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  1. Reminds me of the time I was "experimenting" with how much gasoline would light a flame that would go how many feet up into the air. I think I was around 10. I chose a piece of concrete out back of the house. Well, that last towering inferno I lit really went sky high so I decided to call it quits for the day, but not before stepping all over the torch area in my converse sneakers, leaving my footprints all over the concrete. Interesting discussion with Dad that night. He wasn't angry so much as.. concerned.
  2. My favorite chocolate dish is one where a vanilla/creme anglaise type of sweet part is put with a chocolate part that is not so sweetened that it loses its bitter quality. It is a fine line, because the bitter taste has got to be sweetened enough to be pleasant and then it is the extra sweetness of the other vanilla part that makes the contrast nice. That said, some of those things Juliette Binoche was making in "Chocolat" look like fun, too! That lucky Johnny Depp!
  3. GG, she is an alien and used that time proven ploy to implant a homing device on the back of your neck. Soon you will be abducted with some cows. These babies are the perfect decoys for aliens - they are so good at making us defenseless. We carry em around and everything!
  4. I can bury my dog in the back yard, why not my mom and dad? I mean, you get ashes from cremation and you can do what you want with em, and dear ol dad was scattered just where we wanted in accordance with his wishes (we really treated him to some nice locale.) But you can't take the body and just bury it 6 feet down, can you?
  5. Also, get plastic sheeting instead of a bedspread, for when he/she/they shit on your bed when you leave for the overnights. This is easier than kitty Fleets.
  6. "But didn't you get my message!?" It's all gonna be Jeffrey's fault.
  7. A stocky, not very tall Scot crossed with a McDonalds sandwich cartoon character.
  8. If it were a male prostitute, I would. Behemoth, Colossus, Gigantor, whatever. Thats a fun game: designing male prostitue names. hmmm.. Pronto Phalicus Bigus Wang Fun Probono Stumpy McLicken Your turn.
  9. I am quite sure of several things that affected the outcome of Zidane's ramming of Mazzerotti: 1. The Italians love to insult, and do it extravagantly. example: heard in Rome, from a taxi driver, "Honk between the legs of your sister, there is more traffic there!" 2. Athletes in most sports are often willing to brawl, and almost never at opportune moments. Think about it. You are not rested and thinking reasonably at the keyboard, rather you are exhausted and drained after 90 minutes, then another 15, and now in ANOTHER 15 minutes of play. You body is screaming at you and so are 80,000
  10. Did he send you that ratty old feather boa? I asked for it first! Reason to be cheerful: found out this morning that my baby sister is pregnant and expecting in March. (Praying for a Pisces girl here.) Reason to be cheerful: Logan's hair is growing back. Reason to be cheerful: lots of work with wonderful clients. Congrats to your sister, but I first read that as "my baby sitter is pregnant." In my world, my baby sitter being pregnant would be reason to be, um concerned.
  11. AND, the elder daughter just learned to ride her bicycle without training wheels. She was so excited, and couldn't believe how much fun it was when just the day before she was so afraid. We now ride all over town, learning traffic laws and quiet streets.
  12. La France in the big show tomorrow- World Cup final match. Going to have a lovely croissant made by a baker friend for good luck. Now, I know this unabashed France cheering belongs on the France forum, mais un croissant, le vrai croissant, ca me fait heureux.
  13. Why thanks, young thang. I did update my profile here to confess to my birthdate. It has sorta been an all week type of celebration. Dinners out, cookouts, kids. And I did get new tunes for my bomber car. That was nice. Tonight I did work, but last night we BBQ'd and I made shakers o Margaritas.
  14. Popping in here at midnight on the wife's laptop since mine has developed a very bad freeze/seize problem. Will have to ship it out for intensive care. I was able to get current back ups of everything except photos. Not knowing how long I will be without machine. What I am afraid of is that this may permanently break me of the personal computer habit. Will I actually become one of those people who only use it out of necessity?
  15. You Rockets-Red-Glare-Bombs-Bursting-In-Air junkie you. Here we are waiting for Tuesday for our dose. I won't be so close as you as they are done over the harbor. In Pine Plains once I was that close- the paper shreds from the canisters were falling all around me.
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