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  1. I am still trying to recover from the PBS series: Mario, Gwynth, Bittman and some unknown Spanish lovely go on a great freebie trip through Spain. Many a time Mario and Gwynth make not so subtle jokes about Bittman's cooking ability. This just in: Water boils at 212 degrees at sea level.
  2. faijay465

    The Bonk List

    I know that is the huge draw although I always try to see Kronenberg's films. There was an amusing article in the Huffington Post about the naked Viggo.
  3. faijay465

    Maurice Naughton

    I feel very sad today. Although, I never met him here in the "real world" , I feel a great loss. I always logged onto MF hoping there would be a post from Maurice. His death in Paris is the final post of his life on earth. Bon Voyage, Maurice.
  4. I have my picks, although most of them are in just some movies or even some scenes in a movie, very few are consistantly leading manish. Harrison Ford (the young version--face now over done)--He won my bonk award in Star Wars, and my leading man award in Witness, specifically, in the scene where he dances with Kelley in the barn. Kevin Koster--just the Bull Durham version, although I did like him in The Up Side of Anger Clark Gable in everything, epitomizes the leading man to me. Sean Connery--still and always Al Gore--no just kidding
  5. Well this goes way back but I could never see nor hear what was funny about Bob Hope--just never got him. But Jack Benny and Fred Allen made me laugh, even as a small child. In the more contemporary world I think Colbert and John Stewart are hilarious and Bill Maher is okay. Of course, Mony Python just cracks me up even though I've seen them many times. As long as I live and think I will howl at "My brain hurts" and the lake inspector that inspects flooded flats. John Cleese only has to breath to make me laugh. While were in Britain--can someone explain Benny Hill to me?
  6. faijay465

    Ugly Betty

    I also love this show and have watched it from day one. Last show Alex(is), this Thursday we get Fey (I think, as the veiled lady). Betty is such a sweet person and I love all the actors. I especially love Vanessa's Wilhemina, since I really did not think she had it in her. Thursday is my favourite TV night: Ugly Betty, Grey's and Men in Trees (another new favourite). I have to Tivo ER for later viewing although I am sure it has Jumped the Shark.
  7. I had the same reaction. I especially dislike "the stand by your man" attitude and killing is good. I am still waiting to hear some good Mamet dialogue, but it all seems banal to me. I think this may be a Mars/Venus thing. I watched some earlier show on the Mystery Chanel, where a gathering was shot up (I think the commander's wife is shot and someone yells "Take care of the women". I guess women are a distraction in combat? It also seems to be a big hour long apologia for undercover operations in different locales to murder people because the government deems them "bad". In another show one of the wives goes to some peace class and gives the usual justification for the war on terror and the prof who seems to have the hots for her says she has won her argument. These have got to be the dumbest group of students and teacher. So another couple of tvoings and if I don't like it more, off it comes.
  8. Anything by Joyce Carol Oates. For that matter most three-named writers are lousy.
  9. Okay, I can't resist--here's a partial list, because as soon as I sign off I'll think of more Breakfast at Tiffanys The Lady Eve The Great Man Votes Duck Soup A Night at the Opera Two for the Road (a romantic comedy favourite) Woman of the Year Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (oh the dancing) The Lodger (silent) Silence of the Lambs Sullivan's Travels Godfather I and II The Nun's Story The Black Narcissus The Great McInty All the King's Men (Broderick Crawford) Any movie with Judy Holiday An American in Paris Casablanca To Have and Have Not Easy Rider 2001, A Space Odyssey When Harry met Sally Bull Durham Room at the Top and probably almost everyone else/s list except Shawshank and a couple of others.
  10. faijay465

    The Queen

    Apparently he is a dick--he certainly mistreated his eldest son (according to rumours) I remember that in the scandals of the 60's he was supposed to be the man in the mask at the sex parties.
  11. Bah, Humbug--but Happy Holiday Season anyway, Ebenezer.
  12. I have always considered myself very shy, but worked hard to overcome the outward characteristics of shyness, because really hardly anyone has patience with that. That said, I scored less than 40. That is what appears on the outside inside I feel differently.
  13. Trevor Kitchen and Bar is new with a great atmosphere, wonderful food and very young hip crowd. I would also suggest tapas at Torito in Kennsington Market. If they like asian, they could try Mata Hari (Indonesian) also in Kennsington, on Baldwin Street--I love their coconut rice.
  14. Get a cable company or better yet a satellite dish and aim towards British Columbia. Up here in the Great North Strong and Free, you can find a hockey game almost every night, as well as loads of talking about our game. or depending.
  15. I guess some people are watching because it is in its second year--I like Kyra Sedgewick in The Closer. She is quirky and smart and flawed, just my kind of person. I like Men in Trees and hope it sticks around; it should since they slotted it after Greys Anatomy (which jumps the shark about every other scene). I think Anne Heche is delightful and McTree a real hunk (Abraham Benrubi). I also love the woman playing Marin"s agent and her boyfriend, plow boy. No number three comes to mind.
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