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  1. Don't wish to sound like a kiss-up, but Wilf's Pink Pig is particularly charming today. The mailman complained about my New Zealand Tea forcing him to back up to deliver my mail, so I had to go prune it in 90 degree sunshine and got covered with dust and ash. How pleasant to come back inside and voyeuresquely enjoy Paris in the Spring.
  2. What is the legal requirement of you buying the appliances? Will you or your slumlord own them? Could you take them with you if you wished to? This would make a difference to me between what I could live with and what I would choose. For dishwasher, go with the new really quiet ones. They are so amazingly quiet. I have always like GE for low cost non-restaurant quality appliances but now that they've supposedly lost interest in everything but hedge funds and closed the USA factories for Made in China ones, it's changing. The last review in Consumer Reports for dishwasers appears to be Au
  3. True annoyance: it's supposed to be 94-97 today and for several days along the left coast. Someone should send over some ice to Squeat and The Doctor.
  4. Not for teabaggers or ex-army personnel then, right?
  5. It's just a private social club, isn't it? You go there for the camaraderie with friends. If you don't get invited by a friend, you don't belong there. Not for name-droppers or wannabees. There are ethnic bars/restaurants like this in lots of neighborhoods. You need to be a regular participant and contributor. The difficulty in getting a reservation depends on who YOU are to THEM. Just MHO.
  6. A lot of recipes say to sift the baking powder or soda with some of the flour. Oh, and Rachael Ray brags she can't/doesn't bake. She should explain . . .
  7. You don't need to buy cake strips. In cake decorating classes, we were taught to just tear up an old bath towel into strips the depth of the pan and a bit longer than its circumference. Soak it in water till thoroughly saturated and then use a safety pin to secure it around the outside of the cake pan before baking. There is an evil astrological Baking Goddess that rewards your first attempts just to get you to try to duplicate it so she can send lightning bolts into your oven to punish your self-assurance and dignity. Respond by just chopping up the damn thing and turning it into a trifle
  8. You didn't add enough mayonaise or oil and overbaked without using a toothpick or cake tester. I'm a bit jealous. I always buy Jumbo eggs just for the occasional thrill of twins.
  9. So sorry, Ghostie, but at least Sheila got SOME severage. Too often it's the COBRA that kills you and yet only good for 18 months, even with the cost break from the Feds. The Supreme Court's recent ruling that age CAN be used as a stop-loss action, can now be unfairly used by management to bonus themselves. The loss of pension funds everywhere is hitting hard. This morning the tv said the California UC system is down 60% and professors are being threatened. Two years ago they were being offered $10,000/month for life plus full medical to retire. I opened this thread to rant and feel sor
  10. Stumbled on this yesterday* and have to share: " I cannot face my feet this morning--they are under my chair as I write, maintaining a vast hurt silence. I will try to win back their favor by means of slippers, the softest of socks, bathings in scented water, massages and possibly reading them to sleep at night. Heyho!" *Campbell Grant, 1937 Walt Disney animator of Snow White, Fantasia, Bambi, Dumbo, et al. Noticias, Santa Barbara Historical Society
  11. Yeah, Alaska Airlines non-stop Sea-Tac-Santa Barbara for $149 rt last week. Come play with me! But they still want $500 for Sea-Tac to Anchorage. Boo.
  12. What's a "decent" university? Damn, I hate GPA's. Sit in the front row and brown nose or sleep with 'em and share your weed and you get A's. Go ask an intelligent question that stumps the prof and you get a C. Some profs are just down right mean to certain types of students. Some colleges/universities understand their customers pay their salaries and feel it their responsibility to actually help a student get good grades and get them grants. An undergraduate GPA serves only to help shuffle you onward to graduate or medical school. My new hero (since Dr. Folkman died) is John Taylor Gatt
  13. Ooooo, yes, Aaron T, make it a birthday month. April can be so beautiful and full of fresh weeds to explore and enjoy.
  14. I'm kinda open to this idea if I could scan in all the boxes of recipe clippings. With time and inspiration, we could do this anyway with any ole computer. Install it into a kitchen cabinet over your work area. I, gulp, admit to now Googling more recipes than I go look for physically in old files and cookbooks. But most of all I like to print out the recipe then go sit for a while and mull it over in my head for variations on a theme. May do this for hours or days before actually entering the kitchen.
  15. Insurance companies being conservative and resistant to change? They lost interest in insurance and ran off to play in hedge funds. And most of the attorneys I know are still using WordPerfect. Now whyse that? If it ain't broke?
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