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  1. At Atwater Market, there a place that sells mostly pate. They have frozen tripe - cooked either in tomato sauce (the board said nicoise), or with white wine, carrots, etc. At first my mother wasn't going to get any, because I had only noticed the nicoise and assumed it might be similar to the one from LH (in tomato sauce - it was a special, btw, not on the regular menu). But when the one with wine was described, she had to try it because, "The lowly tripe cooked in wine? It must be very special!" I replied, "It's French. I think that's just regular cooking for them." It comes in little fro
  2. The menu called it andouille, but wiki said it was a type of andouillette. We should have checked it before we ordered rather than after, but at the time, I didn't even consider it might not be like Cajun andouille. It was still tasty, just not the best choice for someone (not me) with gout, especially after eating the tripe from Liverpool House three days in a row (today marks the 5th day in a row).
  3. Le Bellig in Quebec City. Two galettes - egg cheese and andouille; egg cheese and roasted vegetables. And of course, the house-made kouign amann with ice cream and caramel sauce for dessert. I wanted to bring back a slice of ka, but alas, I was told it was only available to eat at the restaurant. Same style as Au Kouign Amann, but a bit thicker. An aside, French andouille and Cajun andouille are not the same. Oops.
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    At Liverpool House, one of the diners at a neighboring table was vegan. What an odd choice of restaurants for a vegan.
  5. I guessed, and it worked. The main alarm panel is in the basement, so I just went for the switch for stuff that was closest to the panel (which also happens to be the one for the laundry room, so I won't be doing any laundry today). We're going to have to get the alarm company to come and trouble shoot and reconnect everything. I can reconnect the battery by myself, but when I was trying to disconnect to power source, I managed to remove a couple of wires, but couldn't get the other two out (which is why I had to go to the fuse box), so someone will have to reconnect them. What a pita!
  6. ~1:45am, our alarm system went off and we couldn't turn it off using the alarm panel. Called hq, and they couldn't turn it off either, and didn't cancel the fire trucks in time, so the fire dept came to check things out. No fire inside or out, alarm finally off, so they leave. Half an hour later, the alarm panel starts beeping. Call alarm company, they don't know what's wrong, so they cancel it for the rest of the evening. Another half hour goes by, and the alarm system goes off again! Very loud beeping. This time hq says to disconnect the battery (even though there's no evidence of a low batt
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    If I didn't mention it, we had a fine meal at Beau Mont. I think that was why I was looking at it, and I happened upon the fundraiser when I went to the website. So thanks for the rec! Haven't decided yet where I'm going to eat other than l'express for ile flottante and roasted bone marrow.
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    If anyone will be in Montreal at the beginning of March, Restaurant Beau Mont is doing a Bocuse d'Or Canada fundraiser. I'd go, but my visit is a month too soon. Don’t miss the fundraising lunch for the benefit of Bocuse d’Or Canada on Sunday, March 1st 2020 at Beau Mont restaurant. An exceptional culinary experience, a 3 course menu at $85 prepared by Normand Laprise, Beau Mont’s Chef Jean-Francois Dubé, Quebec’s candidate Samuel Sirois, and his commis Alexy Jetté.
  9. I was at work, talking to my mother on the headset linked to my work cell. While I was talking to her, I mentioned I couldn't find my personal cell which I had just taken out of my coat pocket. We continued our conversation and I said, "Oh, I know where my cell phone is!" "Where?" "I'm talking to you on it!" Oops. To make it worse, I was holding the cell phone, as it isn't linked to my headset, and I still didn't realize I was talking on it for at least three minutes.
  10. My employer's standard is yyyy-mm-dd but back in the day it was dd-mm-yy which caused much confusion when reviewing older documents.
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    Did anyone notice the article in the NYTimes about L'Express? Who knew it was almost 40 years old? Hoping the weather co-operates so I can visit in February!
  12. If Daniel's friends had gotten the Instant Pot at Costco, I'm sure he would have been more tempted to keep it, as it has a sous vide setting. 😉
  13. Is that fried fish with sweet and sour like sauce named something like squirrel fish (the name of the dish, not the type of fish used)? It's one of my dad's favorite dishes, but hard to find in my 'hood. And do you ever see chicken and salted fish fried rice on menus? I suspect it's Cantonese, but one of my favorites. Who doesn't love salted fish?
  14. Anyone want to buy a possibly used Coravin Wine Journey Set for around 1/3 the regular price plus shipping?
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    https://neatpour.com/2019/12/r-i-p-rocky-yeh/ I enjoyed his posts, and wondered what had happened to him. RIP
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    Gary Rhodes

    I think I remember him. When he did MasterChef, wasn't his closing line something about "commiserations to the losers"?
  17. Money (cash and/or credit), passport, phone/tablet and charger including a portable one (with destination appropriate adapters)... That's all you need. And to check in your flight 24 hours in advance so they don't give away your seat.
  18. I hate turkey, too. We decided to roast a turkey for Thanksgiving a few years ago because we hadn't done so in decades and couldn't remember why. After that meal, we remembered why, and we've gone back to Thanksgiving rib roasts since then.
  19. "They are super friendly and then stab on your back." 🤣 Reminds me of something a Korean-American acquaintance said once.
  20. Because you don't want aunt k to show you up. But I might make the purchase conditional on, for example, occasional email updates on the goings on in their lives. And they'd better fricking say thank you on their own volition.
  21. I'd pretend it went to my spam folder. If I don't exist to them when they don't need something, then I don't exist to them when they do (but I have a rather dysfunctional relationship with my nieces' parents (ex. they said one of their daughters did not have to thank me for paying for much of her travel expenses, because I "offered" to do it, she didn't ask me to. Except I didn't offer, it was just assumed that I would), so ymmv.)
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    I thought the far right was a butterfly. Then I adjusted my progressives and realized they were bivalves.
  23. Crispy oatmeal cookies? Care to share your recipe? Every recipe I've tried is cakey, and I dislike cakey cookies. But crispy oatmeal is one of my favorites!
  24. What kind of doll? Not the blow up kind. Just a big stuffed moomin character (no, i haven't been there, but some of my former students have, and posted pics)
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