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  1. It's especially grown celery for all those fusion restaurants. You must've gotten it by accident
  2. Have a business acquaintance who had been feeling ill for a couple weeks. She self-tested several times, each with a negative result. After about 3 weeks, she finally got a positive result. Pim made an interesting ig post (or story?) about her experience with self tests. Short answer, some tests are better than others, and method matters.
  3. If I were to sneak into the US, could I get a second booster? Because it doesn't look like Canada is offering them to anyone other than a very selective few (i anyone mmunocompromised, seniors >70 who live in pch-type residences, and indigenous folks >50 so far)
  4. I once observed a woman order a piece of cake, and cut it into tiny tiny pieces (each smaller than pea-sized) placed all over her plate. She ate a few, and then hid all the rest in her serviette before leaving. I guess it's easier to hide dozens of tiny pieces of cake in a serviette than 1 large piece? (I'm not trying to shame her; it was just an interesting thing to see. From her appearance alone, I would have guessed she had an eating disorder, but I really don't know)
  5. I had never heard of zima, but having read about it, I think I would have liked it! I remember my mom letting me have baby duck when I was a kid, so it's been around since the 70s, but it kind of tells you how bad Canadian wine was back then. It's pretty bad to most people, but I liked sweet alcohol when I was a kid (dubonnet and Kahlua were the other 2 alcoholic beverages I remember being allowed to drink).
  6. One of the other students in the class referred to it as stale 7-Up. I like stale 7-up!
  7. prasantrin


    I too have lost a shit ton of weight during covid. I had actually gained about 5 pounds during the first year, but lost a bunch of muscle and gained a bunch of fat, so my girth had definitely expanded. But since last August, I've just 30+lbs. Just is due to a suspected recurrence of Graves disease, but man, I look good right now!
  8. I took a wine appreciation class, and of the sparking wines (which included some kind of champagne, prosecco, and I can't remember what else), my favorite was baby duck.
  9. Are they supposed to look like they have eyes? They kind of remind me of frog eggs! (I initially typed legs instead of eggs. Oops!)
  10. prasantrin

    Guy Lafleur

    I don't even like hockey, and I am saddened by this one https://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/guy-lafleur-obituary-1.5766441
  11. Biggest blizzard since the last one a few months ago. Almost 30 cm of snow since yesterday morning. Winds have died down, but I now have a crap ton of snow in front of my house and can barely see my car (I'm on a corner, so there's something like a vortex in front so snow and stray garbage always end up at the top of my driveway. I am sad. And cold.
  12. I saw him perform in Richard III, and he was supposed to return to perform in The Tempest but had to cancel for "personal reasons." I think I fell asleep during Richard III (not a comment on his performance. Maybe I was just tired or something). Never seemed like the nicest, warmest man (Marlee Matlin accused him of sexually and emotionally abusing her, and he admitted he did so), but he was a very compelling actor, especially on stage.
  13. Whoa. Was not expecting this one. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/03/13/arts/william-hurt-dead.html
  14. I know this is not in the spirit of this topic, but I was on holidays last week and ended up not being able to go out much. Stuck at home, I found myself deep down the rabbit hole of BTS fan videos. Deep. I don't know how many hours I wasted on it, but I felt like an idiot when I realized it was far more than I should have been spending watching a videos by and about a boyband, all members of which could be my children if not grandchildren. All I can say is Taekook forever!! .
  15. Re: traveller's cheques, at one time, the only credit card accepted for payment at Costco Canada stores was American Express. Imagine my annoyance when I tried to pay for my items with a Visa or MasterCard (can't remember which) traveller's cheque and having it refused. "But it's like cash!" "We can only accept it if it says American Express." WTF?
  16. But what if you don't have health insurance? The $300 cost is for a 30-day supply if you don't have any supplemental health insurance (which many people in Canada don't). Actually, i think i was wrong, and it's for a 30-day of 200mg/day. A full dose is 400mg, but she's only on a half dose. But the pills are in 100mg doses.
  17. Shit. I don't know which is worse, the heavy costs of private health care, or the long waits for certain procedures with socialized health care. But, for example, my mother is taking imatinib (but a generic brand) right now. She's only on half the regular dose to see how she reacts to it, but that half dose is more than CAD$300/month. Where I live, it's completely free because all cancer treatment is free (including psychotherapy!). I can't imagine how much the same medication would cost in the US.
  18. Ooohhhh...i just had a brilliant thought! Both of those can be used in a 7-layer dessert dip!
  19. Use it in the chocolate cake that uses mayo as an ingredient? I'm pretty that particular product would be horrible (i imagine it would leave that nasty artificial flavor aftertaste), but i used to like mayo on toast or squishy white bread (untoasted). Maybe there are others who use it similarly!
  20. In lieu of cicharron, use fried chicken skin. It's chicken, so must surely be better for you! 😁
  21. We just had our 3rd (4th?) blizzard of the year. My house is on a corner, and there's some sort of vortex at my house. So all the snow (and litter, for that matter) seems to end up in front of my door. I could barely open it this morning!
  22. In Bangkok, there's a place that does what I refer to as peking pig. It's a little piglet roasted peking duck-style, and served the same way. 1st course was the skin with pancakes, hoisin, cucumber, scallions. I bet your siu yok would be really good served that way! (Although I'm sure it was perfect as it was)
  23. We are recently boostered (December) but may not be recently boostered by the time we can go. I'll just have to keep an eye on the travel requirements before our trip. Crossing fingers no particularly serious variant develops before then. If they mostly stay mild, I think we'll be OK!
  24. There's a silver lining - trucker convoy protesting at the legislature will hopefully be too cold to continue blocking traffic and harassing passers by. Crossing fingers, anyway - all but the tips! We also had another bout of snow, continuing today. We've had 112cm of snow since the 1st snowfall in November, and it's only the start of February. Winter 20-21 we had just about 100cm total. I thought the Farmers Almanac had predicted a generally mild winter this year!
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