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  1. Our cherry and grape tomatoes are coming in, so we had mini-sandwiches with tomato slices on pain epi "leaves" with unsalted cultured butter.
  2. --Grilled lamb shoulder chops --Frisee and grilled peach salad --Leftover curried green beans --Half-size G&T to drink (only 1/2 oz. gin per cocktail)
  3. Hell, even in the early 1980s Mad Magazine was doing Gilbert & Sullivan parodies.
  4. I went to my first beer release party yesterday, given by 21st Amendment Brewing for the release of their new DIPA, Close Encounters of the Hops Kind. It was alien-themed: spaceship balloons, people encouraged to come in costume, cheezy sci-fi on the TVs, etc. The beer itself was very well-balanced for a DIPA, and not overly piney or astringent. They had the hops supplier there displaying all of the hops used, including an experimental one with no name, just a number. Apparently, experimental hops are grown if a brewer will commit to using them for at least one beer; if they're successful,
  5. It does, and it won't cost me much besides hotel parking fees and anything we choose to do not covered in the package. We also get a Red & White cruise, which is to SF what the Circle Line is to NYC. They've been running Bay excursions ever since the Golden Gate Bridge opened.
  6. Last night, I just threw together Lillet Blanc, soda water, and ice. Worked for me.
  7. Fisherman's Wharf, believe it or not. I won a contest run by Boudin Bakery that involves a weekend in the city, hands-on bread making at Boudin, dinners, and a bunch of other things.
  8. Folks at the dinner party we went to liked it a lot, so it was a success in my book.
  9. Someone else asked her that, and yes she does. She also gets a mild euphoric feeling after the wavy lines go away.
  10. Mango pie from the NYT recipe, though I made it in a 9 x 13 pan since I don't have two pie tins. And even though I'd read the user notes, followed the recipe exactly, and made sure to soften the cream cheese and blend thoroughly, I still ended up with small lumps of cream cheese in the final mixture.
  11. --Boneless chicken thighs marinated in chutney, then skewered along with red pepper and apricots and grilled --Curried pickled green beans --Pickled mustard greens left over from our Laotian dinner
  12. Before I saw the Carlin documentary, I'd assumed that his Hippy Dippy Weatherman character (which my dad used to imitate) dated from his longhair days, not his earlier clean-cut period. (Though apparently he'd been smoking pot since he was a teenager.)
  13. If I had known she was going to make jam, I would have suggested a cobbler instead. We have a lot of various jams already.
  14. I used to see petcha on the menu of the 2nd Avenue Deli.
  15. N apparently has mild hallucinations (like seeing wavy lines) when she eats galangal. She had this reaction at Sripraphai years ago and assumed it was because the papaya salad was so hot, but I'm much more sensitive to heat than she is and didn't have that problem. Yesterday, we were at a Laotian restaurant in Alameda and she had the same reaction to this one chicken dish. The server said that it contained lemongrass, lime leaves, and galangal, and we found out later that it is in fact a hallucinogen at large doses. Who knew?
  16. I knew they'd won when I started hearing the fireworks go off.
  17. N's been cleaning out the freezer, so she made blackberry jam from last year's picked and frozen fruit. Yield was 2 medium jars and one small jar. Meanwhile, I was gifted a jar of apricot preserves (with cinnamon and cardamom) from our main IT guy, who made it with fruit from his backyard.
  18. I loved getting fresh spaghetti, linguini, etc. from Raffetto's. Sigh....
  19. That's a shame. I had an excellent meal there.
  20. The RG recipe for black caviar lentils with bacon, morels, and cabbage. We'll be eating this for a while. 10 Barrel Brewing's Crush (apricot sour) to drink; ice cream for dessert.
  21. My first grilled cheese in forever, with provolone and sprouted wheat bread.
  22. I have fond memories of both Sammy's, believe it or not.
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