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  1. Wow. You're wound pretty tight there, bro. Calm down. It's a GAME.
  2. Wow, he sure does. I've found this series to be so axiety-enducing and frustrating to watch. I think the phrase "brains over 'Bron" is rather poignant for Cleveland right now. They need to focus on working as a TEAM and distribute the responsibility, scoring, and confidence evenly throughout the roster. One man cannot defeat five men in a league of this caliber. It doesn't matter who the 5 are, or who the 1 is, it just isn't realistic. I guess that if Cleveland can surprise Orlando by not relying so heavily on LeBron and making him a PIECE (albeit it a large one) of their puzzle, and
  3. Huh. I'm surprised so many people found the visuals to be THAT disturbing. I mean, I found it harsh, but certainly not as bad as some films. I think I'm becoming emotionless, jaded, and generally a heartless bastard. Alternatively, I found the film disturbing on a personal level, because as someone mentioned in this thread, it's easy to draw parallels to experiences (bad ones) in my own life. THAT was what made me uncomfortable watching the film. It was a great movie, though. Regardless of what the emotions were, it is pretty rare that a film draws so many of them out in me, and
  4. awbrig


    Wow. That's pretty fucking stunning, Soba. You too Daniel. Great job!
  5. HOLY SHIT. What an unbelievable shot by LeBron. The kid is just fucking brilliant. I was resigned to being pissed off and playing the sympathy-sex card, but that buzzer-beater ruined my fun. Great game too. The entire playoffs have been a real treat to watch this year! Video: Clicky. (skip ahead to about 30 seconds remaining)
  6. Chicken-fried! I also like them browned in cider and roasted a la rockdoggy. I also like cutting a relatively deep slit along the side and stuffing some prosciutto, a wedge of tallegio cheese and a few basil leaves, then pan-searing in olive oil, and finishing in the oven.
  7. awbrig


    BBQ'd Angus beef hot dogs, Chicago-style. Homemade tortilla chips with a homemade tomatillo salsa. Char-grilled corn with chili-lime butter. Lots of Corona with lime wedges. Watermelon sorbet.
  8. awbrig


    Pizza Carbonarra - lots of pancetta, olive oil and parmesan cheese, lots of freshly cracked pepper, and a sprinkly of roasted garlic. Topped with a poached egg and some chopped parsley. Watercress salad with pears, prosciutto, grana padano and my "inside out vinaigrette" made with black olive oil and white balsamic.
  9. Fuck. Good game, though. The Magic sure can shoot that 3-pointer! 49 for LeBron in a loss? He can't do it alone.
  10. awbrig


    Roasted asparagus and morels, turbot, mushroom-soy & shitake broth. Pickled shallots. Lime sorbet and gingersnaps for dessert.
  11. awbrig

    The Bruni Thread

    Oakapple: so, are you a fan of Bruni or not? You defend him (and EVERYTHING negative written about the guy) yet you seem critical of him rather often as well. I get the impression that the only criticsm you allow of Bruni needs to be spawned from your own mind. That isn't really fair. And I don't mean this to be combative, just an observation I've had that continues to bewilder me (easy to do, I admit).
  12. Oh no doubt! He is one of my favorite players in the league. I like his modesty. The Cleveland/Orlando series is a match-up I've been craving in the Eastern Conference Finals. Should make for some exciting ball. I'm gonna say Cleveland in 6.
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