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  1. Nice to forget my troubles with a Saturday evening showing of Arsenic and Old Lace. 😉
  2. Not only seeing a high-speed chase between an SUV and cop car while walking through my sleepy neighborhood this morning, but seeing it twice, as the SUV took the cops on a loop around before heading towards the local university and eventually crashing. I could follow the chase with my ears for those few minutes.
  3. Because they're soft targets with few resources--easy to score righteous "victories" that way.
  4. And so not different from every other time millennials have "discovered" something.
  5. This coffee. Like absolutely nothing I've ever had before. It didn't really taste a lot like coffee--the bourbon and cacao nibs taste really comes through.
  6. Tonight's dinner will be spaghetti alle vongole, thanks to some nice-looking clams N picked up from the local fishmonger (who often doesn't have them). Am hoping that the 2018 South African sauvignon blanc we're going to have with it hasn't turned to vinegar.
  7. Do they still have the posts on the wall about the animal rights groups protesting them? 😉
  8. But City Lights is still here, so when life opens up again everyone come and visit SF!
  9. White Beans au Vin, from a recipe that appeared in the Times' At Home section a while back. Used RG cassoulet beans, as it was the only type of dried white beans we had (the Bean Club shipment is on its way). Even though the recipe calls for red wine, it tasted a lot like the white wine/shallot/parsley treatment that N uses for shellfish. N also used both vegetable broth per the recipe and the bean broth. My only regret is we didn't think to pick up a baguette for the sauce.
  10. Thank you for the update, plattetude. I hadn't realized she had MS, but it makes sense now. I miss them both, but maybe it's the chorus that I miss.
  11. It's National Margarita Day! I am celebrating accordingly.
  12. You could have this nice fish paste--it's kosher too.
  13. South African-style pancakes for dinner and dessert. The dinner pancakes were filled with a ground beef-pea-chutney mixture; the dessert pancakes were filled with a French chestnut cream (got a tube of it ages ago) and a quick mixture of cocoa powder, butter, and bittersweet chocolate. We had Rogue's Hazelnut Brown Ale to drink with the latter.
  14. Two of my former NY chorus mates have died in the past 3 weeks. One was in his mid-70s and had metastatic cancer; the other was only 2 years older than me, and I don't know how she died other than she had been sick for some time (it wasn't COVID).
  15. The first time N ever made bread for me, she didn't put in any salt. Deliberately. She said that's how she did it back in South Africa. I told her to never do that again. 🙂
  16. Some of the cities here in the Bay Area are now mandating all-electric kitchens and heating systems in new apartment building construction (don't know about single-family homes). Sounds like a disaster in the making if we get more wildfires that knock out the electric grid. I'm grateful for my gas furnace and water heater, and I'm never giving up a gas range.
  17. Honestly, America's Test Kitchen's book What Good Cooks Know. She'll get a grounding in technique and plenty of well-tested recipes. N just made the chocolate mousse from that book, and it was easy and delicious.
  18. Cocktail kit time again, courtesy of Forbidden Island. This one is the Honey-Do List. 2 oz. three-rum blend: La Favorite Blanc (a rhum agricole), Don Cristal Q, and Stiggins' Fancy Pineapple 1/2 oz. King's Ginger Liqueur 1/2 oz. honey syrup 3/4 oz. blend of fresh lemon juice and Peychaud's Put everything in a shaker, add 1 cup of crushed ice, shake for 2-3 seconds (longer if you have to use cubed ice), pour into Collins class and top with more crushed ice.
  19. I think Mikkeller SF is closed as well.
  20. Saturday: homemade pizza. N made the dough and tomato sauce; I grated/shredded the mozzarella (a mixture of fresh whole-milk and supermarket low-moisture part-skim cheeses) and added the toppings (mushrooms, fresh oregano, parmesan, and black olives (on N's side). Yesterday: white chili with ground turkey, RG Yellow Indian Woman beans, oven-roasted tomatillos, and canned New Mexican green chiles. Served with skillet cornbread from the "Jubilee" cookbook.
  21. Yesterday: sourdough Meyer lemon & blueberry waffles, inspired by finding a bag of blueberries in the freezer that was part of last summer's garden bounty. Today: avocado toast, because we happened to have a good sturdy bread (sesame miche from a local bakery), not just a sandwich loaf.
  22. Thorn Brewing out of San Diego has been doing collaborations with Chuao Chocolatiers to produce beers based on some of Chuao's bars, and our latest virtual beer fest including the Spicy Maya dry Irish stout. Because I don't do spicy stuff well (stomach issues), I'm personally not a fan of heat in either my beer or chocolate, but the various spices plus the chocolate did give the beer some sweetness and depth, even if I did feel the spice in the back of my throat for quite a while afterwards. It was definitely to N's liking though. I was taken more with the other beer from the set of 10 that
  23. One of N's old NYU colleagues is a contributor.
  24. My first thought was, "He was still alive?" Somehow I'd thought he'd died several years ago.
  25. Not an online crossword puzzle fan...definitely prefer doing them on paper.
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