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  1. 2 hours ago, StephanieL said:

    remember the Sun City single and music video.  N has a slightly more jaundiced take on its effect in SA. 

    Well, you can’t blame Stevie for that🙂 At least he tried to do something with good intentions.

  2. Stevie Van Zandt: Disciple on HBO. This was excellent. He is a real Renaissance man (musician, songwriter, activist, and actor). He was a lot more than a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E street band. I had no idea that he originally organized the South African Sun City movement, (and wrote the song), and gathered all of these amazing musicians together, which played a huge part in the release of Nelson Mandela. He also advocated for Native Americans. He was fantastic in the Sopranos, considering that he never acted before. He only took the role because he was broke. David Chase saw him presenting on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and thought that he would be perfect for The Sopranos. His real life wife played his wife on the Sopranos. Little Richard officiated at his wedding! Percy Sledge sang ‘When a man loves a woman’ at his wedding. He also produced a play on Broadway that reunited the Young Rascals. A lot of great footage.

  3. Mrs. P made some awesome surf and turf with a Dartagnan double cut pork chop stuffed with bacon, apples, blue cheese, garlic, and shallots, and steamed Dungeness crab. She made roasted delicata squash drizzled with hot honey as a side dish. It all went great with an excellent cabernet.








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