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    The last time I went to Hearth, I ordered the gnocchi but they had just served the last that they had. Somehow, they managed to come up with more gnocchi for me with a light butter sauce instead of what it was originally intended to come with (It was probably this portion of the dish that they had run out of - I can't remember what it was since I didn't eat it). I thought this was a nice combination of a friendly kitchen and good service.
  2. spaetzle

    Ssam Bar

    I always pronounce it "schpetzel". As in pretzel. That is just plain incorrect. The correct pronunciation is shpetz-leh. It does not rhyme with pretzel. Whatever. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/spaetzle Look at the second pronunciation - it is given as shpet-suhl Then look at: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/pretzel pronunciation is given as: pret-suhl Feel free to rhyme these anytime you like. -Spaetzle a.k.a Shpet-suhl
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    Ssam Bar

    I always pronounce it "schpetzel". As in pretzel. That is just plain incorrect. The correct pronunciation is shpetz-leh. It does not rhyme with pretzel. Whatever.
  4. spaetzle

    Casa Mono

    Funny, I had the mushrooms a long time ago and there was a ton of garlic on them. I stayed away from the mushrooms for a while as a result and then 2 weeks ago, I felt like I really wanted a boat load of garlic. I ordered the mushrooms, and absolutely no garlic was on them.
  5. spaetzle


    My sister and I frequently visit Cookshop for the superb brunch... I always enjoy the fritters as an app, and the trout with grits is sensational - I highly recommend both of these dishes.
  6. I scored between 40 and 70. Shy, but good at hiding it.
  7. My high school did this musical when I was in 10th grade. I was Lady Gwendolyn. I participated because I thought that it would help me get over my shyness. It didn't.
  8. spaetzle


    I tried to go on Friday around 8, but it was an absolute mob scene. Too bad - I looked it up on menupages and I was really looking forward to the dates wrapped in bacon, padron peppers, croquetas and patatas bravas. Satisfied my craving for 3 out of the 4 tapas at Tia Pol where it only took 25 minutes to get a seat at the bar. Has anyone been there in an evening when it isn't packed? Like, would I have better luck going at 6pm or would it be the same story?
  9. spaetzle

    Tia Pol

    I've been loving the chorizo with chocolate and safron. So yummy. The patatas bravas are unbeatable and I love the gernika peppers. The white asparagus is delicately delicious. The croquetas are pretty good too. I've generally sat at the bar and its a pretty tight squeeze on uncomfortable stools, but the food is so good it's worth it and the bar staff is very sweet. This is becoming one of my favorite places. -spaetzle
  10. spaetzle

    Ssam Bar

    I always pronounce it "schpetzel". As in pretzel. It probably all depends on which central european country you are eating it in, though... Except in hungary, it's "nokedli" or "galuska"
  11. spaetzle

    Ssam Bar

    I went on Sunday night (late night menu) for a healthy, light dinner/snack. I had the apple salad with lychee, lychee gelee and peanuts. So crisp, light and refreshing. The squid salad was exceptional as well. I sampled the fried cauliflower, mackeral salad on toast, rice-tots (like tater tots, but made from rice) with a mild dipping sauce and some bread and butter (not just ordinary bread and butter though - sullivan street bakery ciabatta and some beautiful Italian(?) butter). All of these were absolutely amazing, especially the cauliflower and the mackeral salad. I noticed a fe
  12. spaetzle


    I love the orechiette special. I love it so much it sometimes interferes with me trying something new... Dinner at the bar is great. The bartenders are so sweet and they know their stuff.
  13. spaetzle


    It was Desmond who seemed to remember Locke's speech before it actually happened. Hurley is the only person who is aware of Desmond remembering something that only happened in the future. Desmond has nice legs.
  14. Pim, I've been looking for a pair like this to replace my old Esprit ones - thanks so much for pointing them out... I like that they come in 30" length as I'm short. And cheap is always good for jeans - I am so over the whole 170 dollar thing for a plain pair of jeans just because they have a not so exciting or fancy squiggle on the back pockets For black pants - has anyone tried the editor cut from Express? I have 5 pairs. I live in those. And the publicist cut is really good during days where I'm feeling a bit "curvier".
  15. I'm curious about the Laura Mercier - I've been wanting to try liquid liner for a while Thanks for the rec!
  16. 40 minutes on the stair master, interval training, level 8. Then, 20 minutes on the elliptical, level 11. Did that on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Walked home from work nearly every night (2.5 miles) schlepping a heavy bookbag. I've got to get some weights into my routine. Or yoga. Sunday, Walked from (Cookshop) 10th avenue and 20th street to Clinton and Houston, back to 10th avenue and 22nd street (Tia Pol) and then wove between 10th, 9th and 8th avenues in the high teens, low 20s for an hour while waiting for a seat at Tia Pol. Then I walked uptown to the 80s. Basically, I spend
  17. I like plain old anti-bacterial cetaphyl soap. I only use moisturizer in the dead of winter - eucerin. For makeup, I use Erno-Laszlo. The "normalizer-shake it" is a liquid but has a powdery finish when it dries so I don't consider it to be a foundation. It's pricey, but it makes my pores small and I've never broken out from it out so I think it's worth it. I'm looking for eyeliner that won't smudge. Any recommendations?
  18. Have you tried jeans at Express? I find their waist to thigh ratio more comfortable than that of jeans from the Gap. If anyone has any interest in skinny jeans, I found a great pair on Avenue B and 12th street. The name of the store escapes me, but it's on the West side of Avenue B and the window displays are always done very nicely. the fabric is pre-shrunk and then the waist has twelve rows of decorative stitching that also has the useful function of preventing the waist from stretching out after one wear. The waist is also higher in the back. The brand is called "Suzette Sundae", nam
  19. spaetzle


    I'm in love with Hurley. He has a sweet smile. I have girl crushes on Kate (she also won't return my calls) and Sun. I think I'd rather just continue like this... Just let all the love seep out slowly... I'm on the love path...
  20. spaetzle


    I'm also in love with Mr. Eko. He took a vow of silence and that's sexy.
  21. spaetzle


    Desmond is the guy who brought the plane down because he didn't press the button. I love him. I also love Sayid.
  22. spaetzle


    I think I may have developed some feelings for Desmond. And Jack. His tattoos are hot. Mathew Fox won't return my calls though...
  23. Atleast you don't need a knife or a fork to eat the brussel sprouts with kimchi! I had them last weekend and they were as fantastic as they had been last year. The service was great - they were pouring my drink before I even sat down!
  24. spaetzle

    Ssam Bar

    This time we missed each other by a day, Omni! I tried the spring rolls - absolutely amazing - and the fried oysters which were scrumptious with the kimchi accompaniement. All went very well with a bubbly (or two). Is the tripe the same as what is at the other place? I've had it there -such a warm spicyness - yummy... I think there may be an anchor steam, pork sausage or veal head terrine in my near future... The service and the chefs were friendly. Perfect food night. -spaetzle
  25. spaetzle

    Ssam Bar

    Nuxvomica - we must have just passed each other in the street on Monday I walked by around 11 too, hankering for some small plates. I guess those guys need a day off sometimes -spaetzle
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