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  1. I miss Moxy Früvous. trivia: the fellow in the red shirt is also the brother of my former linguistics prof. When he first started Play, she used to give us some of the inside gossip (not that there was much of that).
  2. I've been toying with getting the F100fd, but haven't (after almost a year), yet. The cameras had an issue with a "pink band" appearing along the sindes of on high ISO pictures, and there's quite a bit of noise at ISO of 1600 and above (don't even bother with going above 1600, and even 800 has too much noise for me). I've read the pink band issue was solved with a firmware fix, but I've not investigated further than that. One of the other reasons I haven't gone for the 100fd is because it does not have aperture or shutter priority modes (or a manual mode, for that matter). The F50fd does,
  3. prasantrin

    Mrs. O

    It's a beautiful dress, but I don't like it on her. Skirts that gather at the waist like that tend to make women look like they've got big hips, and when you've already got big hips, that isn't a good thing. The dark colour helps mitigate that, but not enough. I also find the skirt-length to be a bit off for her. It should either be longer (below the knee), or several inches higher (but then it would be too young-looking).
  4. While I can't speak to NYC ramen shops, those in Japan never do take-out or doggy bags. What did you have that was left over? I can't imagine having leftovers at Ippudo in Japan--not a lot of food in those servings, but NYC servings may be larger.
  5. Because of an increase in the number of swine flu cases in a couple of nearby cities, all the schools in my area are closed for the week. While taking precautions is not an annoyance, extending the term an extra week in July most defintely is one since I already have a ticket out of here two days after the end of term. AND, although students are expected to stay home all week, teachers and support staff still have to come to school for regular work hours. I guess it's OK for us to infect one another, but not the students? Plus wearing this stupid mask makes my eyeglasses fog up
  6. I think it depends on the nut and maybe how it's cut. The list says, for example, that whole roasted nuts have more oil than sliced roasted nuts, so you probably wouldn't need to add additional oil for whole roasted. Walnuts and macadamia nuts seem to be oily. Pecans seem to process quickly, so I'd guess they have enough oil in them. Pistachios are drier, so you may have to add oil for those. Otherwise, it seems you don't really have to add oil for any kind of nut butter unless you want to loosen it up. Great idea to add oil from the same nut, but that can get
  7. Just tell people it's from the skins. . . (A place in the Philippines sells two kinds of homemade peanut butter--with fiber or without. "With fiber" peanut butter is made with the skins still on, and is more expensive!) I've been checking out the cost of peanuts in my 'hood. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to do more than 1 cup of peanuts at a time. I guess 1/2 cup of peanut butter is better than none! I do have some cashews I could use, but cashews are so precious. . . If anyone's interested, many moons ago, Cooking Light did a thing about different types of nut butters.
  8. Could this be made into a chunky peanut butter? The homemade peanut butter I've seen is always smooth, but I prefer chunky. I'm wondering if I would stir in some chopped nuts at the end, or if there's some other way. I'd need to find a cheap source of peanuts before I start to experiment, though. (why oh why are peanuts so expensive in Japan?)
  9. Maybe a fingernail clipping got stuck under there and is interfering with contact. Not that I've ever had that happen to me. . . (it could also be a strand of hair. Again, not that I've ever had that happen to me. . . Or a tortilla chip crumb.)
  10. Thanks! I have a combination stone, but don't know what the grits are. I'll have to compare with some other stones. I took a look at knifeforums, and I think I'm even more intimidated now. I actually took a class in knife sharpening once to help me get over my fear of sharpening knives, but I'm still afraid. I'm a chicken, I know!
  11. Did you notice Randy Pausch's cameo (he of the "Last Lecture")? I'm dying to see the movie, but it won't be out in Japan for who nows how long!
  12. Chad, are you familiar with the privately branded Kappabashi knives in Japan? V-Gold 10, 33-layer stainless steel. I don't know much about them, but any info would be helpful! (like what kind of stone I should use to sharpen it)
  13. Slightly more work than serving on a half-shell, but not much. . . The best cooked oysters I've ever had have been cooked with a bit of butter, good Japanese soy sauce, and a squeeze of lemon. Goes well with crisp white wines, too.
  14. If the flavour of commercially-flavoured soy powders don't appeal to her, consider using non-flavoured powders, often available in bulk food stores. I usually use those because I can't stand the artificial flavours of commercial protein powders. If she's craving cheese, how about making some savoury cheesecakes as well as sweet? Tons of calories in those, plus you can put whatever she feels like eating in them. Same goes with quiche if eggs are OK. They can also be frozen, so you can preslice them, wrap, and freeze and she can rotate flavours as she desires.
  15. prasantrin


    I find CanLit to be rather dreary, in general, but that's what I like about it. It's like Thomas Hardy but with shorter, more readable paragraphs. Prairie writers are the dreariest of them all! For the record, I liked The Diviners for more than just the sex scenes (was there more than one?).
  16. prasantrin


    Margaret Laurence's The Diviners was one of my favourite books in high school. Guy Gavriel Kay's The Fionavar Tapestry series is one of my favourites in the fantasy genre (does it count as CanLit if there are no identifying marks of Canadian-ness in it?). His other series are all just re-works of Fionavar, though. I've read all but the most recent Michael Ondaatje book. Life of Pi by Yann Martel.
  17. When you tell our mother you want her to visit you more because you want her to know her grandchildren, but then tell her you can't afford to buy her a plane ticket meaning she'll have to spend more than half her meager monthly pension to visit you, I think that sucks. It especially sucks that you make her feel guilty about her (and you) not being able to afford it. But then when, a few months later, you go out and spend more than $1200 (more than her entire monthly pension) on a digital camera kit, I think you're an asshole. And then when she offers to pay for her ticket to Vanco
  18. Oh no! Now I feel disappointed even though I've never been there. I'll have to find another Vegas diner-type place to dream about. I don't know why, but I think LV should be full of really good diners. Are there any good ones? I might have a trip to LV coming up next year, and I like to plan ahead.
  19. I've always wanted to go to Hash House a Go Go in Vegas. The original is in San Diego and I've never been there or the LV one, but I love diner food, and it seems like they'd do diner food really well. It's less than a 15-minute drive from Red Rock.
  20. If you happen to make that mistake this summer, I'll be just a short 6-hour drive away. . .
  21. Don't worry. You'll just hack it up on the carpet later.
  22. Funny. I got the same email today. Even funnier that I've never been to Punch, and I can't remember how I got on their mailing list.
  23. Thank god you looked in the mirror before you left, or you'd have had your arms crossed in front of you all day!
  24. Have you tried Bangkok Thai Deli on University Ave? The food is very much like going to a Thai food court (and the ambiance is, as well--plastic lawn chairs and all unless they've changed the decor since last summer). They've got a white haw mok that's out of this world (different from the red type, but very very good). But be very careful about heat levels. If you ask for medium, it's more like the average farang's incendiary hot. By broccoli, I hope you mean Chinese broccoli?
  25. they only work if you're an "a" cup You don't need them if you're an "a" cup precisely But they come with handy-dandy InvisiCovers! A co-worker used to use masking tape over her pointy ones, but said something like InvisiCovers would have come in handy. (She's an a, maybe even aa, but says she has very large nipples. I just take her word for it.)
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