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  1. Those are well above my budget! I've always wanted a bge mini, but even that is $630 (the mini max is $900). The regular sized bges would, I think, be overkill for my needs (especially given the price). I can get a Weber original 22" for $230. I read some forums about using a Weber kettle to smoke, so it can be done, just not as easily. The US vs Canadian price difference makes me cringe. It's only US$160! Eta, the Weber i was looking at was the premium which is CA $230 but US $175 which is not so large a difference.
  2. You mean if I light up the grill to cook 10 burgers, it won't be hot enough after to heat up the oil, throw in either the shredded fish or the chopped garlic, and then take off the pan to let the fish or garlic cook off heat? I have a big memory of my dad doing that, but now that I think about it I think we had a propane barbecue at the time. A Weber kettle was my initial first choice, but I was doing some reading and the current consensus is it's not a very good value for the money. They're quite a bit more in Canada than in the US, and although I had last planned to go to the sta
  3. I want something for regular grilling, like burgers and steaks. But I'd also like to smoke pork butt, brisket, ribs, maybe some fish and chicken. I also have a plan to do some frying on it when there's leftover heat (just some Chinese salted fish which stinks up the house too much and fried garlic) I'm debating between the Original Pit Barrel Cooker https://pitbarrelcooker.com/products/18-5-classic-pit-barrel-cooker * CAD $399 which is a bargain considering it's USD$349 *Can smoke and grill *Can use regular charcoal *Can make a big brisket on it, or even smoke
  4. Holy crap! Marc is 73! Knowing how old my youthful crushes are makes me feel old, too, although I suppose not as old as they might feel.
  5. AIan Greenspan went to Julliard. So did Barry Manilow. And Lori Singer.
  6. Going back to durian, my dad and I were in Bangkok (his first time back in about 15 years), and we were out somewhere around the Victory Monument, I think. Or maybe Pathumwan. And he found reasonably priced durian paste, which was one of his favourite things in place of fresh durian, so he bought about 5 or 10 kg of the stuff. We had three or four bags and they were heavy! And to top it off, he made us take the bus back to our hotel which was a loooong trip on a crowded bus in hot weather. I was very annoyed. And all I could smell was durian the whole bus ride back, and then in our hotel room.
  7. That makes it even cuter! I'm sure not everyone in my neighborhood would agree, since we have far too many rabbits. But my vegetable garden is in raised plant beds (very raised by accident) so I'm good with that.
  8. You don't want to move here. Lots of problems here, too, just different ones. But today was a good day. I think at least half the snow has already melted (and we had ~25cm over the 2-3 day period) and it was bright and sunny tonight with a beautiful sunset. And as I was out for a walk, I saw two rabbits playing in someone's yard. Rabbit 1 would charge at Rabbit 2, and Rabbit 2 would jump high over Rabbit 1 just in the nick of time. They repeated this game over and over again with Rabbit 1 charging and Rabbit 2 jumping. I would like to have asked them why they never switched roles, but yo
  9. It's been snowing non-stop since Sunday night where I am. Just last weekend, it was 15C!
  10. I'd like to ask those of you in any states who have had your vaccination, what has the process been like for you? Right now where I am, they heard all of the people with appointments into a room and seat them about 6 ft apart. Then a nurse with a cart rules around to each person who is getting a vaccination. And there are assistants who are the ones who fill the syringes with the vaccine. They say it's supposed to be more efficient this way. When my mother got her vaccination, the people with appointments went to a table where a nurse was stationed to get their vaccinations. So using th
  11. @joethefoodie NYS age of eligibility dropped 10 years in the same period of time my province's age of eligibility dropped 3 years. I would laugh, but I'm too depressed. The only positive I see at the moment is that by the time my age range becomes close to being eligible I will have had a birthday, which means I'll be able to make an appointment even sooner.
