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  1. Suggestions on brine for a 25 Lb pig we are roasting in a La Caja tomorrow? 8 hours enough time? Sugar, Salt and Water? Thyme? What about recipes for a sauce? Anyone have a foolproof sauce?
  2. May have stumbled upon a gem last night. Had an early dinner at Olympic Pita (very good but the bill adds up way too quickly) and then went to meet some friends (pre-Wilco show) for a drink at a new place called The Zipper Tavern. Nice, homey spot on a block that seems impervious to Manhattan's building boom - 37th between 8th and 9th. The restaurant is part of a theatre with the same name. Checked out the menu and was surprised when the bartender told us the chef makes most of the sausage, mustard and sauerkraut on premises. Absolutely stuffed to the gills, we ordered light; Niman Ranch kiel
  3. eatpie

    15 East

    Had dinner with a party of 4 at 815 last night. Floor manager was exceptionally knowledgable and walked us through the Sake offerings and menu. Service, although lovely and attentive was quite slow. Took over 30 minutes to receive our hot appetizers. Common occurence or a little glitch? We started with the Kakiage which is a riff on latkes (with shrimp) - it was dry, flavorless and the only major miss of the night. The Kakiage which were julienned raw potatos in a smoky broth is a must try on your next visit. Fresh thin soba noodles with Uni alters the mind...how can they make pa
  4. Yup, that is the place; Shanghai Restaurant. Its quiet because #1) they are in a soft opening and #2) they still (as of last week) don't have their liquor license. Owner told me the head chef and part of management is from the upper east side's Shanghai Pavillion. I did try their juicy buns on my "fly by" - they were good. Broth wasn't as fatty as I prefer but Id order them again. Ill hit it this weekend and report back.
  5. New, very interesting Chinese spot in soft opening on the east side of 3rd Ave, just north of the Rodeo Bar (27th?). I grabbed a take out menu the other day, tons of very interesting selections - ambitious and authentic (at least on paper). Looks like they sunk a lot of $ into the renovation. I only saw the ground floor but it appears to be 3 levels, highly styled. Will try this weekend and report back...
  6. eatpie

    Ssam Bar

    Weird, Im pretty sure the NYTimes already reviewed it, no? I haven't read this whole thread but if the sweetbreads have not been raved about...let the raving begin. Best Ive ever had...simply grilled, fatty perfection.
  7. Oops, friend just told me it's from the APT folks and highly stylized. Not sure but doubtful its a food destination spot.
  8. Has anyone tried Tillman's at 165 W 26th St? High end Soul Food spot Ive heard some rumblings about.
  9. We had a fun jewish x-mas at Amazing 66. I was with some non-chowish friends so dish selection was pretty conservative. Highlights were spare ribs, lobster w/lo mein Under Neath (as spelled on menu), Flounder w/pork on top, chicken w/fried garlic and soy sauce. All were quite good. The pork, ginger, green onions and egg sauce under the lobster was exceptional. Couple duds were the salt baked pork cutlets w/chiles and the salt baked squid and scallops. Looking forward to a return visit w/some more adventurous friends...
  10. Had dinner with Ali on Monday night in Chinatown. Went to Hop Lee on Mott St. Very good meal. Highlight was a steamed live chicken w/aged ham. Other notable dishes included razor and another type of clam in a black bean sauce, fried oysters, fried halibut, shrimp stuffed peppers. We ate with one of the main seafood purveyors in Chinatown. He mentioned a positive buzz about a new place located at 66 Mott St. Looking forward to checking it out.
  11. eatpie


    Had a disappointing meal there last week. Loud, cramped and spotty service. Menu reads great but with the exception of a wonderful fresh pasta app with a decadently creamy sauce (robbiola?) and chanterelles, I was underwhelmed. A $17 special squab app was enemic with a melange of too sweet fruits, a $20+ plate of suckling pig was so tough I sent it back and the cauliflower side so overcooked I was looking for my grandmother in the kitchen. Im over this place.
  12. eatpie


