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  1. Great choice! I've been wanting to go here!
  2. You are an inspiration to me and I am so happy you are doing well, including your amazing walk to raise money for Lung Cancer Awareness/Research last weekend. It's time for us to go out again, too... just let me know when you are free.
  3. Liza, I'm so sorry for your loss. What an unexpected tragedy.
  4. I had no idea that Nathan was at Fort Hood and am so relieved he is ok. What a horrible tragedy down there. My heart goes out to Nathan and all at Fort Hood. Thank you to him and all who serve our country in the armed services.
  5. Yes, thanks for organizing Rocky! I enjoyed my wagyu burger I shared and although it came out medium instead of medium rare, it still hit the spot. We opted for cheddar, bacon and a fried egg on top and I liked that combo. The toasted bun held up very well, which is a pet peeve with some other buns I've experienced. There might have been just a bit too much bun, though, which is something else I often experience. I tend to like more burger, less bun! I thought the skinny fries were great and I couldn't stop eating them. The fried pickles were my favorite side dish, and the bites of ma
  6. Oh Lauren, sorry you can't make it tonight. Rocky, I'm flexible if you want to change the date to when more can come (any date except next Wed night). Otherwise see you tonight!
  7. Thanks for the write up, Wendy! Disappointing to hear the halibut was overcooked, but glad to hear his signature apple dungeness crab dish is still wonderful, also the pecorino on a plank. And that service is still good. I am tempted to go to the $30 4 course lite menu before 8pm that tighe mentioned upthread... it definitely sounds like a good value, and hopefully more people will hear about it and will draw more people in to try...
  8. Thanks, Rocky. I'm free Tue, Wed, Thur. Evenings or day. Or anytime the following week.
  9. I've never made it over to Shadowland so that could be fun, but I'm all in for a roadtrip too. I haven't been to Shadowland either ... I was just checking out their menu, it looks reallly good!
  10. This was my first time to Bastille. I really enjoyed their brunch. I ordered the Duck Confit Hash and Poached Eggs and liked it very much. The duck was excellent. Next time I might like to try the Eggs Piperade, which sounded appealing ~ eggs with tomato, roasted peppers, herbs & sheep’s milk cheese, served with potato gratin. I thought our service was very good. We had a great table close to the open kitchen and were able to hear each other talk amid the noise in the rest of the restaurant, but at another table, I can see how it could be a problem. Another nice thing about bru
  11. Free sandwiches at Sazerac today between 11:30-1:30pm Apparantly you have to be there very early as offer is good as long as they last (which is about 50 sandwiches). The free lunch includes a Pulled Pork Sandwich, a bag of chips and a dry soda. Unfortunately I don't think I can get down there. The Link
  12. Should be crazy busy. Six of us went to Tavern Law last night. We arrived around 5:30 and were able to land a table but it was full shortly after. We had a couple of drinks and some nibbles downstairs before moving upstairs to the 'speakeasy' portion of Tavern Law. To me, the upstairs was a much better experience all around. My cocktails downstairs were okay, but nothing out of the ordinary. The nibbles we had were fine, but they didn't match my expectations based on what I've had at Spur. Plus the service was rough. One server for the entire space of around 30 seats. It meant a long
  13. Happy Birthdays to Monkeymay, Rich and Yvonne!
  14. I'm game and free every night that week (right now...). That wednesday would be the only one that works for me. Would that work for others? We're talking the 26th, right? If so, that works for me. the 26th works for me, too.
  15. i thought that was the main benefit of organic - the stuff it doesn't have. (and possibly better taste in season.) This is the reason I try to buy organic. But some nutritionists recommend buying whichever looks the freshest and local (and in season), and recommend if it's non organic just scrub the outer skins well. A recent tip I learned in a nutrition class is to soak non organic produce in a bowl of water with a teaspoon of turmeric added for a couple of minutes... the antioxidants (?) in the curcumin are thought to possibly help neutralize pesticide on the produce... I've been
  16. bummer indeed, but springhill will still be fun I'm in for a group outing depending on schedule Me too! Count me in, too!
  17. Thanks for posting photos, Wendy! The Rover's brunch was thoroughly enjoyable and one of the best brunches I've been to recently. I thought the poached eggs with pork belly were cooked to perfection, as was the bacon. I enjoyed my bites of all the dishes we ordered. I highly recommend Rovers for a special brunch. It was nice and cool inside, too, on a hot day, and good service ... 'Chef in the Hat' also came out a couple times to visit with us...
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