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  1. Nathan posted on his Facebook that he is okay. It sounds from his post that he was either in the same room or very near the scene, but he's physically okay.
  2. spaetzle

    Mad Men

    That was truly a kick ass episode.
  3. Jack McGarry made some delicious cocktails while guest bartending at Pegu, a few nights prior to Tales. The Pharoah Cooler (Tequila as base spirit) was particularly good.
  4. spaetzle


    LOL - believe me, I will never know as much about cocktails as you!!! hahaha!
  5. spaetzle


    i don't think i had either. but, chances are, i'll end up going again yup, that was the shifty (which i only had because they were not officially open yet and out of mezcal - that was the only mezcal drink they had that night. i could see it being very nice on a hot day and it was also layered, with more mezcal at the bottom. let's face it, i like mezcal. not beer. and yes, that must have been the Italian Inquisition. have you tried any of the food? Yes - but only some of the food. Enjoyable without stealing the show from the cocktails. I very much enjoy the pop
  6. spaetzle


    Was it the "short rib"? tequila infused with jalapeno and some pomegranate molasses are the dominating flavors. It's one of my favorites. It used to be on the menu at Death & Co. Yes! Thanks, spaetzle. You're welcome I believe you can still get it at both Death & Co and Mayahuel, even though it's not on the menu, as long as they have some pomegranate molasses behind the bar.
  7. spaetzle


    Was it the "short rib"? tequila infused with jalapeno and some pomegranite molasses are the dominating flavors. It's one of my favorites. It used to be on the menu at Death & Co.
  8. spaetzle


    My favorites are the whoopsy daisy and the watermelon sugar. Nux, the beer cocktail that you had - was it the El Jimador's Shifty? I love that one too. I think the other drink you mention is called an Italian Inquisition? The only think I remember about it (aside from the fact that it had tequila) is that it contains mole bitters.
  9. Thomas, I'm so sorry for your loss. We will miss Rebecca - she was such a welcome presence on the site.
  10. I'm vaguely remembering a post from Rebecca a few months ago in which she expressed some concern over not seeing certain regular posters - she seemed worried that something bad had happened to them and feared that some potentially sad news hadn't spread to this community. I hope that somewhere Rebecca knows that we heard and that we miss her.
  11. Such sad news... She was eccentric but sweet and her posts were always caring. 67 is too young to go - such a pity. Carolyn and GalPalJoan, thanks so much for posting about this and making us all aware. Rebecca will not be forgotten.
  12. The pizza was pretty good. The menu has about 12 - 15 personal sized pies. The dough is a bit thicker, fluffier than say, Otto, but still somehow manages to be light. A little soggy in the middle of the pie, but the sweetness of the tomato sauce makes up for it. The ratio of cheese to sauce is more in the favor of the cheese. I got the prosciutto cotto pizza and found it enjoyable. I believe it was 15 bucks. My salad was a little one-note - pear, walnuts, greens and olive oil. I didn't taste much lemon in it, but I have a cold so my sense of taste is probably off. They serve de
  13. Braised Kale: Slice up some shallots and garlic, let that saute for a little while in some olive oil. Add some kale and pour a lot of chicken stock on top. Add some white wine too, if you have it. Let it simmer, then put it at medium heat with a lid on the pot. I don't know for how long - I just do it until the kale seems soft enough. I usually have this with jasmine rice, scrambled egg whites, and a side of kimchi.
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