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  1. Alex


    ...so Strictly Ballroom, the movie, was about some form of intimate bondage...? Been the coldest winter, down here where men are men and the sheep are tired and sore, for twenty years- cold and very dry. At least the necrophiliacs are happy.
  2. ...it'll end up in Elton John's collection, like all the rest, no doubt about that...
  3. Alex

    melbourne dining

    Haven't been down there for years, but I hear it's a great place to dine out.
  4. Alex


    Will this be Thai-style, with dried prawns, lime juice, palm sugar, fish sauce and chilli? Arugula and pears with a dressing of blue cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinigar is a very popular summer salad at my home, and very tasty.
  5. Messy and very, very yummy. Singapore Chilli Crab...where else in the World are Tomato Sauce and fermented prawn paste combined in the one dish?
  6. Alex

    Australian Wines:

    A very useful site, and new to me. It is difficult to define the national character of australian styles of various varietals, because so much depends on individual taste. I have yet to find a Hortons (West Australian) wine I like, but they still sell reasonably well, and the lakes of very ordinary Chardonnays sold each year are more a result of skilled marketing rather than winemaking skill. In general, Shiraz and Semion, the two first varities planted in colonial times are the most popular with collectors, followed by Cabanet. As for climate and it's influence, as a rule I find that the newe
  7. Alex

    Australian Wines:

    Perhaps one reason for this small representation of quality rather than bulk-style (and I would class the first two wines I mentioned in this category) is the fact that Australian wines are selling into a market here of only 20 million, and the incentive to expand is not there? More probable, perhaps, is the fact that this country, while it enjoys a climate in the inhabited regions similar to California, the Middle-East and Spain, has only a few areas which can be relied on to produce a top quality product year after year. Irrigation is necessary in some areas to get the volume of harvest
  8. I know that Yellowtail, Rosemount and Banrock Station are widely available in countries other than Australia ( and have only a very modest level of market visability here) but to what extent are Australian wines which are not, like these, produced for a mass market available in other countries? I am thinking of Hunters and Coonawarra styles, in particular..
  9. Short for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. One of many expressions coined by I'm-sure-she's-nice-but-I-still-find-her-annoying US food television star, Rachel Ray. Others: "MMM! I can taste it already!" "Yummo!" "I'm just gonna Garbage Bowl that!" etc. Thanks. I can't understand why I couldn't figure that out....
  10. The Cuban Adobo sounds great, but what, pray, is evoo?
  11. Would't tomatos rot, or develop wilt, with a constant supply of water? I water mine twice a week at the most.
  12. Strange...I didn't think it was Palm Sunday...
  13. Alex


    Ah, those lofty eucalypts, Australia's gift to every firefighters employment agency in the world... I gather the birds which fly around and sometimes through my home, bower birds, sulphur-crested and black cockatoos, whip birds, and rainbow lorikets are worth a fortune in the US.
  14. ...bacon and cardoons..? Now, there's a thought... They seemed to be prone to mildew, here, but in a mediterranean climate such as exists here in the southern half of the country, they would probably thrive.
  15. Calves kidneys, as distinct from sheep kidneys, which have an unfortunate urinesque aroma , are liked by most people, I find, if deviled ie: they are pan-fried with onion and garlic, with wostershire sauce and hot english mustard mixed in prior to serving. Balut, the hard-boiled duck eggs with the crunchy embro half-formed inside so beloved by Phillipinos, I can't handle, also cooking with trasi, Indonesian dried fermented shrimp paste (bagoong in Tagalog, blachan in Malay). If someone else has cooked the dish using it, no problem, but the vile dried poultry-manure stench of it cooking is e
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