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    If you do happen to go, I like the fries at Schwartz's.
  2. That's a very korean thing I think. They like cheese on lots of stuff I would not have imagined cheese in, like kimchi fried rice with cheese. But it's a very mild cheese that melts well. Like monterey jack
  3. I lost 30 lbs in 8 months. 10 lbs was intentional, and took about 3 months to lose. The other 20lbs was a not-unpleasant side effect of ADD meds. I should have gone on these years ago (and not just for the weight loss).
  4. When I was growing up, we had many vegetable-free meals. But never a meal without some kind of animal flesh.
  5. It's especially grown celery for all those fusion restaurants. You must've gotten it by accident
  6. Have a business acquaintance who had been feeling ill for a couple weeks. She self-tested several times, each with a negative result. After about 3 weeks, she finally got a positive result. Pim made an interesting ig post (or story?) about her experience with self tests. Short answer, some tests are better than others, and method matters.
  7. If I were to sneak into the US, could I get a second booster? Because it doesn't look like Canada is offering them to anyone other than a very selective few (i anyone mmunocompromised, seniors >70 who live in pch-type residences, and indigenous folks >50 so far)
  8. I once observed a woman order a piece of cake, and cut it into tiny tiny pieces (each smaller than pea-sized) placed all over her plate. She ate a few, and then hid all the rest in her serviette before leaving. I guess it's easier to hide dozens of tiny pieces of cake in a serviette than 1 large piece? (I'm not trying to shame her; it was just an interesting thing to see. From her appearance alone, I would have guessed she had an eating disorder, but I really don't know)
  9. I had never heard of zima, but having read about it, I think I would have liked it! I remember my mom letting me have baby duck when I was a kid, so it's been around since the 70s, but it kind of tells you how bad Canadian wine was back then. It's pretty bad to most people, but I liked sweet alcohol when I was a kid (dubonnet and Kahlua were the other 2 alcoholic beverages I remember being allowed to drink).
  10. One of the other students in the class referred to it as stale 7-Up. I like stale 7-up!
  11. prasantrin


    I too have lost a shit ton of weight during covid. I had actually gained about 5 pounds during the first year, but lost a bunch of muscle and gained a bunch of fat, so my girth had definitely expanded. But since last August, I've just 30+lbs. Just is due to a suspected recurrence of Graves disease, but man, I look good right now!
  12. I took a wine appreciation class, and of the sparking wines (which included some kind of champagne, prosecco, and I can't remember what else), my favorite was baby duck.
  13. Are they supposed to look like they have eyes? They kind of remind me of frog eggs! (I initially typed legs instead of eggs. Oops!)
  14. prasantrin

    Guy Lafleur

    I don't even like hockey, and I am saddened by this one https://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/guy-lafleur-obituary-1.5766441
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