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  1. So, to get us back on subject, foie gras will eventually be banned at both ends of Route 66. A C at the beginning an O at the end and a 'hicag' in the middle.
  2. There are a couple of attacks on luxury food that are taking place in the not-too-distant future. One is the ban on importation of foie gras in California starting 2012. Chicago has announced it will ban it June of this year (stock up!) The other item not specific to California is wild-caught caviar. There are already grumblings afoot to ban the harvesting of eggs due to the precarious few numbers of Caspian Sturgeon. The alternative is farm-raised American sturgeon, which I found to have a slightly bitter taste. Any thoughts to the erosion of our eating rights, or do you agree that c
  3. Naah, Baiul is face down in a ditch somewhere last time I checked.
  4. Hey, that's funny you found the lamb less than perfect. Guess we're not off the mark on that call...you just assume nothing could ever go wrong, but Keller's been known to throw a curve ball that hits the catcher in the nuts once in a while. I'll give him a break...this time. The lobster course was everyone's favorite, and I heard other tables making the same claim. Keep Eating!
  5. 'Preciate it guys, it was definitely [at least] a once in a lifetime excursion. I have such a bad memory, if I didn't record a detailed account, I'd forget it in six months.
  6. Hey all! I just got back from SF and have posted an article (complete with food porn) on The French Laundry. Sorry for self-promoting. http://gastrologica.com/2006/04/after-bein...-literally.html Enjoy, don't get too hungry.
  7. Awbrig, Thank you for your kind words. I saw Mouthfuls in my referer page and followed the link, and lo and behold, a discussion about The Mansion, and the link to my article. I look forward to browsing around and reading all the exciting discussions about food.
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