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  1. I eat at Lupa regularly. My favorite is the orechiette special with the pork sausage and whatever greens they are using that night. The braised escarole is the best in town.


    I always sit at the bar and receive excellent, friendly service there. Sometimes it can take a while to be seated though, but that is a factor of the crowd of people waiting to be served - not the actual service.

  2. I was in last Thursday and asked one of the cooks a question about my dish. He responded politely - no problem there.


    That evening, my buns were a bit cold. First time that's happened to me. No big deal though - I still liked them. It's also possible that they had been there in front of me for a while before I noticed them.... :) I really, really enjoyed the chard and the oysters that I ordered. Overall, some great summer food.

  3. Was at Momofuku again this weekend. I had a huge cold last week and was in need of the kimchi stew. It was like magic: After I finished 3 quarters of the bowl, poof! Sinus congestion cleared! Kimchi stew totally beats out chicken noodle soup!

  4. I went last night around 8:45 and there was no problem getting a seat. From reading the descriptions in this thread and looking at the menu on line, I had been all set to order the chocobubbles and the voyage to India but then found that the menu had changed. Will said that this is his spring/summer menu.


    Here is the new menu:


    The glasses (9$ ea)


    pina colada - coco cola with pine nut nougatine

    ice ice cafe - cold passion and nibs earth

    sangria - white peaches and herb

    like a "bellini williams" - pear, honey


    The tastings (12$ ea)

    pique nique springtemps - "panache", pomelo, rhubarb, crumble

    something about chocolate - financier, creme prise, air, ice cream

    /red (homage gagnaire) - raspberry, beet, hibiscus jello, vanilla parfait

    /PACK: pistachio, apricot, cerises, kirsch - moelleux, sorbet, confiture, sabayon


    Alternatives (prices vary)

    not another cheese plate, "per se" - hochibrieg, abbaye citeaux, taleggio, bleu (14$)

    small ovens - cereal, guimauve, pate de fruit redux, lollypops (8$)



    In order to really save "room", I skipped dinner and went straight to "Room 4 Dessert". The something about chocolate tempted me and Will suggested the pina colada for an additional, fresh taste.


    The pina colada was composed of three layers: the top was a lovely pineapple flavored ice cream that was neither too creamy nor too icy. I would say that it was a slightly creamier sorbet. I tend to not be too into fruit flavored ice creams but I really enjoyed this and it would be perfect on a really hot summer day. Beneath the ice cream was a powder that looked like confectioners sugar but tasted like a pina colada. As the powder got wet from the melting ice cream, it turned into a foamy kind of liquid that somehow did not seep into the layer below unless I forced it with my spoon. I was not so into the bottom layer. I don't really know what it was, but it had the texture of a chunky apple sauce and the taste was a little bit astringent.


    The chocolate tasting was very nice. The ice cream was probably one of the best chocolate ice creams i've ever had. There were some little crunchies below the scoop of ice cream which were a pleasant textural surprise. The chocolate taste from the ice cream was strong so I couldn't really isolate the taste of these little crunches. The "air" component was this almost weightless, foamy chocolate - very mellow. The "creme prise" was similar in taste to a really good hot chocolate and similar in texture to the "air" but with a slight bit more moisture and a little bit slicker on the tongue. This was okay - a little bit too sweet for me. My favorite part of the chocolate tasting was the financier. A little chocolate cake with a pool of olive oil in the center and some salt which is one of my favorite dessert combinations.


    Overall, I'd say it was a pleasant experience: the desserts were interesting, Will was pleasant and friendly, the atmosphere was pretty relaxed. If I go again, I don't know if I'd approach it in the same way. I think I enjoy savory food too much and afterwards, I felt like I missed out on dinner. I walked uptown a little to try out some small plates at Degustation (which was FABULOUS - too bad at this point I only had enough room for 2 dishes!). The perfect evening would be to start off with 4 small plates at Degustation and then go a few blocks down to Room 4 Dessert for one of the tastings desserts.



