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  1. Ardoise A very warm welcome. v
  2. Maybe, in these days of digital cameras, car-owners should just make a habit of taking a photo when they park their car in NY in case of eventualities. v
  3. Do you have any right to a form of appeal in the reviewing process? Just as they made you go through a process of revision? Anyway, what a bummer and how angry-making. I'm sorry. v
  4. Vanessa


    Plans for a French onion soup doused by a friend's over-generous g&t. So, a defrosted Thai red vegetable curry that turned out to contain chicken. Good thing I'm not a veggie v
  5. Giving away your expat status there v I find the destruction of British Rail (bad as it could sometimes be) too painful to contemplate so I will persist in imagining it never happened. Another covertly political post. A very good idea as I can assure you that nobody here understands what has replaced it. v
  6. I'm staggered - a search on abebooks brings up almost more literature by Vazquez Montalban on food than detective novels Time for me to pester the Spaniard. v
  7. OK, so I've still the BA Quintet and Off Side to look forward to - in English that is. Am in the middle of Southern Seas right now. And of course there's the cookbook, the acquisition of which now becomes a priority. I'd forgotten about that sudden death (not that it isn't the best way to go) v
  8. guajalote Could I trouble you to list the Montalban books you have read? I am now on my 4th. Still in hand is a non-Carvalho novel called something like The Pianist. I'm hoping to excavate more from my father's house or retrieve from the neighbour to whom he lent a goodly number. v
  9. Comes from having a foreign language education - I'm annoyingly sensitive to translatese v
  10. At myself and my pathetic forgetfulness: only when seated and biting into my GBK burger this lunchtime did I remember that I had sworn off the place entirely due to 1) the unpleasant slob of a manager who appears to have done away with all the civilised, efficient staff 2) the horrible taste of the beef - couldn't even finish the damn thing v
  11. Vanessa


    Slices of the world's most beautiful aubergine, salted and left; then wiped and floured; dipped in egg; then in mix of dry breadcrumbs and grated Parmesan; deep-fried. Very good. Also small portion of linguine with a spring onion/garlic/chile/cherry tomato sauce. v
  12. In fact chip butties is what they're called in the UK Never had one myself, more because I'm a southerner and they are a northern thing, than from deliberate avoidance. v p.s. nice to see the renaissance of this thread
  13. Well, the point is that in the UK if you produce organic salmon then you can't take short cuts. Which is why the Irish producers gain. As with many things it is up to the customer here to take care what they are buying. v
  14. The UK produces high quality, organic farmed salmon. Unfortunately, at the moment the market is getting flooded with Irish organic farmed salmon produced to less stringent organic standards and therefore cheaper than UK organic and an appealing shade of pink unlike the pale, almost grey UK organic. v
  15. Marcella Says for $6.50 + shipping from e-bay. Sold as a bookclub edition which doesn't bother me but on receipt I find it is a perfectly bonafide 1st edition And a rare purchase from Amazon - I must have been feeling depressed the other day: Kylie Kwong's Heart & Soul and Recipes & Stories. v
  16. Vanessa

    Tokyo Restaurants

    What Ms J said. v
  17. I'll answer for Nick...Alpine, New Jersey. address? So you're a golfer? v
  18. Vanessa


    Bought in Italy, I suppose v
  19. Sounds like you had a great meal, Maggie. I had previously heard bad reports of Benares but maybe it has now got into its stride. v
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