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  1. I will go to Brooklyn to eat. Usually Park Slope or Prospect Heights and they are both a pain for me to get to, but I find Franny's or Al Di La to be worth it.
  2. I live on the UES and almost never eat out there and so I "travel" no matter where I eat. I prefer to eat in the East Village because then it's just a straight walk up after dinner and if I get tired I can just hop on a bus. I also enjoy the vibe of the East Village, so it becomes preferable for me for more than one reason. I will eat outside of the East Village for restaurants that I really enjoy. Tia Pol for example. I can't remember the last time I ate in Murray Hill or the UWS.
  3. Civilian? You mean someone who is not a guerrilla restaurant "critic"?
  4. Wait a minute. You mean we weren't on a date????
  5. spaetzle


    I have to confess. English was my first language.
  6. spaetzle


    I own all flour companies across the globe, but don't tell anyone. 6 whole eggs, beaten frothy 3 cups of sifted flour 1 cup of milk 3 tablespoons of butter or margarine 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg (opt.) Salt to taste Boiling salt water With electric mixer beat flour a little at a time into the egg mixture. Add salt and nutmeg. Or nutmeg can be left out and sprinkled on after mixture is cooled. Beat in milk a little at a time. Beat until well blended, about 5 minutes. Mixture can be put into a pastry bag and dropped into boiling water. Cook and stir about 5 minutes; drain. Ca
  7. spaetzle


    This place sounds great. I'm going to have to go and shill for it. Edit: I'm making fun of how Nathan calls me a shill - not teasing anyone else.
  8. Um. Uh. I can't deny that once, while walking "west", I crossed 7th avenue 3 times.
  9. Even the the FWV is on a grid, I can't go to Perry Street because I'm coming from the east side and I'll just get lost before I get to the FWV.
  10. Let me clarify: I think it's a very BAD practice. Oakapple, unlike Sneakeater, I don't like that you did that. And for the record, I realized extremely late in the game that the people at Ssam Bar knew who I was. I was naive and I was extremely uncomfortable that they did figure out who I was. Very, very uncomfortable. I can't even express how strangely I feel about it, but please take me at my word that it does feel strange.
  11. A lot of people here have become regulars at the Momofuku restaurants. Naturally, as would be the case at any restaurant, the staff get to know their regulars personally. For the record, I never tell anyone in the restaurant industry (including Momofuku) anything about my handle, nor do I offer any information about anyone else. If someone figures it out on their own, that can't be helped. But I'd rather not have a link between myself and my online identity volunteered and I don't think that is a very good practice in general.
  12. Actually, the waiter recited the cocktail list to me. I didn't see a paper list anywhere.
  13. As far as ambiance, I thought that elements of the decor were attractive, but I didn't understand these elements all together. When I see wainscotting, I think of new england and fish and chips. The leather banquettes evoked a plush mid century hotel bar. The red cloth covered, hanging lights seemed very 90s to me. Each element on its own is attractive but seemed odd all together. I don't really care about any of this though. That risotto with spring peas and smoked bacon rocked my world. I also didn't enjoy the view of the garage, but I can't even begin to imagine the difficulties
  14. It was outstanding and upstanding.
  15. Last night, I joined Sneakeater for dinner at Sheridan Square. I also had the foie ravioli appetizer and Sneakeater describes it wonderfully. I will only add my own "Mmmmmmm" to the description and my praise for an extremely fragrant and beautiful dish. The entire menu was appealing but I opted for two appetizers instead of a main course, in addition to the foie ravioli appetizer. The quail with spring pea risotto and smoked bacon was extremely good (I mean, it did have smoked bacon!!!). This dish is in the appetizer portion of the menu, but I found that it contained more protein
  16. spaetzle


    Last night, I enjoyed some olive oil, salted caramel and guinness gelato with warmed chocolate sauce. I enjoyed both the gelato and the combination of flavors. I will need to try the rhubarb coppetta very soon.
  17. spaetzle

    Tia Pol

    I just had an amazing soft shell crab special the other night. Perfectly fried and served with a ramp aioli and pickled ramps. That's interesting news about the chef! I look forward to trying the food wherever she is going next.
  18. spaetzle

    Momofuku Ko

    Stone's reviews of Ko make me want to hop a plane and just wait around the city till I can snag a reservation. If only... Stone's reviews of Ko make me hope he can get a reservation any time he wants. I haven't laughed that hard in a while!!!
  19. I tripped stepping off of the curb the other day, fell flat onto second avenue, ripped both knees of my pants and totally scraped my knees, my ankle and the palms of both hands. My knees are now covered in scabs and black and blue marks. Attractive. But I'm lucky that there were no cars coming at the time...
  20. spaetzle

    Robert Asprin

    I think I remember the Myth series. Were there "Pervs" in it? Is this the "Myth I.N.C" series? It's been about 20 years... If I'm remembering correctly Robert Asprin contributed to some "Elf Quest" short story anthologies that I enjoyed when I was very young. Very sad... R.I.P
  21. In 6th grade: I misspelled queasy(sp?) in the spelling bee. But I spelled Czechoslovakia correctly in the European countries and capitals contest. This was after I spelled Tennessee wrong (left off the last 'e') in the states and capitals contest (last girl standing though!)
  22. Full disclosure: I really enjoy almonds.
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