  5. At Casa Mono, I've only sat at the open kitchen and somehow that feels very spacious to me. The tables do look a bit claustrophobic. I've gotten there at 6 on a Saturday with no wait for a seat at the open kitchen and I've gone at 9 on weekdays and have had to wait for as long as a half hour.


    My favorite dishes there are the skirt steak and the duck egg with mojama. I've gotten those as main dishes. For smaller plates my favorite is the pumpkin and goat cheese croquettes.


    I just tried the duck egg last week and while it's excellent, I wouldn't rate it as high as the steak. It must be over a month at this point, but I'm still thinking about this steak. The romesco is probably the best that I've ever had and the onion marmalade has just the right level of sweetness. The overall blend of flavors is amazing.


    I've never had sweetbreads before and on a different thread, Omnivorette recommended I try them at Casa Mono. How large is the sweetbreads dish? I'm thinking I'm going to need to get the steak again - hopefully I'll be able to fit both the steak and the sweetbreads ;)


    If Casa Mono has Bar Jamon's marinated sardines, maybe I'll do that as an appetizer - thanks for the recommendation Daisy! :lol:

  6. Thanks for the recommendations! So funny - I'm about to post on the Casa Mono thread! :lol: I've been debating for a while about whether my first try of sweetbreads should be at Casa Mono or Momofuku!!


    Thanks for the recommendation - I'll keep you posted.


    Where is Ali's?



  7. Hey,


    This is my first post on Mouthfuls! :lol:


    Momofuku is one of my favorite restaurants because it serves quality food in a very relaxed environment. Whenever I realize that there is nothing in my fridge that's going to hit the spot, I love that I can just go to Momofuku (and wait for a little bit), no reservation necessary and just eat something great at the counter. It's really such an easy going, low-key way to have amazing food.


    The dishes that I've had so far: pork/chicken/shitake buns, dumplings, smoked chicken wings, razor clams with eggplant or sausage, baby tatsoi, tripe, mustard greens, rice cakes, the famous grits dish, the corn dish (kind of like the fraternal twin of the grits), the brussels sprouts with kimchi puree, pig tails, masa cakes, kimchi stew, tsukemen, momofuku ramen, pork neck ramen, chicken and egg and the oxtail soup.


    For me, the standouts are the mustard greens and the brussels sprouts (two of my favorite vegetable dishes), shitake buns (yummy!), kimchi stew (sweet from the onions, spicy, beautiful pork, some coin shaped rice cakes for chewyness - I love to have this when I have a cold) and the oxtail soup (the best broth I've ever had). The smoked chicken and egg is also incredible. The roasted rice cakes dish is great too, but I found it a little overwhelming to eat it by myself. I recommend sharing those rice cakes, as the flavor, although wonderful, may become a little repetitive. I've enjoyed the grits as sort of a breakfasty dish. It's true - lots of shrimp in that one. I haven't had the experience of tough bacon in that dish - usually it does lean towards the toothsome side, but that's what I'd expect from a thick cut of bacon.


    The first (and only) time I'd ever had pig tails was at Momofuku and while the flavor was pleasant, I found them to be too bony and I felt like I was fighting with my dinner, but that is a factor of the tail meat rather than the cooking or preparation. The masa cakes dish has a beautiful texture. The red-eye gravy is so smooth and just a perfect thickness - the poached egg makes it all the more voluptuous and the corn cakes have a very nice grainyness that absorbs the gravy and egg well. But out of the many dishes I've had there, this is the only dish at Momofuku that I've ever found to be too salty for me, so I'm wondering if that saltiness came from the cured ham in the dish (maybe that would also affect the salt level in the red-eye gravy?) rather than a cook adding too much additional salt....


    I've read some posts on this thread about the sweetbreads. I've never had sweetbreads before - do you think that Momofuku is a good place to try them for the first time?

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