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  1. Since I need to drive and not fly, it looks like the earliest I'll be going to the US is August 21st.
  2. I remember the mayor or some LV politician saying something like "We're opening up everything because it doesn't matter if people get COVID since they're all tourists and they'll bring it back to their homes." Really, what can you say to that? It's simply jaw dropping.
  3. I was hoping to make a quick road trip to the US shortly after August 9th, but as it happens, Canada is allowing US residents in as of that date, but not vice versa. Interesting, since my home province has a much better vaccination rate than my neighboring state. We're at 77.6% aged 12+ with single vaccinations, and 62% with double. Our neighbor is at 48.6% and 39.7%, respectively. This despite our neighbor having had much earlier access to vaccines, and with none of the other supply problems we have been plagued with. And just 2 months ago, we had the highest per capita infection rate in Nort
  4. My friends and I say our senses of humor are those of 12-year old boys, but maybe we are more like 9 year old boys lol
  5. I know, right? But apparently only people with dirty minds see it, because my purer friends don't get it at all. I am very fortunate that it will look like that for a long time, so it can be my parlor trick. "hey, look! I have a penis head finger!"
  6. We always use it at dim sum on almost everything. Hum soi gok, siu mai, har gau, cha siu chee fun. All that good stuff. I like it on plain steamed rice noodles,too ( the kind you'd use for chow fun), and with chicken rice. Many restaurants in these parts make their own.
  7. The scar on my finger looks like a huge smile. And from certain angles, it also looks like a penis head (maybe you have to see it in person)
  8. John Malkovich was one of my favorite actors in my young adulthood. But then I saw him on David Letterman or the Tonight Show and realized he was a (probably racist or at the very least prejudiced) ass. I still thinks he's an outstanding actor.
  9. And congrats to you, stone, for your new pup. I thought she looked like a cocker. I hope the other pics show up eventually. It always brightens my day when I see pet pics.
  10. I'm very sorry, mongo. She had a good life with you, as did you with her.
  11. I feel i need to see this, but it is unavailable to me. How will I know what cute pup is on it?
  12. Of course! The whole thing. So male masturbation and fellatio are both OK! At some point I might watch the whole thing, in part to see some of the actors with very minor parts who later became very well known. Eric Stoltz, Nicholas Cage (then Coppola), Anthony Edwards, Forest Whitaker. Those are the ones that stood out during the credits. I spent more time watching those than any part of the movie, so I didn't notice them.
  13. Fast Times at Ridgemont High. After all the discussion, I found it was on Netflix Canada. It was late, so I fast forwarded through most if it just to see if it had been edited here, as well. And yes, it has. I, too, have a vivid memory of the abortion scene (I think I was in 7th or 8th grade, and very naive, so it made an impact on me), and it was definitely missing in this version. But the carrot scene is still there (woman fellating carrot = acceptable, woman having control over her body = unacceptable.). I'm going to look for Porky's now. I saw that the summer going into
  14. Ooohhh! I have some wild salmon and a tiny bit of ikura left! Thanks for the idea!
  15. I just finished the 4th episode. I was starting to tire of the sitcom parts and wished they had just focused on the drama, but I think the sitcom parts are meant to be tiring. You're not supposed to like Kevin and his ilk. I never really watched male-led sitcoms other than Home Improvement, and I was pretty young then, but I have to wonder why they were so popular. This show takes the idiocy to an extreme, but really, many male-led sitcoms have similar lead characters. In ep4, Annie Murphy's character sums up the treatment of female characters in those types of sitcoms (as she describes how Ke
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