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  1. Such a nice group of pets on this thread. Pixel, my condolences on your Reebok. I have a Birman cat named Sami and will try to post of picture of him... he is a real cutie pie. Looks very much like the *old fashioned* style Siamese, with deep blue eyes and all white paws (characteristic of Birmans, legendary sacred temple cats of Burma). I got him because he was the only cat my husband (who is not a cat person) would accept into the household (and now I catch him kissing my cat). In addition to Sami, who is not allowed outdoors except supervised or otherwise on a leash, I am the o
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    Great thread - I love birds. A week ago we spotted 2 bald eagles (a couple) flying together (normally I only see one at a time) and then one of them landed in the tree next to their huge nest. I will be keeping an eye on this area to hopefully see a baby eaglet this summer. Made a return visit to the Great Blue Heron nesting area by the Renton Black River wetlands a couple of weeks ago to check out the Herons again. Not as many in view this time, maybe 20... I don't know where they were... maybe it was the time of day, but most of the nests looked empty. The leaves are filling out
  3. A sunny day in the PNW (yay, it's not raining), I took a long walk along Alki beach during low tide. Walked around and over seaweed and huge barnacle encrusted boulders, viewed sea anemones, small crabs and chitons in tide pools, but the tide wasn't quite low enough for viewing sea cucumbers, maybe next time. It felt great to be outdoors with a light scent of seaweed and sea water in the air at the beach. Even the seagulls were cute today, it's just that kind of day!
  4. Today I am wearing Mat by Masaki Matsushima. It's very light and fresh smelling, in the same way that L'Eau D'Issey is, only even more subtle. One needs to be quite close in order to smell it. A Description: Notes include Bamboo, Mango Pulp, Tea Leaves, Juniper Berry, Parsley Leaves, Blackcurrant, Watermelon, Squeezed Mint, Lotus Flower, White Rose, Water Rose, Water Jasmine, Crystal Musk, Reed Wood. So it's a floral, fruity, woodsy, green tea... but very light type of scent, I guess.
  5. I've made Jayme's recipe for salsa lots of times as a dip for tortilla chips. It's quick and easy and very addictive, and I always get raves from foodie friends when I make it. I've also made her recipe for pico de gallo, which is very good, too.
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