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  1. can someone please send me the 800 number used to confirm reservations i cant find it and the regular number is always busy thanks lauren
  2. hi all , I have a reservation for 2 ppl on sept 16th at 9 30 that, once again, I cant use. IF anyone would like it please email me. Otherwise I ll cancel it. thanks lauren
  3. yeah but a cheeseburger and fries would cost you the same price at the Coffeeshop at union sq........... i mean we could dwell on prices forever, i thnk its ridiculous to pay $12 for a soup anywhere, and i do it too often!
  4. I was buying some fruit at the union sq green market and bumped into one of the exec chefs. from hearth. there were quite a few white coats running around. monday the chef from wallse was buying blackberries for their " cheesecake" Lauren
  5. couldnt spell hmmmm i guess it wouldve taken a lot of effort to call pure food, huh;)
  6. interesting article. one quick thought, maybe its the feminist in me but why dont they mention Sarma. I know they have in other articles, but I was under the impression that they were Co Chefs,..... its bothers me than the man gets mentioned while they both create and "cook" Sarma, if you care to respond, does this get to you at all?
  7. sounds great, thanks for all the help
  8. I have a very quick question, and i know i can search through the posts but i dont have time right now. In any case I have a res. at Per Se for Sept 26th. Has any had the veggie menu yet? Do we know the cost of that , excluding tip tax drinks etc? thanks so much Lauren
  9. when i go, i always bring home a doggie bag bc I have to leave room for the dessert! *3* of them but , hey I have my priorities Lauren
  10. I think that people who have eaten meat all their lives and who have also been brainwashed by all the commercials out there that "force" one to think that meat is a necessary component of good health * porc the other white meat etc* will have a difficult time thinking that eating a Non Meat meal will fill them up. I have eaten all sorts of food, all over the world, and at some point, i have been bloated, stuffed, etc by these foods. Maybe your meal at Pure Food left you feeling bloated but that has never been the case for me there* i ve been there at least 5 times now* and I ve never heard of
  11. i had had one for july 31rst but we had four weddings at work, and all the brides were horrid creatures , so i couldnt go!
  12. I had dinner at Hearth on Sunday night. It was mostly full but not packed like it ususally is. Usually I am with friends and sit in the dining room but since I was along I opted for the facing the kitchen. They didnt have too many vegetarian options, in fact all the veggie options were pasta, so I had them make the gnocci into an entree size for me. I started off with an incredibly fresh heirloom tomato salad with fresh ricotta cheese,salt , pepper and some virgin olive oil. The green, yellow and red tomatos were so vibrant and so flavorful and the ricotta was creamy and fresh. Right after I
  13. i ate les bookinistes when i was studying in Paris, it was probably one of my most disappointing meals, not to mention the whole place was filled with americans..... it was not my idea to go, i should add, as it was a meal paid by a friend of mine going on the recommendation of another.
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