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  1. Cocoa nibs? Those are good, too! But really, a plain meringue with a chewy center is perfection in itself!
  2. Meringues are very nice with toasted coconut added
  3. Have you had any winter storms out there? They are definitely affecting the supply chain up here, which in addition to the recent vaccination mandate for truckers and the less recent flooding and mudslides out west, means fewer fresh vegetables at higher prices. Even frozen vegetables are harder to find (Costco was out of frozen organic broccoli for a week or two, and out of fresh broccoli even longer than that).
  4. At a young 68, of blood cancer
  5. That's it? Basically a tuna salad sandwich? The recipe I tried must've been overthinking it as it had cream cheese. No wonder it didn't taste the same!
  6. I wish it had been from your kitchen so you could tell me how to make smoked fish spread. I've had it once made with either smoked goldeye or smoked pickerel (which i think isn't pickerel but people in Manitoba call it pickerel) which was smoked by the person who caught the fish. It was delicious, but he couldn't tell me how it was made, and the recipe I once tried wasn't even close!
  7. I had to cancel an appointment for my mother, so I went into her email (it's ok, she lets me). Turns out she had recently been corresponding with someone who allegedly works for the UN and if you contact them via Facebook, they will send you money in the form is a "grant". So then I went into her fb messenger (it's ok, she lets me), and found correspondence with this person through there's, as well. I immediately blocked this person from messenger, and I attempted to block her from email as well (i hate Apple email - is it possible to make the process of blocking an email address even less tra
  8. I've had some very expensive fruit, usually consumed as a guest in wealthy Japanese people's homes. The only expensive fruit I've had that I thought was almost worth the exorbitant price was the strawberries, and maybe the cherries. Otherwise, I found fruits like musk melons, apples, and grapes to be mostly 1-note, and that note was sweet. (The very first time I was invited to a Japanese person's home, I was served very expensive grapes. I had no idea I wasn't supposed to eat the skin, which was very thick and tough. I almost choked on it, also in part because I was very nervous)
  9. I kind of thought the sopa Azteca looked like chicken tortilla soup. And when I looked it up so I could make it (it does look very very delicious, and perfect for the recent weather I've been stuck with), found that yes, it is chicken tortilla soup! I actually have some in my fridge right now, but ready-made from Costco. It's on my list of things I want to make, but I just haven't gotten around to it!
  10. I once brought Portuguese tinned sardines in olive oil and chile with saltine crackers for recess when I was maybe in kindergarten or 1st grade. I got made fun of, and never did it again. Fortunately, that experience did not stop me from loving them, and I still have them. If only I could find some really good ones.
  11. I've never had to experience Mormonism up close and personal. And individuals I've known are nice enough. But things I've learned, including what I learned recently while touring a Mormon Temple (just prior to its being blessed or whatever) have made me feel very uneasy about it
  12. If my mom married a mormon, I'd repress those memories too
  13. If it's the blue one, I'd be happy to send you some. I think they may even sell it at Costco. Or maybe that's just the orange one. I also a lot of small travel sized orange ones. Voltaren doesn't really work for me, but I think my issues are too far gone
  14. I love peking duck, and have since childhood, and to me, that isn't peking duck, but roast duck served in the style of peking duck. Which is still very delicious, but the 1st course is definitely not as pleasurable. The first course of traditional peking duck has just the skin with no meat, and almost no fat at all, usually carved tableside. The duck itself is prepared differently than roast duck, too, and required at least 3 days notice if ordering it, so it was always a special occasion meal for us It's pretty much impossible to find traditional peking duck where I am. The restaurants
  15. Definitely need a pic of the scallion pancake! There was one place near me that had them, but the one cook who could make them moved to BC, so now I have to rely on frozen commercial versions. I have a vague memory of my mom making them, but she denies ever doing so.
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