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  1. You think you can short me and taste me ... or dissect me with your blunt little tool … you’re so ambitious, aren’t you ! You come across as a sad rube, dude ! Well-scrubbed but with little taste … where you from ? WV ? Try to live a little, Agent Ori … can I call you Orange, Ori ? Favas … pfffft ! So pathetic ... Do me a favor with your favas and live a little and give me your liver … I have a nice chianti, Signor Arancia Doctor Chambo, over and out
  2. Asian, Schmasian ! This is about wine 🍷, non ? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe … catch a Chambo by the … bottle … Gulp !
  3. Do I know the place ? Yep Have I walked by it dozens of times ? Yep Have I looked at its corner location, its size, its grande terrasse, its décor, its wine / beer list ? Yes, indeed Have I tried it ? Nope Have I considered trying it ? Nope Do I recall you mentioning it a few years ago ? Yep Did I opt to take you up on your dare ? Nope, decided to nice instead (Imagine that, Steve !) How did you like it ?
  4. Random note - when a Marais friend told me his fave patisserie is Jacques Genin, I asked "mainly for their chocolates ?" cuz Genin is very well known for his chocolates, caramels, pâtes de fruits etc and he replied ... Jacques Genin … Je ne mange pas de chocolat. Les gâteaux : tarte au citron au basilic, gros chou vanille, Paris Brest, 1000 feuilles (sur commande) … Why do I bore you with this. Because that sur commande is highly relevant. During the week, Mon - Fri, their stores only sell the chocolates, caramels, pâtes de fruits retail and customers must order the day before for ca
  5. Re bistros above, I also like Parcelles (charming place, good enough food, very nice wine list) … and Café des Ministères (more so in fall / winter for their Vol au Vent which is pretty decadent). I’ll note that I specifically only bothered to mention places that are new-ish and hence ones that folks may not already be familiar with Re patisseries, it’s not really my thing (mainly because when I see a Paris Brest, for example, I actually only see another 90 minutes on the bike in the gym) and everyone seems to have their favorite. To the best of my knowledge the well-respected boutique na
  6. sorry it looks like my kid brother broke into my computer and posted above ... can anything be done about that ? I'm not disputing anything but I usually prefer to keep certain aspects of my private life private
  7. You don't think Chambo knows this, Adrian ? I got news for you, Big A, he does ... he truly does ! I was snooping on Chambo relatively recently, surreptitiously of course, following his every admirable move ... and I wasn't the only one as there were LOTS of other giddy, like-minded admirers just admiring the way that guy glides and strides and slides down the street ... and his sneaks, Adrian ! Oh my ... oh my oh my ... they were so incredible it's unimaginable ... you should have seen them ... more mindblowingly marvelously modern than any footwear you've ever seen or even dreamed
  8. I’ll note that I’m not really a big fan of Amarante … even if I do go there as the record will show above. I haven’t yet had a chance to explain why I go there, so now I will. The only reason why I go there is because after the gym on Mondays I may want a geo-desirable cooked meal at a simple French bistro level and Amarante is the ONLY place that’s open on Mondays within walking distance … and maybe even within any (reasonable) distance. And yep, it’s open Sundays too … they have a weird schedule I must admit that I am wondering if Bonner really wants to eat dinner there after meals at T
  9. No, don’t know a brasserie … but I got an option B … so bare with me and listen carefully We need to hit the pavement and find a Manhattan construction site, run by a French management team, that has just completed their project … et donc, voila ! … just like that … following fine French tradition, on fête la fin du chantier et … Le Gigot Bitume arrive ! And who doesn’t like their gigot cooked in molten asphalt, huh ? C'est un vrai truc à la française …
  10. Or just contribute to the retirement fund and sit back and enjoy
  11. For me, the appropriate Table experience is NOT a simple entree-plat-dessert a la carte experience. In fact I've never done that and wouldn't want to personally. For me, Table is about experiencing a range of different ingredients a la Bruno I've always just told Bruno to cook for me ... and I'll tell him a few things I definitely want based upon la carte and what I've eaten recently and just chatting with him ... and I have been doing that since before they even offered un menu option I think two people should consider ordering 3 full starters, coursed sequentially and you share the
  12. Well there is no way to sugarcoat this ... I love Table ... yeah it's expensive but that's life ... and here is a recent menu ... I love Bruno but 360 euros does seem a bit pricey ...
