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  1. How depressing … Nothing lasts forever … not a Universe, not a Mulitverse, not a Volt, not a Car, not a Tesla, not a Star, not an Empire, not a State, nor even a Mind … … never mind Where was I ? Oh yeah … nothing lasts forever … not a brief moment in time, not a brief history of time, not an idea in my mind and surely not this brief excursion to the Empire of the Rising Sun Cause it’s all about to implode … T minus 14 and counting … tick tock tick tock … I’m locked and loaded and ready to explode, so before I shoot skyward let me unload … Things are really revving up around here … alien propulsion systems are functioning flawlessly My internal combustion engine is feeding fabulously and purring like a kitten … it’s nonstop orgiastic eating that would even evoke the envy of Sardanapalus … from the heart I cross my heart and hope to die ! Just last week … Miyasaka (again, excellent), Kirakutei (again, sort of, since he has now indeed moved to a swank spot in the Ginza, and that bastard is now slinging 5000 JPY glasses of sake towards sweet little Chambo ... like is that even possible ?), Shinohara (a super easy ressie for a guy like Chambo and impressively this guy actually knows how to cook and run a resto), Kurosaki (handsome fellow, although he was a bit jealous and shouted “Crazy Japanese” to the 2 young hotties that I left with that night #iaintdeadyet) … hahaha … With time running short, things are about to get very, very serious … we’re accelerating … with insanity back to back … and on and on … and why not Nanba yet again … Onwards and upwards … faster than the speed of light … to Infinity and Beyond !
  2. What would YOU have done with these little guys ? And are they indeed the "real McCoy", that is the "Jewel of Toyama Bay" aka shiroebi ... I think so, but I'm gullible and I want to believe ... and it's still March so I'm a bit confused ...
  3. Pras, you know I have VERY good reason to be VERY upset at you ... but I'm not really the type to hold a grudge ... especially when you were doing your utmost to help a poor, lost soul like sweet, little Chambo Please note that Akebono does NOT seem to make kuromame senbei anymore ... or at least that's what I believe I was being told ... at a minimum, the Ginza store surely did not have them. I asked (or at least I tried to ask, many times and many different ways) if they were just out of stock or it was a seasonal thing or whatever, but I was being told that they simply don't make them anymore. It sounds strange to me, but whatever Being one who prefers to turn lemons into lemonade and not wanting my Akebono adventure to result in a big goose egg, I opted to get some of their other snacks for serious reading ... nevertheless I was now even more desperately seeking senbei a la kuromame ... Oh man, do those little squid suckers (bottom row middle) look good or what ! Pras, you are oh so CORRECT ! and they are called menbei ... at least by people in the know, like Chambo I made a trip to Fukuoka for the sole and express reason* of seeing whether you were right or not on this one (cause I was slightly losing faith in you, given the "Akebono Incident") and you came through like a total champ, Pras ! and as you can see, I have made some progress on the kuromame senbei situation * and I also wanted to do Ev a solid Open and ye shall find ... a bunch of packets ... each containing 2 menbei ... the Japanese sure love to package things, don't they ?
  4. Chambolle


    Italy Solidarity Supper And a dorayaki for dessert, deservedly ... cuz supper without a little sweetness is not a supper worth supping ... Tis true for life too ! Anyone like my literary placemats ?
