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  1. My lunch today. Radicchio Risotto with Crispy Diced Pancetta ☺️
  2. I guess I am rather biased when it comes to pasta, since we Italians are big consumers of it πŸ™‚. There are many types, shapes, fresh or dry, filled. My favourite type of pasta is dry pasta, although I occasionally try at making fresh pasta. The flour I use for fresh pasta is basically durum wheat semolina flour, which is also used in southern Italy to make cakes, pizza, focaccia and cake/biscuits. Tagliatelle and spaghetti are among my favourite shapes, but also fusilli, farfalle and conchiglioni to be stuffed and possibly to bake in the oven. Oh, I can't not mention tortellini. What a
  3. Recently I've baked these beetroot buns as I have been involved into a challenge re Buns. I wanted to make something fancy, thus I went for these little beetrot buns. At first I was quite puzzled by the colour of the dough, I thought I had made a huge big babol gum 😁 But they turned out very good! 🀀
  4. Splendid. What kind of flour did you use?
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