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  1. I believe he must have been watching the episode entitled "Boring" (dating myself, I know). Funny thing was...we called up the free kitten guy and he said he had 4 gray and blacks, one black and white and a tabby, which I assumed meant "orange tabby" (in light of the others being described as gray and black). We'd lost an orange tabby about 4 years ago, so we told him we'd be over for the tabby. When we reached his apartment, he said "you're not going to believe this, but..." he couldn't find the tabby kitten at all. We helped him look high and low, moving furniture and everything,
  2. I've not posted in a while - reading the Pets thread several pages at a time is an emotional whirlwind, let me tell you. Congrats to all the new pet parents and condolences to all those who've lost a furry or scaly loved one. Our new boy, King Caesar: Here's how Jet Jaguar feels about him so far: Yes, that IS her fur on the vertical blinds *sigh*
  3. Annie Leibovitz took this picture of Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella (Shot in NYC, castle superimposed).
  4. Oh my goodness. Now I don't feel so bad for watching the musical numbers from Xanadu on YouTube the other day. I have inherited a (probably? No, definitely) un-PC Aunt Jemima cookie jar from my grandmother. She kept property tax receipts inside, then my mom kept mine and my brothers' report cards and immunization records inside, and I've always put my concert ticket stubs in there. (All those slips of paper are still in there. Never any cookies, as long as I've known of the jar.) Not to mention - I've always felt a little weird at the thought of actually displaying it, so it's usually
  5. *scratches "Cinnamon Rings" off list of potential dessert names*
  6. Yes. I once became one with an ice cream cone courtesy of one of those babies. Do you remember: The smell of purple mimeo ink? Your first big chunky Texas Instruments calculator? Your first TV with a remote? Mine had only one button on it. Pressing the button caused the dial on the set to spin around until I pressed the button again. The twenty-first night of September?
  7. There's an energetic child scampering in the apartment upstairs over my bed, and that cratered-out molar I've been ignoring is abscessing...........now *cue given by conductor's baton downbeat* It's all fun and games until someone freaks out and starts running up and down the halls of the apartment building, screaming.
  8. Rest in peace, Sir Bux-A-Lot. Thanks for calling me a "loyalist toady" in that one email. Made me think, it did ... and giggle. Still does.
  9. Last year I actually accomplished two big hairy resolutions (I quit smoking and stopped drinking except for special occasions), so I'm giving myself an easy one this year. This year, I resolved to start referring to the police in my private conversations as "po-po", like all the gangsta rappers do in their songs. I think it'll up my coolness factor.
  10. I'm more than annoyed by people who respond when I introduce myself by saying "Marsha, Marsha, MARSHA!" (quoting Jan Brady in that infamous Brady Bunch episode wherein Jan was sick of being overshadowed by her older sister.) They think they're being clever and original, and they rarely notice the steam coming out of my ears because they're too busy cracking themselves up. I usually try to blow it off with a joke, saying "Okay, that's your one and only allowed time to say that to me. Next time it's pistols at dawn!" or something similar. However, some people never do get it, and insist
  11. Draw a Pig Personality Test brulee Click to view my test results
  12. Among many other cool things (such as armor ties for the conquering executive), Jeff de Boer makes armor for cats and mice: "So as a result of having made armour for a cat, I felt that I had created an imbalance in the universe. The only way to fix it was to do the same for the mouse. Fortunately, I had much more time to produce this work and the resulting object that came of it changed my life forever."
  13. Well, he does look like he's having fun. Possibly one could say "more fun" than the rest of them in the grouping. But how would we know for sure? The sheep next to him looks like it's having a BALL.
  14. Awesome face! And the pumpkin is nice, too . Does Nataly know about Metronome Online? I know you said you've got an actual metronome, which is probably better (old school's often the best school), but the site has a concert A to tune to and some special flute instructional videos and whatnot - I thought you guys might find it interesting.
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