  5. Any recs for Hiroshima ? Looking for a casual meal for Sunday and I could be convinced to do fine dining on Monday if anything is worthy Last night when back at Gem by Moto (Tokyo) after having a couple of glasses of wine at a very calm Winestand Waltz after having done a flyby of Ode and passing the tiny but packed Ta-im Israeli joint after having bought some Ethiopian coffee beans at Fresco coffee roasters in out there Asagaya after enjoying a double shot cappuccino there after having munched on a Taiyaki while strolling the long, covered-passageway Asagaya market after doing a flyby of Nanba's less chic sushi spot after having meandered thru the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace again, I sat next to this very with it Japanese gentleman who lives in the hood and Gem seems to be his local. We chat baseball, he's moaning that the Japanese aren't real fans like the Americans cuz they don't like to discuss RBIs, I tell him that yeah RBIs are a bit meaningful but boasting about batting average and HRs are good enough, he mentions his son goes to Berkeley School of Music, I follow that BSofM is a great school and note that I used to live in Back Bay way back and ask him if he likes the Green Monster, and he does, big time and now he's getting excited and we're bonding, NY comes up, he's heading to the Golf Masters Tournament next month flying via NYC but he said New York just said Japanese must quarantine for 14 days (is that true ? I told him that I didn't see that and it's surely not US national policy ... at least at the moment) blah blah blah blah blah TL;DR I ask him for a Hiroshima resto rec and he mentioned the casual Suishin, which has the advantage of being open on Sunday but that's the only advantage that I'm aware of. He said to consider oysters in Hiroshima but they like to cook their oysters so focus on dishes like cooked oyster with rice, for example. Well, that's a start at least ... Re the high end, two of Bobby Brown's fave 2014 meals were 3* Nakashima and 2* Tempura Tenko Honten (but now it seems to be a 1* hence not a great sign) Any Hiroshima thoughts ? And here's a LONG shot, I got 8 minutes in Kobe, starting at the train track. Any good ideas ? I'm hungry and I need feedback within the next half hour ...
  6. COME ON, Tubbs ! Geesh ... I'm disappointed in you ... a great man like yourself shouldn't be paralyzed with fear like a deer in the headlights ... you know what happens to dem deer ? Yep, roadkill What is this thing going to do ... kill ya ? Highly unlikely ... that said, those Northern Italians are dropping like flies ! Come on, Tubbs, man up ! This is just nature's way of weeding out the weak ... live you life and let the chips fall where they may ... follow my lead, Tubbs ... And remember ... when the going gets tough, Chambo ... ahem ... heroically heads to the hot zone ! Alrightie ... enough of that ... heading out to Ueno Park now ... to see if any blossoms have blossomed yet ... you never know unless you go
  7. LOVE the Osteria (La Subida) ... my 4th time ... I’ll return
  8. Still fine ... as of last night ... but who knows now ... I’m long done Everyone knows the major sites ... which are awesome and awe-inspiring (this is an F-ING swamp people ! Imagine pounding a million pilings to keep a church afloat) ... but there’s just so much more ... I come to this ultra-touristy place each year for the New Yesr to recharge and reset my batteries and my ⏰ ... oxymoronic ? moronic ? ironic ? iconic ? You decide And you eat well (enough) if you know what you’re doing And if you leave the lugubrious lagoon behind what awaits you in front of you can be awesome eats ... awesome ^ Max !
  9. Off Topic ... Glory goes to the virtuous … patience is a virtue … I’ll spare you the gory details but do note the following … My PECA and not your PECA was all over la CARTA de LA PECA oggi … and that’s a good thing A glorious thing ? … Pffft ! … Who am I to decide what is glory and what is not … but it was a very good thing … and it's in the middle of F-ing nowhere
  10. Decided to go back to La Subida ... no wifi notwithstanding (what's wrong with these people ???) ... but only for 2 days due to such treachery Will eat at the Trattoria at La Subida ... which is a 1* Mich of course ... don't let that name fool you ... and it probably has the best wine list in the world for these unusual wines with a somm (the son) who knows them (and the winemakers) inside and out Tastings with Sasa @ Radikon and La Castellada ... may try to return to Princic ... on verra ... @Bonner - You know you want to eat at Agli Amici in Udine and not Argine, right ? I"m happy to say that I'm off to Gostilna Pri Lojzetu in Slovenia where I have yet to eat ... and then I'll swing by Vodopivec to snag some Vitovska (the best V in the world, by the way) when returning ... may even re-swing by Caffe Vatta for, yes, a coffee and they have very fair prices for Gravner* too ... then again I saw Gravner Ribolla G for 59e in Padua ... which is more than fair * Fuck Gravner ! "We're closed for the Holidays" ... "I understand ... but I'm asking about a date well past January 1 ... like the following week ... is that possible ? are you guys around ? I don't get to this neck of the woods very often ..." ... "We closed for the Holidays" ... Fuck Gravner !!!
