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  1. We only get one day here. One day of summer, 334 days winter, 15 days each for spring and fall. I've already started getting cold-induced urticaria. Very unpleasant. And no, not even during that one day. Because we have big hungry mosquitoes, and my blood is very tasty.
  2. It depends. I think 3 days in the fridge is acceptable especially if it was refrigerated asap after it cooled. Definitely boil chili, stock, etc for 1-10 minutes depending on the type of bacteria you want to kill. Taco meat might be a little more difficult to reheat safely, although again, if refrigerated soon after cooled, you're probably still safe. But if kept at room temperature for several hours or overnight, and then refrigerated? I'd still eat it unless cooked during the hottest and most humid times of the year, but I've always kept this in mind since first reading it:
  3. Having recently had a 22" Weber charcoal grill purchased for the household, I'd rather have had a gas grill. But I am a lazy griller, and don't particularly care to spend too much time outdoors, either.
  4. They sell stuff like that at the accessible store! My omelet was not quite a success. Too few eggs for the size of my pan, I think, so I didn't get much of a second lip to cover my cheese which is half melted. And then it didn't come out of my pan nicely, so it broke. But that was actually not that bad a thing because then it folded on top of the cheese and melted it. Still, not browned at all, and very moist. I give myself a 6/10 for a first try, 1.5/10 compared to jtf's.
  5. Is there a special omelet fork I can buy and never use? After watching that video, I am going to try to make a French omelet for lunch. I'm going to do my best not to damage my newest non-stick pan. But at least they are relatively inexpensive for when I do!
  6. I made butadon yesterday, and ate it in a plain white Corelle cereal bowl. I hope some of use chargers sometimes. We have some nito chargers which we occasionally use, but it's mostly nito placemats. I love using fine china, and have a few mismatched pieces which get used every day. It caused a ruckus at a previous workplace when one of my coworkers asked me why I had a bone china plate in the backseat of my car and I explained I ate my breakfast while driving to work. He enjoyed telling others of his discovery, and I had to repeat many times, "It's just a plate! It's just a plate!
  7. But if order through Rakuten, I won't get the exclusive not-scary bear spoon so I can always have a scoop full of hopes! There are some things I really miss about Japan, but some I don't. Kowakunai kuma spuun? Not one of them. (Would make a really nice spoon for a salt cellar, though)
  8. Thanks! They use fedex exclusively for international orders now. I faked an order, and it's about ¥3000. I'll probably just have it shipped to a friend's house and have her send it to me, and maybe get some akasuri mitts thrown into the envelope while I'm at it!
  9. The pleat just means if you wanted to sprinkle it with cheese, you'd have extra surface area for cheesy goodness! I've never made an omelet. I may have to try. Good thing I can have someone else be my guinea pig if I overcook it.
  10. I've never really cared for omelets because most places really overcook the eggs, but yours always look nice and moist. They almost make me want to cook one, but I'd rather you made it for me! 😁
  11. May I ask, if you order your techo from Japan using the 1101.com site, how much does shipping end up being? I did an estimate on the fedex website, and it was about ¥20,000 which I felt was a little excessive.
  12. I barely remember it, but I do remember it made me tear up a bit. Can't remember why, though.
  13. Reminds me of the time I found a very coarse, sort of kinky short strand of hair embedded in a chunk of French bread. Could've just been beard hair, but that's not what came to mind
  14. Stuff it with sausage meat (not the kind found in men's shorts) and make sausage rolls!
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