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  1. As a New York City native, was it too soon?
  2. You need solar with a Powerwall (or something less Elon). If you wait until later this year you could go with a hydrogen generation / storage system.
  3. Chowhound was my original way in to search for, and often find, great restaurants while traveling in the very late 1990s and first half of the 2000s. It served me well. There's no way I would do this but it would be interesting to go back through the threads of some of the early days.
  4. SLBunge


    Went to LA to see Herbie Hancock perform at the DIsney Concert Hall on Sunday night. Sort of a bucket list thing since neither of us had seen him perform live. This is a fan video of the encore (decent sound). Rocking the keytar at 81 is pretty incredible. The show was great. James Genus (bass), Elena Pinderhuges (flute, vocals), Lionel Loueke (guitar), Terrace Martin (sax and synth/vocal effects), Trevor Lawrence Jr. (drums).
  5. I read this very quickly and at first thought you were being offered a seat IN the walk-in.
  6. It seems like they must have hired a publicist because there are mainstream news outlets carrying a story about how the servers mining cryptocurrency in Texas were being "shut down" to reduce demand on the grid during the current bout of winter weather.
  7. Well...my wife was born when her mom was 17. So more like a half of a generation.
  8. Agree with the cinematography and the aspect ratio being very effective. I think the set design was wonderful as well.
  9. In a strange coincidence, she was a close high school friend of my wife's mother in St Louis during the late 1960s. Donna Roosman who married Duane Allman (they had a daughter together) was in the same class and also a good friend.
  10. Not sure why it took us so long but we finally watched this over the weekend. Extraordinary. And I would pick a similar list of favorites but all of the performances were great. I loved the man who was interviewed who said that he and his friends were "suit guys" until Sly took the stage. As I searched for comments about the film in here I sort of half-assumed I would see a comment from @Sneakeater that he attended all of the performances.
  11. SLBunge

    Norm Macdonald

    So many laughs. Gone too soon.
  12. Interesting to reread Anthony Bourdain's 21 year old piece about cooking at Les Halles. So much of what he wrote about that was fresh and exciting at the time is so well understood and overexposed now. One Day and One Night in Hell's Kitchen
  13. Actually, Ted Drewe's is good but Kopp's frozen custard in the Milwaukee suburbs is better.
  14. I can't tell the difference between non-indigenous Canadian food and non-indigenous American food. (Or perhaps between n-i Canadian and n-i Minnesotan-American food. It's all rutabaga, burgers, casseroles, and fruit pies.)
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