    So funny. Im in LA today for work. Eating in Sasabune for lunch. Im a huge fan of the la outpost. One of my favorite restaurants in California. Omni, get your upper east side tushy over there pronto. Sasabune is the real deal.
  13. eatpie

    Noodle Bar

    Wowza, feels good to be back on this site. The man has me chained to the desk - but it's Saturday - Im free. On a couple of friend's recommendations I checked out Noodle Bar today. Strange but can't find anything on it here on Mouthfuls. Is that possible? 26 Carmine, right next to 28 Carmine pizza joint. I was solo so ordered only a few things. Meal was pretty good but Im guessing there's gold in them dar hills. Started with a Taro crusted shrimp spring roll that was nothing short of spectacular. Incredibly light taro shell, tasty, slightly fishy moist filling. A definite must-h
  14. eatpie

    BBQ NYC 2006

    Anyone have 1 extra ticket for the BBQ-NYC event on Sat?
  15. eatpie


    Oddly enough, as "Heat" progresses one of the main characters (Maestro) spends 2 full pages describing why Chianina cows are no longer desirable for their meat. In short, they no longer work the fields which gave their meat an unusually firm texture and lean consistency. That said, Ill give Cesar the benefit of the doubt.
  16. eatpie


    Heat, which is a pretty entertaining read has a large section dedicated to a Tuscan butcher - Dario. He is the same man that trained Batali's father. Chianina cows also play a large part. Wonder if the beef will be coming from Dario's shop? According to the book, people travel from all over the world to get his cuts and he is selective in whom he sells to.
  17. $250 per table. from what i heard, 4 are sold.
  18. Had some people over the place and smuggled some anejo into the park in an ice tea container. Beers at the show were pretty lousy. Wish I could read and post more but "the man" has me on a tight leash nowadays. Working my tail off lately. Going to try Rack and Soul tonight against everyones better judgement. Will post tomorrow if anything is edible.
  19. Hi all. Thanks for the tips and Omni, thanks for taking the wheel. Manu Chao ended up playing very late so we decided on a liquid dinner (oops). At the time it seemed like a good idea. Today, maybe not. ll save this list for the next PP show. Thanks again.
  20. eatpie

    Fried chicken

    Who made you the boss of fried chicken?
  21. BTW, Steven is potentially my fave waiter in nyc. We became friends while he worked at Giorgione. Such an easy going, lovely guy. Im actually trying Bette on Sat partially just to hang out with him.
  22. eatpie

    Fried chicken

    Best hangover cure: 3 piece of Popeye's fried chicken, red beans and rice, mashed potatos, gravy, a biscuit and lots of Barq's..back to bed for 3 hrs - wake up better then ever! Popeyes really does set the standard
  23. Ive never walked by that place when it is not jammed! Quite a fun scene. Im going to hijack your thread because I haven't been on Mouthfuls in sooo long - and Ive lost all my manners. Little Giant ,around the corner has a good vibe, makes excellent drinks and has a nice menu. Berkshire Pork entree is my fave. Bill adds up quickly for their lack of sophistication but I LOVE the vibe and dont mind supporting the place.
  24. I went to Phillipe last week. I can't access the Cuozzo link but Im guessing we shared similar sentiments. What a comedy of errors. One martini shaker for the entire bar, pretentious french waiter who almost got his ass kicked by my 60+ yr old vietnam vet dining partner, $50 Peking Duck entree that was brought whole to the table, taken to the back for carving, then served cold 15 minutes later w/ hoison sauce thicker than honey. Braised squab with white meat? I could go on, but $250 later with our senses of humor entact, we left to undoubtedly never return.
  25. eatpie


    I was there the same night as you. At the table for 10 closest to the stair covering. The reason you did not hear music...there was none. I found this a bit strange in a room this size but like you, Im not complaining. To me, the service was slow and amateur (particular the bussers) but sweet and accomodating. Manager was straight out of a bad 50's gangster movie. Like you, I was surprised how refined and well executed the food was. I also had the Snapper entree. Although my fish was about 1 minute overcooked, the basil broth was tasty without overwhelming the fish. I started with
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