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  1. prasantrin

    Ian Tyson

    At 89. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/12/29/arts/music/ian-tyson-dead.html.
  2. Rellenong manok (stuffed chicken) is one of the few things my mom is skilled at making. Or was. She's not as proficient with a boning knife now that she's older. Or any other knife, really. She can also expertly peel cooked shrimp using a fork and knife (or fork and spoon if we're at a Chinese restaurant). I don't know how she does it, because I've tried, but I can never get my shrimp at clean as hers.
  3. You missed season 2?!?!?! Season 2 bdsy is the best season across all bd franchises. It's actually the only one worth watching, and is the only season i have watched in full. All of the other franchises and seasons have too many annoying people.
  4. I got up to episode 5 of Itaewon Class, then watched ep.16 so we would know how it ended. But now I think I'll have to subscribe to Netflix again so I can watch all the other episodes too. It's surprisingly quite good. I wasn't expecting a lot because 25 21 was so terrible (my only other experience with k-dramas). But we all enjoyed this one (including a family member who has, more or less, stated that all k-dramas are drivel.
  5. The only bd worth watching is Sailing Yacht!
  6. My mother is about to get her 3rd booster, 5th shot. The bivalent just became available recently, and although they recommend waiting six months after your most recent dose, she is very immunocompromised, so she only has to wait 3 (it's been 4 months since her last one, though).
  7. Gougeres Sausage rolls Fig and olive tapenade with lesley stowe raincoast crisps Greek-style pasta salad
  8. I knew the thread existed and I read it even though the chances of my going there are slim to none. I actually read all or almost all reviews, but rarely comment on them since I will never or probably never get to go to those places.
  9. prasantrin


    Not sure anyone has been there (except maybe Orik), but my friend let me know that Patrice Patisser has closed.
  10. In my province, you have to be 18 to buy a lottery ticket. Yesterday, I asked the 7-11 clerk for a lottery ticket and she asked to see my ID. 😁 I was wearing a mask, but at least my eyes must look young!
  11. I always preface the poke with, "I have narrow and deep veins. If you need to use the back of my hand, go ahead."
  12. David Kinch just posted on Instagram that he is leaving Manresa at the end of this year. I'm sad I'll never get to try his food there, although maybe he'll have another restaurant I can try? I assume reservations will be even harder to get more.
  13. My friend got a numb face after her first vaccination. That was about 18 months ago and it's still numb. She was told not to get any further covid vaccinations. My parent's friend ended up in hospital in a coma after the first one. After that, she was one of the very few in my province with a legitimate medical exemption. I've had 4 (2 plus 2 boosters) and I didn't even get a day off work. Sightly sore arm but the tetanus shot I had last year hurt more
  14. Doesn't work for everyone, but writing down anxious thoughts and saying "I'll deal with it tomorrow" can help. DBT is also pretty useful for learning tools to deal with anxiety.
  15. Masks are recommended but optional everywhere in my province. Private businesses can make their own rules, and a small percentage are still requiring masks from either customers, employees, or both. At restaurants I noticed servers mostly still wear masks. But I've been to a couple large-ish (200+ people) events where very few attendees wore masks despite being seated fairly close together. I'm going to Cirque du Soleil this weekend. I predict I'll see about a dozen people wearing masks out of a crowd of 1000+. I find it weird that I often see children <5 wearing masks, but their
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