run by a local Chabad chapter, because they're doing in-person with masks and my own shul is Zoom-only again, and I'll be fed tonight at least.
  15. N's had a rough last few days (work politics), so this put her in a much better mood.
  16. I haven't had to shop for a cell phone in years, so I had no idea how expensive they'd gotten. N's old Android phone died, and the replacement, not the most basic but not the fanciest by any means, cost $1000.
  17. The ABBA Eurovision performance is the seminal event in the Will Ferrell movie parodying Eurovision that came out last year.
  18. So that we're not doing takeout (or glomming off our friends) every night for dinner, N is breaking out the slow cooker and making one of her Mom's ad hoc recipes: beans, split peas, barley, beef bones, and seasonings, cooked overnight. It's going to make a LOT, so we'll have to be clever at jazzing up the leftovers. For beans, she's using a combination of RG's Hidatsa Red, Scarlet Runners, and Pintos.
  19. While the SCA Coffee Expo is still technically on, I've decided not to go. First there was the spike in cases, then some key vendors pulled out, then French Quarter Fest got cancelled, and finally Ida. The SCA's USA chapter is also urging that they cancel the US Coffee Championships scheduled to be held at Expo. The universe is definitely telling me something. If I still think I can make a career out of coffee, being 2 years older than when I started, there's always Expo 2022 in Boston next April.
  20. Sandwich with N's homemade baba ganoosh (made pre-kitchen demolition).
  21. My best friend lives in Lambertville, NJ, which is on the Delaware River across from New Hope, PA. Cutesy town and lately a big tourist destination. She lost water pressure at night, and the next morning sent around pictures of the damage from her side of town, the south side. Apparently, the north side had even more damage. I think they got not only rain, but tornado remnants. I'm hoping my sister in central NJ didn't get any damage--they left for a trip to upstate NY before the storm came through.
  22. StephanieL

    Ed Asner

    Hard to believe he was only 40 when the MTM Show started.
  23. Well, this is a pretty major job. We're going to a totally open-plan space for the kitchen/dining room/living room area, with just a support pillar for structural and earthquake integrity.
  24. They were very good in cleaning up the inside debris on Thursday. There's still plenty of trash (old appliances, broken cabinetry) in the driveway though.
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