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  1. I feel the same way sometimes, especially given the quality of most of the produce found in the Canadian prairies.
  2. Is that pajeon? I think it looks very tasty!
  3. I searched for Langhe. My provincial liquor stores have none, but a couple of the private wine stores carry possibilities. Only 6, ranging from $24 to ~$60, but I will go and chat with them. Maybe I can find something similar.
  4. Unfortunately, alcohol consumption is contraindicated with one of my meds. I could still maybe have a bit, but from past experience, I probably won't. If I had some creme de cassis I could make a kir, though. I really like kir and would risk negative effects for it. Creme de myrtille would be good, too Or maybe I could make a wine jelly for dessert. I really like wine jelly too. I was reading about using red vs white for this, and decided on white this time around since I'm not using tomatoes. The red will be used with the tomato one whenever that happens. I considered making the risotto, if for no other reason than to make arancini after, but the idea of standing at the stove for any more than 5 minutes already makes me tired. I haven't even found the appropriate cut of shank, yet, and that itself will be an ordeal. Will any butchers in my area even know what osso buco is? So I was going to have it with mashed potatoes. 😬
  5. May 29-June 7, TIFF, Tribeca, Sundance, Venice, etc. have banded together to hold a virtual film festival on YouTube. In addition to short and feature films from around the world (some premieres, some not), there are also videos of talks and interviews from previous years' festivals. Viewing is free, but it is a fundraiser for UNICEF, WHO (which could use the money right now), MSF, etc. so donations are encouraged. https://www.youtube.com/WeAreOne And further information and the viewing schedule here http://www.weareoneglobalfestival.com/
  6. If you were going to make osso buco, what kind of wine would you use? White, crisp... Medium body or light? Any particular varietal? From any particular region? Should I just use a dry marsala since I don't really drink wine, so whatever leftover wine there is will probably end up wasted?
  7. My mom's 90-something-year old aunt lives in a personal care home in Maryland. A couple of the residents had Covid-19, so her daughter, against everyone else's wishes, took my great-aunt out of the home a couple of weeks ago. A couple of days ago, my mom's cousin was found dead in her apartment. My great-aunt, who is bed-ridden, could not contact anyone, and hadn't realized her daughter had died. She had no idea what was going on, only that she was seemingly alone, hungry, and frightened. In an O. Henry-esque twist, my mom's cousin had Covid-19, which she thought was "just a bad cold." No word about whether my great-aunt is also infected. So far we're assuming she's ok, other than perhaps emotionally.
  8. Last week, a teenager told me I had really pretty hair. Today, a woman asked my mother if I was her granddaughter. it's nice to know people think I'm still a young person with really pretty hair.
  9. How old is your breville? Mine is between 8 and 10 years old, I think, and it also recently began crapping out. The on-off button works fine, but sometimes, the defrost or convection functions will randomly turn on and off, even if the oven itself is off. And when that happens, the display light stays on, and the unit makes beeping sounds every time one of the functions turns on or off. I was looking at the CSO everyone has raved about, but it is a fair bit smaller than the breville, and then none of my quarter sheet pans will fit in it. I pretty much use my toaster oven exclusively now as there are only two of us so there's no point in firing up the big oven. Have you looked at the Oster french door oven? I was looking at that one, too. It's nice and big, but it's also Oster and my experience with Oster over the last decade or so has not been good.
  10. Non-essential businesses in my city started re-opening on Monday. The list of businesses that can open vs businesses that must stay closed is a little odd. Hair salons, massage therapists, libraries, restaurant patios, and museums are OK. Estheticians, dine-in restaurants (other than for take out), and movie theaters are not. I have no idea how crowded places are, yet, as I haven't ventured out much. I got stuff to do, and getting Covid isn't one of them (I'm kind of joking. Around my area, the risk of transmission is quite low, as there are currently only 37 active cases in the entire province).
  11. Looking at your cookies, i realize that I've of the reasons mine fall apart pre-bake is because mine are too thin. I must make them again with this new found knowledge in mind.
  12. Korovas with chopped orangettes are even more delicious than with chocolate, but chopped chocolate-covered orangettes are good, too.
  13. The average weight of a large egg is 52g. If you weigh out 26g for half an egg, everything works out fine, so no need to weigh the full egg every time. (From my baking days in Japan, i still remember that 1 cup sugar is 200g and 1 Dorie Greenspan cup of flour is 136g, but that's on the high end. Most recipes suggest about 120g for one cup flour. I think.)
  14. Really good with poached fish or chicken.
  15. Almost every manual can be found online these days. I think the most recent appliances I bought only have online manuals.
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