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    That sounds fantastic. I'm jealous.
  2. I'm pretty sure Trotters Koffman featured on the ALC at l'escargot not so long ago, but seemed to have disappeared when I was there a few weeks back. I wonder if they'd do it for you if you called ahead? I'd love to eat that dish. Arbutus' pieds et pacquets is pretty good if you can get in.
  3. Rian


    Thanks for all of your help - very much appreciated. I'm over for a week (for the first time) and very excited about it.
  4. Rian


    Hi all I posted the below on (god forbid) another board a few weeks ago, and was met with no response. Any thoughts here? I fly out on Tuesday... I'm visting New York for the first time in early October, and WD-50 is a dead cert for a visit. Having read the thread from top to toe, it seems that tasting menu with considered substitutions is the best course of action. Firstly, how willing are they to do this? Secondly, is it still possible to switch in some of the older 'classic dishes'? I'm thinking of the following in particular: Scallops w/chorizo flan Lamb w/goat's cheese
  5. Spent a long weekend in Edinburgh last week and took the opportunity to drop into Martin Wishart. The restaurant is located about 15 minutes drive away from the city centre, on the shore. It’s a pleasant room done out in greens and browns, but deathly quite when we arrived; we were the youngest diners by a good thirty years. I’ll have to caveat this review by saying that we ate from the lunch menu, since we’re off to New York in less than 2 weeks and saving for some serious eating. Having rushed straight from the airport we were late for our table, but FOH made nothing of it and were n
  6. Rian

    Pied a Terre

    I had lunch last week, and 2 weeks before that. Previous to that I did a tasting dinner in March. That first dinner was ok, but not 2* standard. Since then my meals have steadily improved. A couple of weeks ago I had sweetbreads followed by roast breast of poulet noir with lasagne of foie gras. Nicely conceived and flawlessly executed. Last week, pork belly with smoked eel and goats cheese beignets, then roast plaice with peas and broad beans. Playful combinations in the former; sticky belly and great depth of eel flavour. The latter was as delicate as it sounds. Oh, and a mention
  7. Rian


    Opened 1st of this month I think, in Camden. Anyone been? Gilgamesh
  8. I'm sure you'll get more responses in this area. Dim-sum wise, you have a few options. My first choice would be Yauatcha, which serves DS both lunch and dinner. Service can be variable but the food is generally spot-on and slightly more unusual than your standard DS joint. For a lot a food expect to pay £15-£20 a head before food. Make sure you have the baked venison puff. If you're going for lunch then do Hakkasan ahead of Yauatcha. Then you have Ping-Pong, the Yau-alike in Soho/Westbourne Grove. Again DS at lunch and dinner. Expect to pay 20-25% less than Yauatcha, for 25% less q
  9. Rian

    Restaurant Tom Aikens

    This is less of a consistency issue and more of a case of them changing supplier some time since your last visit. They now use Premier Cheese, as does RHR.
  10. Rian

    Restaurant Tom Aikens

    Not for the first time, I find myself looking for an envy icon. Can't recall ever having a good one, in fairness.
  11. Rian

    Restaurant Tom Aikens

    I agree. I have had 2 good cheese services in London. The first was at Le Gavroche in early March, where they house an astonishing range, well-tended, and served with generosity. The second was at the Capital, a few months back now. My overall assessment of the latter is slightly clouded by the breathtaking 4-year old Comte. However, a companion from that dinner lunched there more recently was very disappointed, telling me that the cheeses were in very poor condition. For a while I took cheese as a matter of course, as it were, largely out of gluttony. These days I am reluctant to pay what
  12. Rian

    Restaurant Tom Aikens

    Sorry Tony, probably should have refreshed before posting - I think we agree.
  13. Rian

    Restaurant Tom Aikens

    Degusto, whilst I don't neccessarily agree with your assessment of Aikens, it raises an interesting question for me, as a younger, less experienced diner. Do you think my (and others') excitement about Aikens is evidence of a lack of current UK restaurants doing imaginative, distinctive cooking with clarity and craftsmanship? Or are our judgements simply misplaced? I should add that in many ways auteurism is what attracts me to the place, though I concede that that does not neccessarily make the cooking impressive. Perhaps it just renders me more lenient.
  14. Rian


    Thanks Wilfrid, some interesting links in there. Has it profoundly altered the experience of eating in any restaurant (s) in particular?
  15. Rian


    I didn't realise that the method was currently banned in NY - I was under the impression that safety concerns surrounding it had faded in the face of more precise temperature controls. How long is the ban expected to last?
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