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  1. Omni, where are you? I too am of the camp that believes black tie is for after 5, or since it is summer, 7. You guys are right that the crowd always looks disjointed in dress terms. Tamar, you can't go wrong with a fancy cocktail dress and some jewelry. This has struck one of my pet peeves--people throwing weddings who make it difficult for their guests.
  2. Black tie optional is annoying. I agree with you--I cannot imagine wearing an eveningn gown at 3 pm. You could wear a snazzy suit or a fancy cocktail dress and be absolutely fine. I cannot think of any other places as those suggestions are good. Anthropologie? You might check bluefly.com. They also have a store in SoHo.
  3. Yes. Bring a jacket and a dressy to work pair of shoes. You don't need opera slippers but flip flops are not okay for men in most places. Depends where you are going, of course. But you cannot go wrong with a pair of decent jeans or khakis, and a pressed shirt. Polos are fine too.
  4. MyKong


    been there. and been there again; fear it something you must do for the sake of other important things.
  5. I think I posted about my meal here-went 2 yrs ago. Thanks, RP.
  6. Semi-hard, wonderful subtle nutty flavor. A very nice goat cheese, and a change of pace. Bought this at Fairway the other day.
  7. How could they miss the Farmer's Diner?
  8. I don't know if it's the capital, but Burlington, VT is rather crunchy. And it is a wonderful place.
  9. Kim, are you sure it wasn't Dal Mahkani? (sp?). Butter, spices... can be very good. It is pretty well known that scents sell and attract. Why else do we wear perfume? Gordon, it's really ok, I understand your sensitivity--your mom sounds like a super mom--house smelling of fresh linen... My parents are in the art biz and had an art gallery on the 1st floor of the the house I grew up in which was an 1842 story sprawl with 14 foot ceilings and large iron framed windows--the kind you see in SoHO today. So paint thinner, clay, kilm, freshly sawed wood are a few of the smells I associate w
  10. You're tripping. I filled out the form in 3 minutes and put it in the pre-paid envelope. I thought one had to have a receipt. But this is good to know.
  11. This happened to me recently; just bought another 30 day card as it wasn't worth the trouble.
  12. MyKong


    I had a little of the sambhar with the vada; it was thick,evenly and nicely flavored. Quite a change from the usual watery, oily sambhar one gets in restaurants. I didn't see any drumsticks, though. We should have gotten the onion rava dosa.
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