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  1. True! But then when her mother said, "It's white bread! You eat it all the time!" she replied, "But I don't know what it looks like to buy it!" I think she maybe meant she didn't know which brand/variety to buy, but from the way she was standing in front of the bread, I think she really didn't know how to tell which ones were white. Which is also kind of depressing because shouldn't she have noticed what their bread bag usually looks like, so she could just have chosen the same one?
  2. Depressing because I worry for the future... The other day I was at the supermarket, and they was a young girl, ~12 years old. She could have been as old as maybe 14 as she was quite tall, but she also could have been as young as 10. Her mother had asked her to get some white bread. She was standing in front of the bread section calling out to her mother, "But I don't know what white bread looks like!" 🙄🙄🙄 What are parents teaching their children these days? I feel like a curmudgeonly old lady, thinking, "When I was 5, I'd walk to the store to buy white bread AND milk!"
  3. Winnipeg. If Aboriginal and Metis are included, the population is just over 26% visible minority. If not included, just over 16%.
  4. Not exactly surreal, but I'm at a jazz concert (Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra) and in a crowd of ~200, there are only five visible minorities. I don't go to a lot of jazz concerts anymore, but I would've thought the audience would have been more diverse. Instead, I'm surrounded by upper-middle-class middle-aged Caucasians. Is this the typical audience for jazz these days? (If this is considered political, feel free to delete. I won't be offended!)
  5. You bought the sweetened Bulgaria yogurt! It has less sugar, but it still has sugar. If you get Bulgaria, it has to be the large-ish container like in the link I posted. Or a better pic here https://catalog-p.meiji.co.jp/products/dairies/yogurt/020201/4902705011625.html In my experience, most small containers of yogurt in Japan are sweetened. But this one is plain https://mij-only.com/food/en/partheno-morinaga.html?cv=yogurt And just stay away from fruit yogurts there. Eta: i don't like Oikos very much, but they do sell it in Japan. Maybe you'd like it better? It's made by danone,
  6. If you subscribe to the idea that ingredients should be listed by predominance, the first one has more beans than cheese, and the second one more cheese than beans. I'd get the first one but ask for more cheese in lieu of beans. I hate beans.
  7. prasantrin


    I think that is some sort of par cooked (converted) rice... I don't think it's converted rice because it uses a lot more water than converted rice would (I think - I've never cooked converted rice, but I imagine it would use less water). I did more research and copied and pasted kanji (since I no longer have the ability to type in Japanese on my computer), and it's rice that has been polished for 5 minutes. https://www.mikaku-club.com/rice_milling/ (in Japanese but Google translate kind of works). My favourite is the translation for 3-minute rice
  8. prasantrin


    In the second pic, the far left is for white rice and takikomi gohan, next is for unwashed (no-wash?) rice and some other rice I can't read (mugi gohan? But that's usually with white rice and this one has Brown rice), next is for curry rice and okowa (glutinous rice), and the far right is for okayu. If you use one of these ratios, you should select the corresponding program using the menu.
  9. prasantrin


    In the first picture, the left is the water markings for white rice and takikomi rice, and the middle is for brown rice and the right is for some kind of 5-minute (part?) rice? So for 180ml rice, then fill with water up to the one line, 360ml rice, fill to the 2 line.
  10. Fukuoka? According to this https://fukutarousa.com/ you may be able to find it in the US soon. They don't have branches in Kanto.
  11. Re: sembei (as pictured elsewhere), my favorite is kuromame sembei, particularly the one made by Akebono (they have a store in Ginza, and probably at a number of depachika). https://gurunavi.com/en/japanfoodie/s/2017/04/different-types-of-senbei.html?__ngt__=TT0ff213d75005ac1e4ae465NegF5xBQhCN5tmIm_LyOx1
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    If your house is relatively cool, rice can be fine at room temperature for a while. We often leave it in the rice cooker for a couple of days, plugging in the cooker to reheat. But October in Japan is typhoon season, when it can be warm and humid, so in chambolle's case, better to refrigerate or freeze if planning to consume after a day-ish.
  13. This Koiwai yogurt comes in small containers and has no additives. https://images.app.goo.gl/2pMUUn2Rsdhm79si6
  14. Have you tried either of the two Koiwai yogurts in the link I posted earlier? Those are likely the best of the bunch, unless you happen to be in a prefecture that has amazing milk from small producers (Toyama, from what I remember, has really rich and flavorful milk and yogurt)
  15. prasantrin


    In my experiences, most white rices are best 1:1, although the amount of water is very much dependent on the freshness of the crop. I usually use fairly good quality jasmine rice, and I like my rice a little wetter, so i use just over 1 cup water to 1 cup rice.
  16. Either is fine. When I freeze rice, though, I only like to eat it with saucy stuff because it seems a little harder. But when I freeze rice, it's usually frozen for a while, and in your case, you'll probably be eating it relatively soon. So yours will probably be better. In my experience, it'll last a few days in the fridge.
  17. I don't know what the weather is like there right now. but if you have leftover rice ideally you should keep it in the refrigerator. then when you want to reheat it if you don't have a microwave put it back in the rice cooker pot with a little bit of water and turn the rice cooker on again. It will reheat quite nicely. But I hope when your rice was still warm and in the pot, he fluffed it all up. Otherwise once it's cold it's hard to fluff it up because it all sticks together in a block
  18. prasantrin


    I use the "fast" setting, and I don't notice a difference but if there is a difference, when you're hungry fast is good enough. You use 180ml of rice (there should have been a scoop that came with the rice cooker) and then when it's in the pot, fill with water up to the first line in the pot. Oh, wait, you didn't ask about that. But I told you anyway.
  19. Another thing about Japanese massages, you will very often wear yukata or similar, and they massage you through the yukata. No nekkidness involved. Except for spa massages like at Jurlique, but even then they give you disposable undies to put on.
  20. Re: massage I once inadvertently got a real massage in what I later realized was a rub-down parlor. It was somewhere in Tokyo. It was the mirrors on the ceiling (and apparently a trapeze bar in the next room) that tipped me off. Otherwise, massage therapists are quite good in Japan, but with the exception of spa massages, the most gentle massage you'll get is deep tissue. Ouch. I don't recall seeing many drop-in massage places, though. Reflexology, yes, massage, no (except of the rub-down parlor variety). Yogurt - don't know what you're looking for in a good yogurt, but if you want uns
  21. prasantrin


    A friend mentioned Google maps doesn't work as well in Japan (especially outside major cities) as it used to because Google lost its connection to the main Japanese mapping company. Something like that, anyway. Found this https://blog.govoyagin.com/need-to-know-google-maps-japan-right-now/
  22. Maybe too much oil from the nut flours? Assuming you ground them yourself.
  23. Thinking back to my leo palace days, one pot, one frying pan, one knife, and maybe a spatula. And a toaster oven. (Leo Palace apartments are teeny tiny 6-tatami studios which, at least in Kyoto, are grossly overpriced. Since your place is bigger, you might get two pots and two knives)
  24. You could also introduce him to Delfeayo Marsalis and the Uptown Jazz Orchestra.
  25. I love it! The only thing I don't love is that CBC cuts the technical challenge from every broadcasted episode so they can air the show in a 1-hour timeslot. So if I want to watch a full episode, i have to watch it on their app. We also just finished season 9, and season 10 won't be aired for another year-ish.
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