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  1. Heading up to do a few days filming in Seattle in a couple of weeks, which is reason to be cheerful enough as I really like the city.


    Even more RTBC is that I am being housed at The Edgewater Hotel


    Anyone who is a Zappa fanatic like me, or a fan of Led Zeppelin will know why I am particularly thrilled. Wonder if you can still fish for Red Snapper from the windows





    It's not 80 or 85, but there is a bright shiny yellow orb in the sky, at least today. Bring a coat.

  2. Hi all,


    No idea where to put the irreverent musings and hope I won't offend (too much). Enrolled yesterday in Hospice in search of pain management and relief from all the crummy side effects. My status has changed greatly since December 31. I wish it was a terrible hangover, virus, or parasite, but the pattern appears to match what just happens as the disease takes over and treatment is anticipated to cause more harm that good.


    Since dx a little over three years ago, we've traveled to Vancouver, Victoria, San Francisco, Mexico, Tampa, Washington DC, Lummi Island, and Sicily. Some good food, some good memories, and lots of depth to my relationships. Focus is not so good, so my posts may be fewer and a little less likely to make sense without replacing words that don't get fixed by spell check.


    I hope future meals are more exciting than today' intake - so far, water (hooray!) a couple of ounces of plain yogurt and 2/3 of a strawberry popsicle. I'm going to see if I can eat something a bit crunchy. Our kitchen is full of abundance, in case anyone is hungry.


    Just another night to appreciate whatever you have, especially the good stuff.



  3. We stopped in at ChefShop last week and they had a few new olive oils out for tasting. Also vinegars, honeys, and salts. But get the shoyu.

    I guess I'm the only one who doesn't like chefshop. Nothing is priced. Everything I look at I have to ask how much, and after the third time I don't feel like asking any more. I'm in and out in five minutes.


    Yeah, we asked them about that too. 90% of what they sell is on-line and much of that is gifts - so they don't like pricing the individual items. The shelves and displays change often, so they don't tag those either. I wish they handled it differently too (they used to.)

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  4. Have not been well since the new year began. Barely eating and vomiting almost daily, much fatigue. Hard time focusing my eyes. Getting a specialist consult a week from Monday. Taking lots of drugs for pain. Hope to pull out of this, but just want to say thanks for keeping me company and entertained, if not. It's getting awfully real. I hope I am wrong, and embarrassed by this post. I'll take the embarrassment any day.


    Money is money; sometimes you gotta grin and bear it, but it’s not really the most enjoyable experience. It takes a lot out of you, actually, to make believe you are having a good time.


    Oddly, that pretty much how I felt about teaching sometimes.


    That's why teachers are only in it for the $! Are there really many jobs that find you "having a good time" - and maybe making decent money at the same time?

  6. Insider (not really) note from a distiller that due to the short time the State Liquor Stores have to get rid of their inventory, there are some good bargains at the liquor stores. Since I haven't bought a bottle of spirits in years, I have no idea what to look for (nor do I really care.) One mentioned was McCarthy’s Single Malt Whiskey for $25.95 per bottle. Stores cannot ship, but if you are in Washington State - a liquor sale is a rare animal. Closeout prices?

  7. Slapsie,


    I make stovetop naan - heat a cast iron skillet to medium, add a good tablespoon or two of ghee, heat and swirl to coat the pan, add naan and cover. Cook about two minutes, then flip with tongs and cook another two minutes, covered. Watch that it doesn't blacken. Not tandoor fluffy, but very good.

  8. Young adult offspring who think the couch by the woodstove is a cozy place for an extended late afternoon nap, and then get all pissy when they're woken up by the noise generated by dinner preparations (which dinner they will, of course, be beneficiaries of).


    You have a nice cozy bed in a nice quiet room.


    Sounds something like the felines.

  9. Can't help at all, but I will forever love the Boston Park Plaza. Was staying with a cousin somewhere out of town, on the floor. Took a day trip into town and realized how far away I was. After a long day of walking around, walked up to the reception counter and asked about a room for a few nights. I was 27 (and looked about 23, very casual), no luggage. They didn't blink an eye and gave me a room overlooking the park at a reasonable price. Went back to my cousin's, got my bag, and returned. The room was on the small size, but I loved it and my time in Boston. Fond memory.

  10. completing the Medicare application is such a look-at-that-person-in-the-mirror moment


    Not quite the Medicare wake-up call, but Blovie received a welcome package from the AARP last week. He was none too happy about it.

    I was receiving welcome packages from AARP as soon as I turned 50. If only I could have retired then. :lol:


    Saved me a bunch on car and home insurance. Nothing much else of value that I have found.


    Sorry to have disappeared on the thread. Was in Seattle/Vancouver with family for the holidays.



    Just family meals or are you going to share your impressions of the PNW? (Different thread, please.)

  12. Just because all the bean expertise is here - I will ask - we picked up some dried favas in Sicily (I think they were grown in Egypt!) that are split and skinned. Would you soak them a long time and make anything in particular from them - besides Ful (Foul)?

  13. We loved the Swedish version(s).


    I did not care for the opening credits, M did.

    I was bothered by the faux accents but can accept that this needed to feel more Swedish than it might have had they not tried.


    I found myself drifting away from the movie at times - thinking I knew what was coming next (and it generally was), wondering how this might impact Rooney's career overall (though I have no idea what type of career she might want), and in general not feeling as glued to the screen. With the Swedish version, I had to pay such close attention to follow the story and read the subtitles that the rest of the world faded away.


    I haven't read any of the books.

    We will most likely see the next two.

  14. Thanks for all the input. My staff here is very young and they are laughing at the idea of "my music" with a subwoofer. Little shits.


    Do they all drive clunkers worth less than a few hundred bucks and just plug in their I-Pods with hundreds of dollars in music on them? And plug their ears so they can't hear horns, emergency vehicles, or their passengers?

  15. The This book is fine. A sort of anecdotal version of McGee -- how to make the perfect souffle and so on. And there's nothing wrong with the idea, but much evil is done in the name of MG. Talking of which...


    Blumenthal on hospital food.


    (One might have thought that someone notorious for poisoning people would refrain from pontificating on food as medicine.)

    medicine/poison, you're splitting hairs, no?


    I'm not sure how many people get that beyond the 3 of us! Thanks for the snort.

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