  12. Recently-made-public-to-a-wide-audience accusations?
  13. I've never known much about my dad's family. He was sent abroad for school when he was 15 or 16, then did not go back to Thailand until he was 33 and left again when he was 34. He wasn't really close to his siblings, and I didn't even meet any of them until I was 25. I knew how many siblings he had, I knew some stuff about his parents, but he never talked about his family much, so the information I had was minimal. Recently, I noticed a possible 2nd cousin once removed on my 23 and me relatives list. And this person had a family name listed in his profile that was the same as my dad's bir
  14. Did the kefir make them even lighter than usual? I think they look delicious. If you had invited me over for breakfast, I would have scarfed down a few. Even more if you had thrown in a few walnuts.
  15. Me, too. But I thought it might be because of the relatively recent accusations against him. Independent of those, I thought he was an incredibly talented individual. I didn't know anything about him until I watched a 60 Minutes segment on him pre-controversy.
  16. Not sure if this was not mentioned because of the controversy surrounding him in recent years, but James Levine, former conductor of the Met Opera, passed away. Feel free to delete if the mere mention of him it too sensitive. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/17/obituaries/james-levine-dead.html
  17. I get a lot in Chinese. I feel like I'm being profiled, and I'm not even Chinese! (Well, only partly, but only ~3/8 and not culturally (at least not directly)
  18. I sort of cooked last night. I say sort of because the only cooking involved was the pasta, unless you also count the very small amount of heat I applied to the garlic in olive oil. Jacques Pepin made a quick anchovy pasta the other day, so I gave it a try. It was very fast, and it actually was pretty tasty. Minced garlic, chopped anchovies, olive oil, and a couple of tablespoons of Parmesan cheese in a bowl, and nuke it for 30 seconds (or if you don't have a microwave like me, seated on the stove for a bit). Add in the cooked pasta and some of the pasta water and you're done. There is suppose
  19. Oof. Yeah, that probably did it. Especially since they're all (or mostly all) producers of the reboot.
  20. Poor guy. He seemed to have a troubled adulthood. That he had cancer was not mentioned in interviews about the Saved by the Bell reboot. He was the only original cast member not invited back, even for a cameo. I assumed it was because of the porn he did.
  21. I finally got my fancy new rice cooker. It's a Zojirushi BAC05, so I can make quinoa if I want (which I don't because I don't like quinoa). It takes a little more planning than my Tiger, as it takes twice as long to cook rice than my Tiger. But I think the Zojirushi includes soaking time, while the Tiger didn't. No wonder my rice is fluffier now. Haven't bothered to change the melody, yet, and I'm not sure I care enough to do so. It's a little annoying, but most of the time, I don't really even hear it. So far I've only made jasmine rice in it. Maybe I'll try brown rice next. Have
  22. Now I have to find some salt beef to try with some bagels, although likely not these particular bagels. They serve with dairy, although not cream cheese, but whipped browned butter. I think I would use both cream cheese and butter. You don't get a body like this by saying no to fatty foods. I might still try them if I can justify the high price. If they make poppy seed, that may just convince me to buy them. Might be good as a burger bun. Haven't decided if I will break it to the reddit crowd that they are not NY bagels since a number of New Yorkers said so. I might end up gett
  23. If a bagel doesn't have a hole, is it still a bagel? I ask because there is a bagel place which is claiming it has real New York style bagels, but they look like buns (because they gave no hole) with a bagel-like exterior. One guy is claiming to know everything about New York bagels, and he says New York bagels are all about the crust and the chew, so these are excellent examples of New York style bagels in terms of the crust and the chew. My only experience with a bagel in New York was a bagel from the hotel we stayed at, which probably wasn't the best example. This week's
  24. I was previously 0.3% Spanish, which fit what we knew about our forebears (great great maybe one or two more great grandfather was a Spanish priest). But now I am 0.3% Italian. Maybe he was Basque by way of Italy? They also have me pegged as 0.5% Bengal and NE India, and 0.3% Gujarati Patidar. Must be from the Thai side.
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