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  1. Does anyone know what or who will take over the location?
  2. I go back far enough to remember when this place was the Back Door, and later Just Allen's.. Does anyone have any information about the new owners?
  3. Sorry, but I for one do not know the who, what or WHERE. Please share. What was the previous place, or where exactly is it? Owner? Chef? You,know- a little info for those not in the loop?
  4. paryzer -- interesting, and I was unaware. First, I don't understand the "got beat up" thing. Well, I think a few of the bullies were tired of me posting about the same restaurants each time (like Laurel & Sage, Cafe Panache, Tillies, Viaggio, etc.), even though I would only post the new and interesting specials that they had that time, and not the same meals. It just wasn't worth it. ELA, you should give Hungry Onion a try. They have a New Jersey section. Although the majority of the members are from Central Jersey they are very friendly and welcoming, and are looking for more Nor
  5. I highly recommend Maggiano's, though it is in Hackensack. The service is top rate, the food very good, and reasonable. Seasons' food has turned to crap, and is overpriced. I have been to several events there. The cocktail food at weddings is good, but the entrees seem to be left on the plate quite often. Biaggio's food is fine, but once again over-priced. Sanzari's has simply aged out. I think Bacari Grill would be a close second to Maggiano's, but still second. I would add that if the gathering will be small, you may consider the Bonefish Grill in Paramus. The atmosphere is blan
  6. Wolfgang Puck Express PIZZA????? Ok, that's new to me. Where are they? Any in NJ? OK, That's Pizza Hut. Can you rate it and other chains in order? I'd rate Pizza Hut, Domino's and Papa John's at the bottom. Sbarro would be above them. Above it would be California Pizza Kitchen, Costco and above them would be Wolfgang Puck Express. CPK has declined a lot from the days it was owned by a couple of attorneys.
  7. That link sent be to pictures of pizza and descriptions written with Asian alphabet?
  8. OK, That's Pizza Hut. Can you rate it and other chains in order?
  9. f it's a chain, it counts- but you must rate it in comparison to other chains.
  10. Daniel, I'm from NJ, where Pizza was actually INVENTED ( Look it up). I have great pizza all around me. However, not at all times. Sometimes I'm either I'm up too late ( note the time I'm posting this) or am in to much of a hurry to wait for the good stuff. Then it's chain. This thread is not supposed to be a comparison to fresh parlor pizza- it's just a fun look at chains. PS: A Frozen Pizza rating for you: I used to go for the Ellio's you mentioned, but you should try Stop & Shop Self-Rising. Of course, both have to be "doctored".
  11. Yes, I realize that rating chain pizzas is something like choosing a favorite bug spray, but no one has been posting anyway and I'm the mood for fun. Please keep in mind that when rating from best to worst, we are only making comparisons with other chain pizzas, and everyone understands that they are not in anywhere near the same league as our favorite fresh pizza shops. Here I go: I start with Pizza Hut at number one. Unlike Domino's "easy bake" oven, they can make my pizza well done, and the crust isn't too bad at all. Their only problem is that if you call in a lun
  12. In the location as the previous Recovery Room, Burke's, etc.. Lolita's Mexican Cantina Went for the first time about 2 weeks ago with companions. The wait staff was attentive, friendly, and always there when needed. The cocktails were absolutely delicious, whether a Mango or strawberry Marguerita, or a simple highball. Ok, the food: We had a huge assortment, so I will skip the dish by dish. There some dissention in regard to flavor. Some- who were more used to Tex-Mex- found the food under-seasoned. However, I and another who are used to actual Mexican food knew t
  13. 94 views, no replies. Not part of the favored few, I guess. I know that I have been sounding a bit frustrated with this forum lately, but at this point I think you can understand why..... Maybe if I put this into the lost Northeastern NJ thread...
  14. Sorry- there are several edits that should have been made, but the edit button was not working. I am literate, but a fat-handed two-finger typist and was working on the virtual keyboard of a tablet.... :-(
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