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  1. I've also enjoyed watching the transformation of Carla. In this past episode, she was very mindful of what she was doing and she did a great job of articulating her strategy and her understanding of the dish when she was at judges table.


    Stephen seemed less of a jerk this episode. I thought he seemed kind of nice - I can't remember which other contestant it was, but he was helping someone, no?


    I enjoyed the little scene of the cheftestants horsing around imitating the judging of a quickfire. Cute.

  2. I thought it odd that the British judge was telling the Chef from Dildo Lounge what real Miami food taste like.


    Thank you! Every time they flash Dilido lounge I think, "huh? there's a restaurant called Dildo Lounge?"

  3. did anyone think it strange that Jeff took it so hard that he was kicked off TC? and that he thought it would affect him for "like a decade"?


    It gave me a pause for "like a second".

  4. It seems kind of ironic that Radhika was let go. Winning a quick fire should be a good thing - not something that makes you next in line for being pykaged. Front of the house was not her strongest position in a restaurant, but it seems like she would still be on the show if it wasn't for the fact that she won that quickfire.

  5. I couldn't believe that Hosea and Leah cheated on their significant others (while on camera!!!). Absolutely despicable and so disrespectful. And stupid. Just gross.


    Porn sells. Damn, now I have to watch it even though I'm sure they'll blur out the good parts. ;)


    The skeptic in me is wondering if they truly do have significant others, or was this a ploy that was staged by the producers all along - like maybe it's all faked? To cheat on a bf or gf on camera is so ridiculously crass and stupid - I almost can't believe that this was real - maybe it's all just production fakery for good ratings?

  6. I couldn't believe that Hosea and Leah cheated on their significant others (while on camera!!!). Absolutely despicable and so disrespectful. And stupid. Just gross.

  7. ooooo... I haven't watched yet, but am sad that Ariane was pykag-ed. Once she got her head together, she really was doing well. I was totally rooting for her.

  8. I like Ariane. So far she seems to do a really good job with proteins. I also like that she isn't loaded with ego - she just seems pretty normal and wants to do her thing without any back biting.

  9. When it opened initially Tia Pol was a good place to eat dinner, but something bad happened earlier this year. I guess the same thing happened to EQP.


    Wilf -- after your last visit to Barcelona are you still not convinced that the serios tapas places there are places to eat dinner? how are they different from Tia Pol? (except for being cheaper and better)


    Good point. Yes, the new(ish) wave of ambitious tapas bars are indeed places to spend a couple of hours. But you'd agree, I'm sure, that the original concept of tapear was to go from bar to bar, eating a snack at each, on the way to dinner. In Spain, overheads are sufficiently low that this is a cheap prelude to the rest of the evening. Remember, outside Barcelona, tapas are often still free. :o


    Yes, La Boqueria and Tia Pol are really restaurants. El Quinto Pino, though, fits the old tapear model, but at New York prices. It sounds like Txikito fits that description too.


    I am blanking on the name of the Second Ave tapas bar owned by the Bar Carrera people; that's an example of a place where you actually can eat cheap tapas - but you get what you pay for.


    Wilfrid: Are you thinking of Bar Veloce?


    Orik: I believe the chef left a few months ago. I've been to Tia Pol a little bit less than usual overall, but I went the other night and had some delicious bone marrow on toast. Absolutely heavenly. The patatas bravas remain tasty. It was over a week ago and I'm blanking on the other dish that I had - but overall I was very satisfied.

  10. I was making a left turn down a one way street.. The guy on a bike came off the side walk and infront of my car going down the wrong way.. It was raining and dark and I barely had seen him.. I flashed my brights and gave him a what the hell are you doing double palm up, shoulder shrug.. I call it the double, is it raining pose.. He then screamed "fuuuuuuuuuck you at me" And so began our wonderful interaction.


    I totally feel for you...

    Several years ago, I actually ran over a bicyclist who was riding on the sidewalk from the wrong direction. He sued me for $1m in damages (he wasn't that damaged as he was able to get up and start throwing punches as me). Because I was exiting a parking complex onto a street that would only allow me to turn left (he came from the right), the lawsuit was found in my favor.


    Holy! Thank goodness!!!


    I once got hit by a bicyclist while I was walking - delivery guy who was riding against traffic and going through a light. I was knocked down - not hurt, but really angry. I got up and chased him down the street, grabbed the back of his seat and then realized that I was half his size and promptly let go of his seat.


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