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  1. Don't sleep on the sole at Amarante. Also, there's a canard a la royale starter at the moment... it's part of the lunch menu but available a la carte.
  2. Right, I thought Ops a very enjoyable version of a style of pizza I don’t prefer. Indeed, I should have said not that I don’t like it. I’ll eat a soggy pizza. I just prefer a different style. Which reminds me, the Bufalina pizzas, although SD will speak up for the moist center, weren’t sloppy runny in my experience. I like Una a lot, but it's been on the soggy side the couple times I've had it. We switched to the DiNapoli organic tomatoes when they hit the market two or three years ago. (Last time I was at Ops, I think they were using them as well, at least on some of the pi
  3. Lol. What Sneak said. Still a good burger. What I didn't know is that you can get the burger (or any food) at the bar at lunch. I went to Keen's for the first time in ages awhile back... it was solid (as far as old-school NY steakhouses go), and they had some unexpected gems on the list, like '07 Allemand. And Gramenon BTG.
  4. We make a simple red pie: tomato, garlic, grated parm, chile, oregano, olive oil. No mozz. Every few months I convince myself I'd prefer it with pepperoni and every time I'm wrong.
  5. For those who appreciate fast-food-style smashed burgers, Burgers Never Say Die has arguably perfected the technique. Not for everyone (think McDonald's, not Minetta), but I found them excellent. On a weekday at 11am, it took about 15 minutes. I've heard lines can get nutty, though.
  6. My last meal there ran the gamut--nduja / stracciatella, charcuterie, salad, veg, pastas, pizzas, big steak--and was great. That was maybe 6 months ago. Hoping to check out the LA outpost next week...
  7. I'll never forget NOT seeing it. Had tickets but had to leave town for work the day of the show. My buddy (who used my tickets) still talks about it.
  8. I was there last Thursday. The pithivier (beef and foie), arctic char with sorrel, and desserts were the highlights. A couple of other dishes didn't really do it for me. My buddy liked his oyster prep, though I didn't try it. Wine list is surprisingly good and reasonably priced. We drank Lassaigne, Barthod, and BYO'd a bottle of '04 Raveneau Montmains that was screaming. Service was great.
  9. First place I remember in NYC with an exclusively natural list is 360 in Red Hook, though that was more restaurant than wine bar. That would have been '03/'04.
  10. I'd been hearing about this place for the past year, mainly from NY-based wine importers passing through Austin. Finally had a chance to visit a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. Daniel pretty much nails it. They also have a square pie, which is delicious, but I was partial to their Neapolitan. While they have a wine list online, there isn't one at the restaurant. Instead, you scan the walls and talk to the staff. That's not usually my favorite setup, but it worked. We ended up trying some really delicious stuff. It's obvious they have great relationships with Percy and Zev (who was
  11. Not much to add other than to underscore what's already been said on this thread. This place is awesome. We ordered too much food for 6 and it was $50 per, all-in. They're waiting on their beer/wine license and technically aren't able to offer BYO at the moment. If you bring, YMMV.
  12. Steven Dilley


    I hadn't been in over a year but returned on a recent trip to NY and had a similar experience. There were some updated dishes from the old Roberta's days (caviar with stracciatella, this time with citrus; uni with polenta), a bunch of updated Blanca standbys, and great service, as usual. This is a very tight crew, both front and back.
  13. We had a pretty good meal here a couple weeks ago. Aside from the sardines with chickpea, which I thought I'd like but didn't, everything was pretty good, if less exciting than the old days. Skate with shrimp paste, foie taiyaki, various veg. We had a killer meal at the new Chang restaurant, Majordomo, in LA last night. Probably the best Momo-related meal I've had, aside from a great meal at Ko a couple yrs ago. Scallop in kombu, soft tofu with apple and honey, eggplant bing, a bunch of veg. Highlight was the boiled whole chicken, which is served in two courses. The first being a Hai
  14. We made the same 'mistake' two years ago. And I think we purchased our tickets roughly 30-45 days out, which didn't help. But after chatting with Orik and doing a bit of research, we still managed to have some great meals. The lineup isn't necessarily what it would have been had we gone at a different time, but we hit Arai, Sushiya, Sawada, Yoshitake, Seizan Mita, Kitcho, Ifuki, Zazankyo, and a bunch of casual stuff. If you're planning on traveling outside of Tokyo, get your train tickets asap.
  15. The problem with 2014 Metras is that it's so delicious, it's hard to stop opening bottles. In related news, I opened a '14 Jules Metras 'Bijou' last night. Mousy and somewhat thin with refreshing fruit... I'd bet that future vintages will be worth checking out. And the night before that, '13 Y. Metras Beaujolais. My best bottle so far, but I prefer the '14, which is just so alive in the best possible way.
  16. LA BBQ recently moved, and its current setup is a bit more user-friendly. Very good, as always. And let me know if you're swinging by. I _still_ need to get out to Snow's.
  17. From ESPN. Smart move. OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman John Urschel, a doctoral candidate in applied mathematics, abruptly announced his retirement from football at the age of 26 on Thursday, just before the first full-team practice of training camp. His decision, which was announced by the Ravens, comes two days after a medical study indicated that chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) was found in nearly 99 percent of deceased NFL players' brains that were donated to scientific research. A team source said Urschel's decision was linked to the results of the
  18. I visited Capovilla in Vicenza last November, and if any grappa can convert you, that might be it. Astor usually has a few bottles in stock.
  19. Steven Dilley


    Been on my list since '11... finally going next week. Psyched.
  20. While you should definitely check out Lockhart and/or Taylor, both La BBQ and Valentina's in Austin are top notch, minus the Franklin line. (Though there can still be lines at those places... just not four-plus-hour lines.)
  21. I was there for lunch last Saturday... it's counter service, and the wait ranged from zero to maybe 5-10 minutes between 12:30 and 2:00.
  22. We had a pretty good meal here in Dec and stuck to the hits, but it wasn't as great as when he was still at Ledoyen. That said, I still think the reasons to go are that they're open Sundays and that wine list still has some deals on it.
  23. Thanks, Evelyn! Sorry to miss you. Hopefully next time!
  24. Used it extensively recently. No issues.
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