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  1. OMG ! The drama is building ... the story has taken an unexpected twist ! ... *** REAL-TIME BREAKING NEWS ie INCOMING EMAIL !!! *** He is now offering me a second option (could he himself be my savior from his original offer 🤔 ... that's something to think about ... oh boy, this is getting crazy ) The option is a Silver Apricot ! I've never heard of a Silver Apricot in my entire life ... but he's been there before with his better half and he's telling me that it was "very good" !!! "Very good" is better than "quite good", right ? But I'm already all-prepped in th
  2. unless, of course, some savior / savoir appears before the coming apocalypse and offers an awesome outdoor option ...
  3. My friend has gone a few times post-covid and he said his last couple of meals were "quite good" ... but he's much more apt to grade much higher than I ... I don't think he cooks AT ALL so if he's comparing the resto to his default eating option then it surely would be "quite good" ! ETA - but he eats out at lots of good places so he should know, kind of sort of I sent the wine list to my "personal sommelier" in Spain (Madrid, to be exact) who knows (and sells) these wines very well and with whom I was hanging out earlier this month, living (and drowning in) La Buena Vida ... and aft
  4. Ugghh ... is it actively bad or just kind of boring, "good" Austrian-ish (as we say in French, "correcte") Because I have now been informed that we kind of sort of need to eat outside 😨
  5. Sushi Ikumi seems like a very nice option … but impossible on short notice … darn Yoshino has a very informative website ... not ! Seems like it opened a couple of days ago and is surely a “Let’s send Chambo there and have him take one for the team before we spend our hard-earned bitcoin on a super expensive, unknown NYC entity that’s still working out its kinks” type of place. Oh yeah, it’s also impossible to spend my $400 per person on short notice … darn again ! $400 and then beverages ... double darn !! Wallse has now been floated for dinner because of its geo-convenience and it
  6. First, a question ... would the wife be more likely to sue or offer a reward if she had a deceased husband ?
  7. I didn't say it's for tonight ... I did say short notice ie not next week or later, nor the impossible weekend-y amateur hours I'm open to suggestions ... and I'll note that the ressie would be for 7.30pm plus or minus a tiny bit ... normally I'd scream about eating so early but since I'm jet-lagged I've graciously opted to be very accommodating timewise ...doesn't have be Asian either but it could be Asian ... I'm a very open-minded, equal-opportunity type of guy ... just make sure it's good ... and I'm not looking for fancy ... I want good ... ETA - last night I just grilled some v
  8. I need some help here because the plan B at the moment is to blow off this “fine dining” flight of fancy and go to Chinese Tuxedo … which you can also get into on short notice … hmmm I wonder why …
  9. But is the food good … or very good ? [crickets] … [and more crickets] … because, frankly, the place is a bit geographically undesirable for me (would prefer to be below 14th and, if above, above on the west side … but you don’t always get what you want, do you) so my guest and I don’t really want to diagonally hike there unless we’ll be happy when we exit I mean the food sure should be darn good given the Cast of characters involved I mean all these people know how to cook and they know what a good resto is and the, ahem, “Menu Producer” is very experienced and very talen
  10. Well I guess that’s kind of sort of a relative plus, right 😳 ?
  11. Is Mifune still alive and kicking and worth going to ? Like, is it good … or maybe even very good* ? Like, are the local yaks still yakking about it ? And like, has anyone actually parked their posterior in the place post-pandemic ? or ever, for that matter ? And if it’s good, what is the wine list like … (I’m presuming a total fucking ripoff like every other wine list in this super-shitty city for the thirsty … try saying those last five words five times fast** !) … because, if I were to go (and that’s not a given), I’m thinking it’s highly likely that I’ll gladly pay the $40 corkage … t
  12. Great minds, B ! cause I totally agree ! I’m a firm believer that young kids should learn to party like rock stars under parental supervision in the safety of their own home / villa / mansion / club / whatever … and the younger the better … and this only works if chez toi est un endroit très chouette and this definitely qualifies, right ? Think of the Insta pics with their très posh pals ! Bonner would be kind of crazy to pass up this deal … Anyway I gotta run… off to Georgia O’K
  13. Yo Saint Bonner, buddy ! I still LUV you, baby ! Low-key, schmo-key ... you thinking of stepping up big time or not (cuz markets are up big time … and cash is trash ! ) … further insiders are telling me that this stylish shack is still for sale ie this could be your lucky day ! Even more good luck ... I may very well be on island during that exact time frame … but I’m not totally sure cuz I’m weighing (and buying and selling) my options and your presence and purchase are important factors in my exact positioning on Dec 31 and Jan 1 (as is any new legislation) … but if I be Bar
  14. How depressing … Nothing lasts forever … not a Universe, not a Mulitverse, not a Volt, not a Car, not a Tesla, not a Star, not an Empire, not a State, nor even a Mind … … never mind Where was I ? Oh yeah … nothing lasts forever … not a brief moment in time, not a brief history of time, not an idea in my mind and surely not this brief excursion to the Empire of the Rising Sun Cause it’s all about to implode … T minus 14 and counting … tick tock tick tock … I’m locked and loaded and ready to explode, so before I shoot skyward let me unload … Things are really revving up
  15. What would YOU have done with these little guys ? And are they indeed the "real McCoy", that is the "Jewel of Toyama Bay" aka shiroebi ... I think so, but I'm gullible and I want to believe ... and it's still March so I'm a bit confused ...
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