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  1. How depressing … Nothing lasts forever … not a Universe, not a Mulitverse, not a Volt, not a Car, not a Tesla, not a Star, not an Empire, not a State, nor even a Mind … … never mind Where was I ? Oh yeah … nothing lasts forever … not a brief moment in time, not a brief history of time, not an idea in my mind and surely not this brief excursion to the Empire of the Rising Sun Cause it’s all about to implode … T minus 14 and counting … tick tock tick tock … I’m locked and loaded and ready to explode, so before I shoot skyward let me unload … Things are really revving up
  2. What would YOU have done with these little guys ? And are they indeed the "real McCoy", that is the "Jewel of Toyama Bay" aka shiroebi ... I think so, but I'm gullible and I want to believe ... and it's still March so I'm a bit confused ...
  3. Pras, you know I have VERY good reason to be VERY upset at you ... but I'm not really the type to hold a grudge ... especially when you were doing your utmost to help a poor, lost soul like sweet, little Chambo Please note that Akebono does NOT seem to make kuromame senbei anymore ... or at least that's what I believe I was being told ... at a minimum, the Ginza store surely did not have them. I asked (or at least I tried to ask, many times and many different ways) if they were just out of stock or it was a seasonal thing or whatever, but I was being told that they simply don't make them a
  4. Italy Solidarity Supper And a dorayaki for dessert, deservedly ... cuz supper without a little sweetness is not a supper worth supping ... Tis true for life too ! Anyone like my literary placemats ?
  5. Any recs for Hiroshima ? Looking for a casual meal for Sunday and I could be convinced to do fine dining on Monday if anything is worthy Last night when back at Gem by Moto (Tokyo) after having a couple of glasses of wine at a very calm Winestand Waltz after having done a flyby of Ode and passing the tiny but packed Ta-im Israeli joint after having bought some Ethiopian coffee beans at Fresco coffee roasters in out there Asagaya after enjoying a double shot cappuccino there after having munched on a Taiyaki while strolling the long, covered-passageway Asagaya market after doing a flyb
  6. COME ON, Tubbs ! Geesh ... I'm disappointed in you ... a great man like yourself shouldn't be paralyzed with fear like a deer in the headlights ... you know what happens to dem deer ? Yep, roadkill What is this thing going to do ... kill ya ? Highly unlikely ... that said, those Northern Italians are dropping like flies ! Come on, Tubbs, man up ! This is just nature's way of weeding out the weak ... live you life and let the chips fall where they may ... follow my lead, Tubbs ... And remember ... when the going gets tough, Chambo ... ahem ... heroically heads to t
  7. LOVE the Osteria (La Subida) ... my 4th time ... I’ll return
  8. Still fine ... as of last night ... but who knows now ... I’m long done Everyone knows the major sites ... which are awesome and awe-inspiring (this is an F-ING swamp people ! Imagine pounding a million pilings to keep a church afloat) ... but there’s just so much more ... I come to this ultra-touristy place each year for the New Yesr to recharge and reset my batteries and my ⏰ ... oxymoronic ? moronic ? ironic ? iconic ? You decide And you eat well (enough) if you know what you’re doing And if you leave the lugubrious lagoon behind what awaits you in front of you can be aweso
  9. Off Topic ... Glory goes to the virtuous … patience is a virtue … I’ll spare you the gory details but do note the following … My PECA and not your PECA was all over la CARTA de LA PECA oggi … and that’s a good thing A glorious thing ? … Pffft ! … Who am I to decide what is glory and what is not … but it was a very good thing … and it's in the middle of F-ing nowhere
  10. Decided to go back to La Subida ... no wifi notwithstanding (what's wrong with these people ???) ... but only for 2 days due to such treachery Will eat at the Trattoria at La Subida ... which is a 1* Mich of course ... don't let that name fool you ... and it probably has the best wine list in the world for these unusual wines with a somm (the son) who knows them (and the winemakers) inside and out Tastings with Sasa @ Radikon and La Castellada ... may try to return to Princic ... on verra ... @Bonner - You know you want to eat at Agli Amici in Udine and not Argine, right ? I"m
  11. Chambolle

    Crown Shy

    Post-Thanksgiving, Chambo's Shaping the Battlefield Twas Black Friday ... Black Hawk Down, maybe so ... but Black Swan Chambo is up ... But up to what exactly ? That's the key question ... up to no good ? up to his eyes in alligators ? up to his eyes in a bathtub filled with an overflowing river of champagne and drinking non-stop just to avoid drowning ? Or is he still drunk and beyond help ... beyond your imagination ... beyond Beyonce ... for it is there that lies Chambo's champagne-filled flights of fantasy ... to attempt understand any of this, try this ... Enter the mind
  12. When planning a revolution and toppling an impostor, it is essential to know thyself and to know the opposition ... that is the basics of Master Sun's The Art of War ... but there is much more in store in order to succeed as any true warrior knows Victory goes to the prepared ... and preparation must start well in advance ... months, if not (light)years, in advance and far away ... and they always do chez Chambo ! It's called Shaping the Battlefield and it must start from the get go ... if done correctly and with wisdom the war is won before it is even started ... pay close attention .
  13. Chambolle

    Crown Shy

    During the holiday season there’s always something unexpected, if not highly SHOCKING, that occurs … at least that’s my experience And it proved to be the case once again this Thanksgiving as I came to the sad realization that ... I had … fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentle people … made an ERROR ! Yep it happens … it’s extremely rare .. but it happens These are called Black Swan events for those versed in such matters HOWEVER, unlike so many others here, I admit my errors when they come to my attention … and I attempt to correct them …. and, if and when necessary, I a
  14. Milan, Piedmont, Turin ... and boom ! I've blown 2 weeks so, now being short on time with only one week left, I gotta rush east to feast near Padua, otherwise Max will be bumming, and after that I'm juggling multiple reservations cuz I have reservations about Venice where I go every year anyway (for the New Year and much more) ... spoke to La Subida and can redirect there for a bunch cuz they are indeed open as is Radikon and Sasha is happy to see sweet little Chambo again but Gravner is growling about their vacation time and those daughters don't want to be doing Chambo a solid, witches ! Dar
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