  11. Chambolle

    Crown Shy

    Post-Thanksgiving, Chambo's Shaping the Battlefield Twas Black Friday ... Black Hawk Down, maybe so ... but Black Swan Chambo is up ... But up to what exactly ? That's the key question ... up to no good ? up to his eyes in alligators ? up to his eyes in a bathtub filled with an overflowing river of champagne and drinking non-stop just to avoid drowning ? Or is he still drunk and beyond help ... beyond your imagination ... beyond Beyonce ... for it is there that lies Chambo's champagne-filled flights of fantasy ... to attempt understand any of this, try this ... Enter the mind of madman ... as he imagines his feelings to be those of a woman ... a woman in love with Champagne ... and now play the video and listen carefully ... because in Paris, as I've told you, all we ever do is drink champagne ... ... but is there more to it ... is the woman in the tub or on the tube ... is Chambo bored with surfing or bored with board games ... or is he playing games ... could he possibly be off-point ... at this point no one really knows for sure ... as it's all still one big blur ... Make Love not War ! and don't make shit up !
  12. Chambolle


    When planning a revolution and toppling an impostor, it is essential to know thyself and to know the opposition ... that is the basics of Master Sun's The Art of War ... but there is much more in store in order to succeed as any true warrior knows Victory goes to the prepared ... and preparation must start well in advance ... months, if not (light)years, in advance and far away ... and they always do chez Chambo ! It's called Shaping the Battlefield and it must start from the get go ... if done correctly and with wisdom the war is won before it is even started ... pay close attention ... for that's what Chambo's doing here in order to undertake the revolution foretold in the final words of this significant post I'll also note that in order to topple an established order, it is best to be a God (just ask Zeus) or to have the right Gods on your side (consider the Trojan War) ... in fact, having / being both is best and as fate shall have it, Chambo is so blessed We take you back to Tokyo ... the evening of October 4 to be exact ... too late for a real meal ... but had already eaten and drank a bunch of nibbles and liquids ... hence something simple, quick yet good was in order ... those paying close attention shall note one friendly hurdle that Chambo cannot seem to overcome with a great foreign Goddess ... that is, improving her English ... after years and years of trying and discussing and giving examples and examples and elaborating on the exceptions etc, Chambo now simply gives Goddess the good words and goes forward into the night ... And when I told you previously that the powerful Princess-Tigress-Goddess's Gresca dinner was semi-disastrous because she is so adventurous when eating and she'll snarf down just about anything, I bet some of you were skeptical ... to the skeptics, pay close atttention ! Finally I shall also note that what was communicated to me as pork tongue was pork but not tongue ...
  13. Chambolle

    Crown Shy

    During the holiday season there’s always something unexpected, if not highly SHOCKING, that occurs … at least that’s my experience And it proved to be the case once again this Thanksgiving as I came to the sad realization that ... I had … fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentle people … made an ERROR ! Yep it happens … it’s extremely rare .. but it happens These are called Black Swan events for those versed in such matters HOWEVER, unlike so many others here, I admit my errors when they come to my attention … and I attempt to correct them …. and, if and when necessary, I apologize Hence … @Seth - I want to apologize for being wrong re prices during our discussion about your beloved Beaux Sens champagne I’m sorry as I should have had my facts in order but I didn’t I could make excuses … things like ... I was traveling at the time … or running on very little sleep … blah blah blah … but excuses are for losers ... and those are NOT remotely acceptable excuses in my book nor in my mind So once again, I am very sorry for being wrong and using inappropriate words during our prior discussion … and being a bit harsh with you I’ll also note that I have been drinking A LOT recently … non-stop champagne since yesterday … continuing thru to this very minute (Drappier Brut Nature at this exact second, to be exact, but it changes every handful of minutes or so) … had to even go and buy a quick re-stock this afternoon in prep for placing a MAJOR order … anyway before I start rambling incoherently I'm going to end it here as I have to stumble out into the wilderness now and head to dinner somewhere where festivities will sadly, undoubtedly continue and continue and continue… but please do accept my apologies ! And Happy Thanksgiving to all ! I’ll try to explain the errors of my way when I sober up … but here’s the context for you until then … and thanks for giving me a chance to make amends ... I think I'll feel better about myself after doing so ... And look at me here ... I'm such a son of a bitch ... And then when tuning in from Tokyo, I was totally lit up when writing this post as I was recalling an extremely eventful day in my life and at the bottom of that post when I addressed you as shown below I probably could have chosen my words better if I knew then what I know now ... so once again, I apologize !
