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  1. I get a lot in Chinese. I feel like I'm being profiled, and I'm not even Chinese! (Well, only partly, but only ~3/8 and not culturally (at least not directly)
  2. I sort of cooked last night. I say sort of because the only cooking involved was the pasta, unless you also count the very small amount of heat I applied to the garlic in olive oil. Jacques Pepin made a quick anchovy pasta the other day, so I gave it a try. It was very fast, and it actually was pretty tasty. Minced garlic, chopped anchovies, olive oil, and a couple of tablespoons of Parmesan cheese in a bowl, and nuke it for 30 seconds (or if you don't have a microwave like me, seated on the stove for a bit). Add in the cooked pasta and some of the pasta water and you're done. There is suppose
  3. Oof. Yeah, that probably did it. Especially since they're all (or mostly all) producers of the reboot.
  4. Poor guy. He seemed to have a troubled adulthood. That he had cancer was not mentioned in interviews about the Saved by the Bell reboot. He was the only original cast member not invited back, even for a cameo. I assumed it was because of the porn he did.
  5. I finally got my fancy new rice cooker. It's a Zojirushi BAC05, so I can make quinoa if I want (which I don't because I don't like quinoa). It takes a little more planning than my Tiger, as it takes twice as long to cook rice than my Tiger. But I think the Zojirushi includes soaking time, while the Tiger didn't. No wonder my rice is fluffier now. Haven't bothered to change the melody, yet, and I'm not sure I care enough to do so. It's a little annoying, but most of the time, I don't really even hear it. So far I've only made jasmine rice in it. Maybe I'll try brown rice next. Have
  6. Now I have to find some salt beef to try with some bagels, although likely not these particular bagels. They serve with dairy, although not cream cheese, but whipped browned butter. I think I would use both cream cheese and butter. You don't get a body like this by saying no to fatty foods. I might still try them if I can justify the high price. If they make poppy seed, that may just convince me to buy them. Might be good as a burger bun. Haven't decided if I will break it to the reddit crowd that they are not NY bagels since a number of New Yorkers said so. I might end up gett
  7. If a bagel doesn't have a hole, is it still a bagel? I ask because there is a bagel place which is claiming it has real New York style bagels, but they look like buns (because they gave no hole) with a bagel-like exterior. One guy is claiming to know everything about New York bagels, and he says New York bagels are all about the crust and the chew, so these are excellent examples of New York style bagels in terms of the crust and the chew. My only experience with a bagel in New York was a bagel from the hotel we stayed at, which probably wasn't the best example. This week's
  8. I was previously 0.3% Spanish, which fit what we knew about our forebears (great great maybe one or two more great grandfather was a Spanish priest). But now I am 0.3% Italian. Maybe he was Basque by way of Italy? They also have me pegged as 0.5% Bengal and NE India, and 0.3% Gujarati Patidar. Must be from the Thai side.
  9. I have many tiny tiny spoons, but cannot find them. I think they are in storage. If you ever visit Japan, it is tiny spoon heaven. Tiny cutlery heaven, actually. They like dainty things. I also got my grapefruit spoons there, and used a French sauce spoon for the first (and I think only) time there.
  10. Someone I know ordered a fake cow-hide rug and got a Skip the Dishes thermal delivery bag instead. Really really weird mix up. Sometimes when you get mistaken items, they tell you to keep them, but in this case, they made her send it back. She was all the more annoyed because she had just had a terrible experience with Skip, and had vowed never to use the service again. She felt like someone was taunting her.
  11. I actually cooked today. Sort of. I made tannin don but I used s&b gyudon tare. So i really just poured equal amounts of water and tare in a pan, and threw in some onions and very thinly sliced beef, and I added some enoki and baby bok choy, just to get my weekly vegetable serving in.
  12. Preaching to the choir. Although many if my Thai family and friends say Jasmine rice made in those bamboo rice steamers make better rice than rice cookers, but they all have maids to watch over the rice while it cooks, so...
  13. I have a fondness for Volvos and every time I see a C30 I feel great regret for not purchasing one when I had the chance (Volvo was actually offering 0% financing with free service for 2 or 5 years - can't remember which, including oil changes!). But I couldn't justify paying CAD $48k plus taxes and fees, and then having to use premium gas. Still, I covet every one I see.
  14. He did get 5 free passes to use anytime in the future, as well as a refund for that one meal. But it was hard trying to get through the rest of the trip, especially since the two young'uns were in fine form, and just wanted to go on more rides. It was the ground beef, by the way. The adults didn't even order the same dish, but they each had a dish that contained ground beef
  15. My coworker went to Disney World with his wife, children, and mother. All the adults ended up with food poisoning from the food at one of the restaurants. So maybe discussing food preferences isn't a bad thing?
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