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  1. BackyardChef

    Park Side

    Going to Park Side tonight. :-)
  2. Josh was a lover of food, literature, ladies, drink, excess. He was a genuine glutton. He also mentored young writers, cooks and foodsters. He shined a light on people that deserved it when he could. He came and cooked at my wedding through a hurricane. He was frustrating, loveable and caring. He could also write beautifully when he tried. A complicated man with a huge heart and zeal. I miss him.
  3. Let's be honest, Dan Barber is basically a human superfund site. but is it sustainable?
  4. Glad you enjoyed yourself, Sneak....But sorry I missed you. My days start early and now that I am old, I try to leave when I can. Hope to catch up soon......
  5. My sister's graduation from LIU Graduate School and a celebratory lunch at Franny's was planned. Then the sky opened up and parking was rough and I was thoroughly disappointed that they made my 72-year-old father stand outside in the rain (standing is hard for him) because they didn't open officially for 3 minutes. And then made him stand outside a little longer after they opened because they "weren't quite ready". I am in the business. I get it. But you can't give someone a seat and a glass of water at the bar and tell them you need a few more minutes? I had other issues with our ex
  6. Call me a wacko and a conspiracy wonk... ..How long has the restaurant been open and not one inspector caught it until now? Sinks don't disappear. Might be they are using the sink for something other than intended purpose-- i.e. cooling or holding something on ice at the time the inspector walked in, etc... I have no idea, but it could a very simple explanation.......
  7. Eh.....we're playing a long game. I like Hugh. He was happy for us when we won Best Trad Brisket at Brisket King NYC last night.
  8. Mighty Quinn's will be opening in Crown Hts in March
  9. Have them almost all the time right now-- at that time the person writing the menu decided to highlight the ribs. We might return to shanks-- but there is some version of lamb on the menu almost all the time. Happy holidays and new year...
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