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  1. I have many tiny tiny spoons, but cannot find them. I think they are in storage. If you ever visit Japan, it is tiny spoon heaven. Tiny cutlery heaven, actually. They like dainty things. I also got my grapefruit spoons there, and used a French sauce spoon for the first (and I think only) time there.
  2. Someone I know ordered a fake cow-hide rug and got a Skip the Dishes thermal delivery bag instead. Really really weird mix up. Sometimes when you get mistaken items, they tell you to keep them, but in this case, they made her send it back. She was all the more annoyed because she had just had a terrible experience with Skip, and had vowed never to use the service again. She felt like someone was taunting her.
  3. I actually cooked today. Sort of. I made tannin don but I used s&b gyudon tare. So i really just poured equal amounts of water and tare in a pan, and threw in some onions and very thinly sliced beef, and I added some enoki and baby bok choy, just to get my weekly vegetable serving in.
  4. Preaching to the choir. Although many if my Thai family and friends say Jasmine rice made in those bamboo rice steamers make better rice than rice cookers, but they all have maids to watch over the rice while it cooks, so...
  5. I have a fondness for Volvos and every time I see a C30 I feel great regret for not purchasing one when I had the chance (Volvo was actually offering 0% financing with free service for 2 or 5 years - can't remember which, including oil changes!). But I couldn't justify paying CAD $48k plus taxes and fees, and then having to use premium gas. Still, I covet every one I see.
  6. He did get 5 free passes to use anytime in the future, as well as a refund for that one meal. But it was hard trying to get through the rest of the trip, especially since the two young'uns were in fine form, and just wanted to go on more rides. It was the ground beef, by the way. The adults didn't even order the same dish, but they each had a dish that contained ground beef
  7. My coworker went to Disney World with his wife, children, and mother. All the adults ended up with food poisoning from the food at one of the restaurants. So maybe discussing food preferences isn't a bad thing?
  8. Re: what to do with short grain rice, my (Japanese) coworkers and I once had a conversation about favorite foods, and many of them ímmediately said takikomi gohan. I think it's like comfort food for many Japanese.
  9. Thanks! If the borders were open, I'd order one asap. I'll have to keep checking amazon.ca. Hopefully they'll have it on sale, too!
  10. Ooohhhhh! That sounds like fun! If I may add, if you are venting about a cousin's wife, do not accidentally add the cousin's sister to the email, especially not if she shares the same name as her brother's wife.
  11. I was browsing through all the zojirushi rice cookers on their website to narrow down which one I want to add to my Amazon wish list. what's the difference between a long grain rice setting and a jasmine rice setting? The cooker I prefer only has a generic long grain rice setting, but we only eat jasmine rice so if there's really that much of a difference, I should get the jasmine rice one.
  12. For jasmine, I use 1 cup rice to 1 and a little (less than 1.25) cups water. I don't use the measurements on the rice pot, not even for short grain rice. My mother prefers drier rice, so she uses the 1 cup rice to water just above the first finger joint. Maybe 1:1? Too dry and dense for my tastes, but maybe if she would fluff it, it would be better.
  13. I am a lazy rice washer, and I put the rice in the pot, add some water and swish it around, and drain it (not terribly well, as I just pour most of the water out and hope not too much rice goes with it). Then I add the water for cooking, and I cook the rice. But when I was growing up, we always repeated the above wash twice, for 3 washes in total. My mother still washes rice that way. By the 3rd time, the water, when poured out, is pretty clear. I'm not sure I can tell the difference between my mother's clean rice, and my sort of dirty rice, so I'm quite happy to continue with my energy conser
  14. You must not be using the fast cook setting. If your rice cooker is taking more than an hour, it's likely including soaking time, but there is probably another setting that doesn't include soaking time, so you'll get cooked rice much more quickly. My rice cooker (Tiger brand) takes about 20 minutes, maybe 30. Also, you should probably be washing rice regardless of the cooking method you are using. We've always washed rice, but we generally eat jasmine rice. Maybe American-grown rice is different? You might already know this, but I didn't until maybe 20 years ago, so I'll tell yo
  15. When my brother was ~6, he went to the store with one of my mom's blank cheques and tried to buy a GI Joe with it. He may have even scribbled in all the right places.
  16. The first time I lived in Japan, I lived in a Leo Palace, which was definitely not a palace. It came with a fridge (smaller than bar-sized) and a single built-in electric burner. The living space was 6 tatami (just under 10 sq m), but I had a little loft which was maybe 3 or 4 tatami. I think the entire apartment, including kitchen and unit bath, was about 12 tatami. And for this palatial space, I paid ¥66,000/month, or just over US$600. And while it was in Kyoto, it wasn't even downtown or somewhere nice. It was in Katsura, and it was a 20-minute walk from the train station. I think
  17. What kind of rice cooker did you get? My current Tiger is a step above basic, and was purchased in 1993 (my first purchase after my first paycheck after I moved to Japan), so I'm in the market for a new one. But I want a 5-cup model, and those seem harder to find at a reasonable price.
  18. My LG fridge had an optional ice maker. We opted against it. It's a couple of years old though, so they may not be optional anymore.
  19. I may be able to get the cso for the low low price of $149 Canadian, plus taxes, so like, US$5. (Or US$130. I guess the us$ has fallen recently). What to do, what to do. My breville has been a bit temperamental lately, but it's still working. It's about 10 years old (maybe 7, not sure), though, so it could for any day now.
  20. And a very happy milestone birthday to you! I hope you have enough leftovers for a slice of cake and glass of milk nightly, for at least a week! Milestone birthdays deserve a week of celebrations.
  21. If you send an email or a letter to samsung usa ceo etc., you might be able to get some compensation or an extended warranty or something like that. I did that regarding a samsung cell phone which was determined to be non-repairable (code for "the repair would have cost more than the phone was worth" even though it was only 15 months old), and I promptly got a reply saying they would repair it as a courtesy.
  22. When I was 9, I was roller skating in the house when i fell on an open can of almond roca. I now have a really nice scar running down the lower half of my palm. I got 8 stitches. I just realized that I was pretty lucky, since if it had been another inch or so longer, I'd probably have bled out.
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