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  1. It is pretty new ... as long as opening about six years ago is pretty new 😃 The famous, fabulous, frisky and simply unforgettable Kimchi Princess went there 5 years ago ... she did say that it was pretty good ... and noted for the record that it has nothing to do with the actual food of Jeju ... which is a beautiful Korean island well-known for Korean honeymooners and a major vacation destination with its own distinct (spin on) dishes / cuisine So it may be good but it's fully booked every single day that reservations are offered ie for the next month So like how good is that ?
  2. There's ZERO chance that my dining experience with these friends would be eating tacos ... but thanks anyway cuz I was also going to ask (and I will ask, see below) about good, casual, "not-a-big-production" downtown lunch options (and don't forget about Sundays ! ) and Los T and Los M are duly noted Do they qualify as "very good" (or better) tacos ? or should they more appropriately be filed under the "if pretty desparate" category ? And are the other downtown locations equally recommended because I wouldn't be shocked to find myself circling Chambers Street Wines or strolling on Lafayet
  3. I have been informed that I shall be dining at The Wesley in the WV ... it seems to be geo-desirable for certain among us ... how happy or unhappy should I be about this ? Has anyone actually gone there ? And what are the best nearby (ie up to a 15 minute walk, let's say) dinner options for a good meal, assuming that's possible, which may not be the case ... and please note that I am NOT looking for some prim and proper (ie boring) gastro meal just for the sake of being gastro ... I guess I'm trying to say that I have ZERO interest in Les Trois Chevaux. I am perfectly happy with a cool bu
  4. Super busy at the moment* ... but since I'm not sure if your need might be for tonight ... I'll quickly throw out a few names based upon your response but they would HIGHLY BENEFIT from more explanation (that I can't provide right now) ... you can take a quick look in any event ... Aux 2 Saveurs - French by (yet another) very talented Japanese chef. All Japanese service team, including the chef's wife ... there's more to say about this place to understand its pros and cons but the food here is very good with a changing menu ... a la carte menu but I believe you have to do either entree -
  5. There has been shockingly strong interest in my Van Gogh goings-on Typical inquiries are of the form "Hey Chambo, you got some free tix for us ? " Typical replies are of the form "Hey Dude, I only received a few thousand and sadly I've already handed them out to my closest of friends ... if you had asked maybe a month or two earlier then ... " That said, every now and again, a real gentleman has a real question of merit ... to which I replied ... Chambo's not made for meddling in the mondane matters and methods of this museum's middle management meritocracy, but
  6. How many people ? All adults or are there kids ? And what type of meal are you looking for ? (Mongo is already rolling his eyes at all these questions ... but if you want a bulls-eye, answer them) Warning - the answer isn't going to be in the Marais (unless you want a falafel ... and quite frankly others here are much better than I at recommending an eff with a very special sauce) ... but I should be able to keep you relatively close to the 3eme / 4eme
  7. After toiling away quietly for more than TEN YEARS and presenting and refining his meticulous research sur l'oeuvre de l'artiste, followed by non-stop lobbying (and substantial donations … this almost bankrupted me !) Chambo has finally convinced the world’s leading institutions and experts on the subject matter to proceed and present au grand public his views on Van Gogh’s fragile mental state and his phenomenal output at the end of his life Oui, des compromis ont été pris … but these compromises were absolutely necessary because Chambo, despite his charlatan charm and Putin-esque threat
  8. Kitchen complete, bravo ! Party time ! Uggh clueless contractors ... but you're way ahead of me ... and at least they showed up And gosh, Steph, did you ever hit the nail on the head with just how ANNOYING contractors can be ! Quite frankly, I wouldn’t mind putting a nail through the head of a contactor right now ! You’d almost think … that contractors think … that they are a highly endangered species and they need to be protected … from showing up when expected … in the flesh and blood. I mean they aren’t going to be killed, my prior deviant thoughts aside … they’re just
  9. Ahhhh Steph ! Merci merci merci. Merci buckets ! That’s such a sweet offer (I’m not worthy ... I’m not worthy 🙇‍♂️) ... but I have one more secret share … surprisingly, Sweet Little Chambo isn’t big into sweets 🤷‍♂️ Nope ... cuz Sweet Little Chambo, as you should surely know, is elephantine in the memory department … so I ain't not confusing nuttin ! And think for a moment, Steph, how could I, or anyone, confuse you for anyone else … non non non ça fait aucun sens … car tu es inoubliable … so peut-être you are missing the full context of my link to your post that He Hath Re
  10. Just life … and oxygen, man … that’s all I need Pic showed fine on me PC … but indeed on iPhone the pic was not present and accounted for … but now it is off to Monet - Mitchell maintenant … bonne journée à tous ! C’est un peu ennuyeux que La Fond LV est assez loin mais bon … c’est La Vie au Centre de Paris-ah
  11. Steph, some very good news for ya ! Chambo has returned !!! … and just in the nick of time, I see … phew ! I aches me to know that you might be annoyed … for I want only la vie en rose pour toi, ma chérie And since we’re such close friends who enjoy sharing details from our lives and shooting straight with each other, I think that I can share this with you … ahem … Steph, you’re sounding a slight bit like my grandma did when she had to upgrade her 30yo, 6” black and white TV to a current model and she kept saying “Who has the space for a giant thing like that ! Who needs s
  12. Foul Witch or Fowl Witch ? cuz Foul Witch sounds dirty … and stinky … and stale … and a slight bit too superstitiously Salem for Chambo … seriously ! cuz if it’s Foul Witch for real then we really gotta rewind the reel, redo the recipe, fuck the arrow of time, shake it and bake it, and play it again, Sam …oops … I meant William … and don’t try to Tell me or teach me about time or arrows or amplitudes squared because I’m totally lost in Many Worlds … seriously ! so it’s double double toil and trouble fire burn and caldron bubble … but better yet ! upon reflection, don’t r
  13. The First Three Minutes, again ... but it's taking me hours upon hours to get through ... then again, I'm trying to verify a lot of this stuff and see if I really believe it ... but I'm skeptical by nature ... but I gotta admit that the author is no dummy ... frankly, he's pretty effing brilliant
  14. Okay, done with lunch at Chispa Bistro (worth a visit … the somm is Isma who was the best somm that Nerua ever had … super nice guy) and off to get the latest update on Tesla at Caixa Feliz navidad ! 🎅 🎄 … 🕎 🥳 Last night was back to (the brand new) Umiko … the old Umiko is now Umikobake but hélas they don’t know how to make Mochi a la japonaise 🇯🇵 … so you all have been forewarned Last last night was back to living La Buena Vide followed by a midnight cocktail with Carlos at (the kinda dead) del Diego (cuz Gota shuts early … pathetic) Last last last night was back in th
  15. Oh so depressing … and those refs were OBVIOUSLY bribed to ensure that those Latin As didn’t lose and that the French got effed ! There’s a lot of effing going on in France 🇫🇷, trust me !
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