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  1. Cow au vin should be a thing. ( oops I see this is not original )
  2. I have been spending a few days in Sesimbra, a quiet seaside resort near Lisbon which is famous for its seafood restaurants: so yes the seafood and fish are extremely fresh and of excellent quality and very good value but the cooking of the fish is a bit erratic. All of the restaurants have a display of fish on ice and a tank of lobsters, spiny lobsters and crabs, and a charcoal grill out back where some guy does the grilling but if the place is busy or a friend comes by for a chat then your fish is going to be a bit overcooked. The clams and prawns though were always perfect really. By
  3. balex


    No I didn’t : I went at short notice and it was full even though it was not yet anointed.
  4. balex


    There maybe a topic on Nice already? But it's a hard word to search for at least with my limited technical skills. Don't go to Chantecler. A little run down now that the old lady who owned the Negresco has died. The usual sort of natural wine bars are pretty decent: La Part Des Anges is good, and does some decent charcuterie in a very convivial and relaxed atmosphere. La Merenda is excellent: cheap bouchon type place doing uncompromising provençal and niçois dishes: one wine, cash only, no phone. The main courses on my visit were tripe, andouillette and daube provençale, very good
  5. Kadeau looks pretty good , has anyone here been? I am thinking of having one high Nordic meal, Iluka one evening, maybe a wine bar the other.
  6. Estimar was terrific: I thought much better than RdG. We had anchoas, some sauteed clams with sherry, cold red prawns, a whole grilled sole, some salads, chips and patron peppers, rice pudding. Uniformly excellent; the lenguado was superb, smoky from the grill, perfectly cooked to my taste ( but I like it maybe 30s more cooked than some), amazing seafood. And it was about 250 for 2, with a lot of food, with a bottle of cheap but excellent wine. Just missed the pea season but did get some setas perrichicos (St George's mushrooms) at Via Veneto with some underpriced Roumier. Such good foo
  7. Orange wine I think of as just making red wine but with white grapes.
  8. Via Veneto is the Barcelona restaurant with the Wiltonesque atmosphere and I love it
  9. Thanks - I booked Estimar , it does indeed sound what I am looking for. R d G is fine but I don’t like the atmosphere for some reason and the food last time was slightly sub par.
  10. Any opinion on Estimar? I want to go to a seafood place that is not Marea Alta or Rias de Galicia A
  11. Ok, Le Clarence is really pretty good. Very grand , impeccable service, some decent wine at reasonably sane markups. I got the 5 course option, which was quite a lot of food as each course apart from the cheese course was 5 dishes. The cheese was excellent. The food, was not quite cutting edge insanely delicious, but there were a lot of very good things to eat. Only a few genuinely brown dishes. A few mild asian touches (some XO sauce or something that tasted just like it at one point I think). For example the meat course was some quite young lamb, with an anchovy on top, some squid ink ju
  12. Correct ; but I think only the ground floor was in use that evening , at least no one seemed to be going upstairs.
  13. Botanique was a good recommendation Ppois, thanks. Good wine list, very technically correct and delicious food. I had a terrific pigeon with a really first class sauce, perfect cuisson on the crown which had been roasted with smoky herbs, legs kind of confit separately. Something strange about the lighting or the way the tables are laid out though ..
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