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  1. Steve, WOW ! That was deep and thoughtful ... but I don't think that I fully understood some of the details ... they kind of went over my head ... that said, it seems to me that you could be a marvelous mentor ... picture you and me, working closely together ... so help me out here because I don't really see the benefit of "harm reduction" ... and why wouldn't you want victims strewn about the place ? and why wouldn't you want to decapitate if provoked ? and why wouldn't you want to leave a bloody mess in your wake ? Otherwise, where's that going to get you ... I know there's answers
  2. Nothing lewd, chez Chambo ... only art, humor and humanity ... sometimes raw, sometimes in the raw ... but nothing lewd And you should probably read this You're such a square, Steve ! I doubt that you could see a curve if came up and kissed you on the face
  3. This tracking is so easy now it's automated ... in fact this college freshman is trying to parlay his privacy-intruding @ElonJet twitter account into an Elon internship ... some nice bidding is going on ... Elon offered $5k if the kid would can the account ... kid said add a zero cuz that would help with tuition and maybe give him enough coin for a cool (Elon) car ... Musk is mulling that over but Elon has yet to respond ... kid thinks that's because Elon's on vacay on Maui ... and it sure seems like it, per @ElonJet ... well, at least Elon's 2015 Gulfstream G650 is there ... A crappy, o
  4. NOT SAFE FOR WORK … or your MARRIAGE ! Hmmmm … very strange, Steve 🤔 Do you see any curved lines here ? 🧐 Cuz I’m now wondering if you are looking with EYES WIDE SHUT 🙈
  5. riz de Camargue (ie français)
  6. Amen, brother ! I could have written that book … with stories that shock and awe … et les russes sont les WORST, trust me ... mais chaque homme, leur goût … and YMMV
  7. Do I venmo ? 😟 Do I venmo !! 🤦‍♂️ My ❤️ … my sweetest 🍓 … why don’t you swing by Chateau Chambo 🏰 for a swig of champagne 🍾 and let me explain I’d never lie to you … so please note that I’m working through some legal issues with the legal authorities but just come right in … DOES CHAMBO VENMO !!! 😡 I’d do ANYTHING … but …
  8. Sketchy ? Why ? He seems like the model of a man to me … and yes, incredible talent !
  9. Steve, I’m back from the beyond and it was beyond real ! All I can say is … WOW ! And as you told me to, I’m staying laser-focused on the mission and ignoring the nattering nabobs of naysayers who offer no encouragement and only disbelief with comments like “Yeah right Chambo, as if we believe any of this shit ! What’s next ? ” IMHO they should suspend it or be suspended … but whatever … Steve, you know what’s next ? I’m blasting off again … PG in less than T minus 3 … seriously ! I know, I know, I’m stuck in a bit of rut … a winter rut that’s tough to dig out of but
  10. Ladies and Gentle People … do you know what time it is ? It’s QUIZZZZZZZ time ! And since no one won last time, do you know what we’re going to do ! We’re going to DOUBLE the prize money ! Stop ... stop ! Please … quiet ... please … please ! I know you’re excited and I am too … thank you … thank you ... phew ! Okay, thank you, now fasten your selt belts, hold onto your hats and herrrrrrrrrre … weeeeeeee … GO ! What is the common, unexpected aspect of all these paintings as posted here … all of which were from The retrospective expo ? Let's
  11. Everyone agrees that these are gifts for formal occasions and corporate … and that they are packaged beautifully as gifts … and that Japan has a very disciplined and specialized gift giving culture I’ve just been saying that, in addition to that, these “trophy fruits” have also permeated a bit further into the realm of the wealthy when they want to treat themselves to the “finest of things” The history of musk melons was that they were exclusively reserved for Japan’s imperial family ... or so says this article that seems reasonable to me ... the article also says that musk melons h
  12. I agree without hesitation re the multi-fruit packages ... those are gifts for formal occasions ... but I was discussing a bunch of grapes and individual melons. Wealthy husband buys expensive melon for his wife ... maybe it's her birthday, maybe he was a bad boy, maybe she's a witch from hell unless she gets expensive things frequently. They are going to wind up eating it together. Is that a gift or consumption ? Wealthy couple is invited over to their wealthy friend's place for dinner and need to bring the dessert, but a dessert worthy of their hosts. Is that a gift or consumption ? I consid
  13. Still waiting on the floor plan, honey bunch !
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