  14. Milan, Piedmont, Turin ... and boom ! I've blown 2 weeks so, now being short on time with only one week left, I gotta rush east to feast near Padua, otherwise Max will be bumming, and after that I'm juggling multiple reservations cuz I have reservations about Venice where I go every year anyway (for the New Year and much more) ... spoke to La Subida and can redirect there for a bunch cuz they are indeed open as is Radikon and Sasha is happy to see sweet little Chambo again but Gravner is growling about their vacation time and those daughters don't want to be doing Chambo a solid, witches ! Dario is cool to see Chambo again and an interpreter will be required again etc etc ... but the Subida houses are still without wifi (WTF !) and cell service is stupendously spotty to the point that you can't rely on it ... and even though she said that she'd give me the best located option for cellular data, I'm not convinced ... so I'm scratching my head about what to do ... but I don't have time to research anything cuz I'm too busy posting here and running a global empire* ... hmmm ... decisions decisions ... made the difficult decision to skip Florence this year for the first time in many, many years (I usually arrive Florence perfectly timed to do some scouting and then hit the winter sales on the exact day that they start ... I have all this stuff down to a science) ... but I do love love love being in Italy over these Xmas NYE holidays cuz it's so festive and fun and hence I do some version of this trip every year, always including Piedmont cuz life's not worth living without a major winter white truffle mid-December blizzard (which is a bit late but still fine if you go to fine places) ... well I don't do this EVERY year ... that's an exaggeration ... but every year for the last 7 years, yes * FYI the Asian work trip was a WILD success ... bot manufacturing is now up and running ! ... the Kimchi Princess, who's quite the Asian tiger, convinced me to skip China and setup operations in Seoul ... so I did ... and it's proceeding better than I could have ever imagined ... all the stars are aligning and everything is falling into place such that I've decided that I've earned the right to celebrate a bit and sneak in a little vacation because 2020 is going to be a blockbuster success story ... stay tuned ... Chambo is on the verge of total Universal domination and I think it's now unstoppable ... but it's going to take time ... I'm feeling good Oh look above, there's my good friend mitchells ... or at least he was, until he started slandering me and my champagne en Chine, the bastard ! Remember The Bastard, mitchells ? You need to learn how to live a little cuz your comment demonstrates a lack of knowledge in that important department ... as we shall see at some point in the future ... at a time and place of my choosing ... game on ! and don't forget that you started this war ! As always, it's never Chambo that starts any of this stuff ... for Chambo received a blistering, sarcastic assault on his good taste ... you should have made love to me mitchells when you had the chance ... it's too late now ! I have made it abundantly clear in the past to you that you know nothing about my lifestyle choices ! To wit ... mitchells, please be careful talking about things of which you know virtually nothing ... ie The Chambo Lifestyle. I'll have you know that that September ie in 2016 I was there, mitchells and I didn't like the place AT ALL. Total nouveau riche ! Way too much money with too little taste was poured into the place. Met a good buddy there ... he's a NYC Greenpoint-loft-based artist friend (he's been in GP since before it was trendy and his big canvas totally out there mostly abstract w some tiny human-ish figure-oids interspersed among the colors seems like a good Green fit) ... who has a place outside Montpelier up in the hills where doth grow the vines ... and he looked at me funny upon arrival at the Castel and said "You really wanted to come here ?" and I grimaced and said "Sorry, man, was given bad info. I'll take care of the 50 euro Pibarnon rosé and we'll make the best of it and then blow out of here ... and so we sat, we chat, we drink and we keep on moving ... and went to where I really wanted to go which was the brand newly opened Terminal#1 pop-up from the bros, where I was invited and we had a great time hanging outside, tucking into tons of tapas and drowning our blues in some reds and whites ... and that was our night, mitchells
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