  13. Here's a recent lunch at Le Servan ... twas two weeks ago ... This white asparagus and langoustine salad was really quite good ... very nicely prepared asperges blanches with just the right bit of crunch and there are two or three fresh, well-sized, meaty, tender, ocean tasting langoustines décortiquees dedans ... peut être un peu caché, mais elles sont là ... you can see one at 9 o'clock, lying diagonally beneath a diagonal slim stalk, both lang and asp at a 60 degree angle on Cartesian coordinate axes, I'd estimate ... The menu says lieu jaune mais le poi
  14. It sounds to me like you’re considering Le Servan for lunch followed by Table for dinner That might be too much … but you know your appetites and capacities better than I … and you seem to feel it’s too much … hence I think you could be right Le Servan used to be one of my fave, casual lunch places back when they had different menus for lunch and dinner. Lunch used to be an entrée-plat-dessert offering in the high 20s and you still got to choose between 3 or 4 offerings pour l’entrée et pour le plat … but then in late 2019 they changed to an a la carte menu that was the same
  15. So, Bonner, the geriatrics didn’t deliver diddly that was germane to your jaunt ? Gee … surprise, surprise ! Hey Bonner, did you ever notice that when young guns like us are trying to celebrate life’s cherished moments to the fullest that certain seniors seemingly sidetrack the story towards shit like Social Security, AARP advantages, Medicare deductibles and which of their joints no longer work … that might be fine on Chowhound or Senoirs Weakly but it’s seriously stultifying, shows bad manners and is outright offensive to The Rest of Us in Paris. Maybe an admin could consolidate a
  16. Is there truly a worldwide network of mining companies "mining" commodities (with adverse environmental effects)? If so, why? If not, is this all part of a huge bubble? And what is Chambo's cut?
  17. Au ballet au Garnier avec elle ... Crystal Pite chez l’Opéra G … Body and Soul … et elle paie … how desperate must she be ? and AFAIK she’s not yet a housewife … but that’s TBD … for it’s a dynamic world upon which we dance … and there’s no free lunch dans ce monde, je dis, ni opéra gratuit … hence I presume she’s assuming I’ll put out, both body and soul … but what, I ask, happens to those that assume ? and please ignore those that presume
  18. Steve, WOW ! That was deep and thoughtful ... but I don't think that I fully understood some of the details ... they kind of went over my head ... that said, it seems to me that you could be a marvelous mentor ... picture you and me, working closely together ... so help me out here because I don't really see the benefit of "harm reduction" ... and why wouldn't you want victims strewn about the place ? and why wouldn't you want to decapitate if provoked ? and why wouldn't you want to leave a bloody mess in your wake ? Otherwise, where's that going to get you ... I know there's answers
  19. Nothing lewd, chez Chambo ... only art, humor and humanity ... sometimes raw, sometimes in the raw ... but nothing lewd And you should probably read this You're such a square, Steve ! I doubt that you could see a curve if came up and kissed you on the face
  20. This tracking is so easy now it's automated ... in fact this college freshman is trying to parlay his privacy-intruding @ElonJet twitter account into an Elon internship ... some nice bidding is going on ... Elon offered $5k if the kid would can the account ... kid said add a zero cuz that would help with tuition and maybe give him enough coin for a cool (Elon) car ... Musk is mulling that over but Elon has yet to respond ... kid thinks that's because Elon's on vacay on Maui ... and it sure seems like it, per @ElonJet ... well, at least Elon's 2015 Gulfstream G650 is there ... A crappy, o
  21. NOT SAFE FOR WORK … or your MARRIAGE ! Hmmmm … very strange, Steve 🤔 Do you see any curved lines here ? 🧐 Cuz I’m now wondering if you are looking with EYES WIDE SHUT 🙈
  22. riz de Camargue (ie français)
  23. Amen, brother ! I could have written that book … with stories that shock and awe … et les russes sont les WORST, trust me ... mais chaque homme, leur goût … and YMMV
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