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  1. I had my second Pfizer injection this past Saturday. First shot I had a sore arm, about like a tetanus booster, for about 36 hours otherwise no symptoms. Second shot I had a sore arm (although I have a tendon issue in that shoulder so it is hard to tell how badly) and felt a little dragged after working outside all afternoon that night but was back to normal on Sunday. I had a mid-level bout of Covid in early October with no long term issues. Perhaps whatever antibodies I'm still producing were protective from symptom standpoint. I've also heard that many in my age group (mid-50s) seem to
  2. Does he have a new mom?
  3. Not that interested in a discussion about the politics of veganism (and I don't think you can be a vegan and not be making a religious or political statement). I am interested in how you worked through the transition from omnivorous to vegan in your personal cooking (as opposed to the restaurant). Do you find yourself making facsimiles of dishes that contain meat/dairy because of familiarity? Or do you start with recipes that are vegan and then jump off from there?
  4. I thought his model includes poll "quality" which is their attempt to deal with bias (as well as poor sample size, live polling, etc.).
  5. I think that Nate Silver is only as good as the data and the data isn't very good. I also don't think the collective is very good at digesting his analysis. Except, maybe, in relation to sports.
  6. My brother brought their first record home on the day it was released in 1978 (I was 11) and played it over and over and over again. I have a soft spot in my heart for that album because I hadn't heard anything much like it at that time and the songs and the white guy swagger are burned in my memory.
  7. I think I wouldn't worry about it. I'm also a middle aged homeowner and have planted, divided, and re-planted many hostas in poor soil and they always seems to do just fine.
  8. We have one of these. To season I just oiled up the whole thing relatively lightly (both sides) and threw it in the oven and then reapplied a thin coat after about an hour and then back in the oven for a second hour.
  9. It may not be high enough fidelity for you but the Sonos Connect has analog audio in and an A/D that allows you to basically put your analog source out to all of the other appliances that are part of your system (speakers, amplifiers, etc). We have the Connect with an TOSLINK optical output to our receiver and then our turntable is wired to the analog in of the same Connect. So when we throw on an album we are actually listening to it streamed back to the receiver (and probably also have the kitchen speakers on). We are clearly losing some sound quality but aren't really listening in the way t
  10. Yeah. I agree with that. But the ability to easily interface with the equipment that powers those good speakers is worth a look.
  11. Are you saying that the way that Sonos delivers audio from the source (files in your library, streaming, etc.) is flawed for an audiophile? Because there are Sonos appliances that have optical outputs for connection to whatever audio system you have (so you aren't dependent on an inexpensive DAC). I understand that the Sonos bookshelf speakers might not sound like what you want, but as a way to put together a mutli-room system with differing level of discerning users I would say that it is pretty hard to beat. (By the way, we hated our Orbi network. Too glitchy and laggy. Fought with
  12. We haven't had a vegetable garden since we moved into this house nearly four years ago. This stay at home period got all of us excited to try to grow some vegetables this year. Our only spot that gets really good sun will require containers so we ordered a bunch of EarthBox containers which will hopefully arrive in a couple of weeks. We will plant tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, radishes, beets, carrots, and possibly more. Will also have herbs going. When we were out in the woods on Mothers' Day we found several huge, vigorous stands of ramps and so we harvested a couple of dozen, get
  13. Had this wine (don't remember the vintage) at a restaurant here this past winter. Really liked it a lot.
  14. Some thoughts about exposure from deliveries
  15. There are definitely still some great bars in Milwaukee. Almost all of them outside of downtown in the neighborhoods. For example, great bar that has the oldest sanctioned bowling alley is still open and has handset pins (Holler House) and the bar is great. It has been a long time since I've been to any of them. Madison is small and compact and has decent food and a pretty spectacular farmers' market around the square on Saturdays (go very early if you actually want to shop as opposed to wander in a crowd). Nice university campus to walk around.
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