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  1. Ardoise A very warm welcome. v
  2. Maybe, in these days of digital cameras, car-owners should just make a habit of taking a photo when they park their car in NY in case of eventualities. v
  3. Do you have any right to a form of appeal in the reviewing process? Just as they made you go through a process of revision? Anyway, what a bummer and how angry-making. I'm sorry. v
  4. Vanessa


    Plans for a French onion soup doused by a friend's over-generous g&t. So, a defrosted Thai red vegetable curry that turned out to contain chicken. Good thing I'm not a veggie v
  5. Giving away your expat status there v I find the destruction of British Rail (bad as it could sometimes be) too painful to contemplate so I will persist in imagining it never happened. Another covertly political post. A very good idea as I can assure you that nobody here understands what has replaced it. v
  6. I'm staggered - a search on abebooks brings up almost more literature by Vazquez Montalban on food than detective novels Time for me to pester the Spaniard. v
  7. OK, so I've still the BA Quintet and Off Side to look forward to - in English that is. Am in the middle of Southern Seas right now. And of course there's the cookbook, the acquisition of which now becomes a priority. I'd forgotten about that sudden death (not that it isn't the best way to go) v
  8. guajalote Could I trouble you to list the Montalban books you have read? I am now on my 4th. Still in hand is a non-Carvalho novel called something like The Pianist. I'm hoping to excavate more from my father's house or retrieve from the neighbour to whom he lent a goodly number. v
  9. Comes from having a foreign language education - I'm annoyingly sensitive to translatese v
  10. At myself and my pathetic forgetfulness: only when seated and biting into my GBK burger this lunchtime did I remember that I had sworn off the place entirely due to 1) the unpleasant slob of a manager who appears to have done away with all the civilised, efficient staff 2) the horrible taste of the beef - couldn't even finish the damn thing v
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