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  1. It is really trivial to do it yourself. Connect the old and new macs via an ethernet or firewire cable and all your data, settings, etc., are copied across. Or, if you're using Time Machine, it'll copy everything from that. I bought mine 3 years ago and they included the service. Unfortunately, my old computer was a p.o.s. Dell from an ex employer that stumbled along well enough until it didn't. Blank screen, no sound of life. I decided there was little of consequence in that 10 year history and with a few exceptions, it hasn't been an issue.
  2. Isn't that part of the mac genius service offered when you purchase a new computer? I would have let them do it, but my old hard drive was already fried or something.
  3. You might compare Ensure or Boost with things like Instant Breakfast. Last I checked, they were very similar and most people prefer the taste of Instant Breakfast (and the price.) How about polenta? Mashes of all kinds - vegetables, that is. Carrots, parsnips, etc - not just taters. Roasted sweet potatoes.
  4. Did he write his own obit? I think he recommended all writers do that, but is his published?
  5. Don't lie, bonner. You know you loved those stickers Stickers? After my time. We had to do with what's different in these two pictures? Or was it can you find all these things in this illustration?
  6. We grew up with this version (not sure where my Dad picked it up - the Catskills, no doubt): "Thank you for dinner. The food was good, what there was of it. But don't get me wrong, there was plenty of it, such as it was."
  7. No wonder we had a hard time getting our fill. We liked Midnight in Paris, Hanna, and Martha Marcy May Marlene. That's just not a lot. And a few silly airline movies (Bridesmaids, Friends with Benefits. I'd add Just Go with It to that but saw it at home.)
  8. Mmm, pasta with squid ink has a bit of a gritty texture - or at least the fabulous plate of it in Sicily did. As for gefilte fish - I've only had jarred. I loved it as a kid. I eye those jars in the stores and can't make myself buy even the small one. It's seems remarkably expensive. I guess it wouldn't break the bank to throw it out if we hate it.
  9. You might call Frank's, if you are willing to try the Market. The market is easy for me but I called and they don't have any locally grown ones. How about Sunset Hill Green Market (are they still open?) They work with Full Circle, but FC isn't listing sunchokes on their site. Maybe already sold out? Charlie's Produce is not showing them as either local or conventional products at this time. That's a sign. (great place to look to see what's available in general, since they supply so many: http://www.charliesproduce.com/ )
  10. You might call Frank's, if you are willing to try the Market.
  11. tsquare


    I'm so happy to find TJ's has brought back the seasonal fresh tamales. These were very good last year. Bought the chicken green chili version yesterday. Hope to try the red sauced pork before they disappear.
  12. A little salt in the wound - WAMU's headquarters was bought by Russell Investment two years ago for a bargain basement price (close to empty building). Building is now close to full and for sale at 4 or 5 times the last purchase price. That's some $400 million no longer in the WAMU portfolio for reimbursement.
  13. I've been (and loved the experience). I can't imagine that is what Dad has in mind. I'm thinking fresh baked chicken and homemade bread, but we've made that (and do it well) so I just don't know. Or maybe that wasn't in response to me.
  14. I believe I was at Grossingers their last fall in operation (family reunion.) I have no memories of destination food, but loved the idea of being there. This was 1983. (WIKI says they closed their doors in '86.) My Dad grew up in Monticello. Worked at the gas station and as a soda jerk. At 92, his mind does ramble into days gone by. One thing he has asked is if is possible to go eat at a Jewish run hotel so he can have food like his Mom made. In Seattle? Not even close. We have some deli food available, but that's not what he is after. I wish I knew if anything would suffice. If we were in
  15. Wasn't my offer $12.45 each with $9.95 shipping for as many as you order (and anything for 30 days)? Now I see only a set of 3 (8 oz) in aqua for $30. Or sold out 5 piece with cookbook for $39.90 - "if they can get, they'll ship it". These don't have 'cocotte' on the lid. (EDIT - because these are Le Creuset, not Staub. Those are long gone.) $4 is better, if you can get it.
  16. tsquare


    "pre-made masa" as in fresh? That's a whole different animal than reconstituted dried. And I hear much better. I think some of the super light fluffy tamales and such we ate in Mexico last year were from the fresh. So, so good, and corny.
  17. tsquare


    "cacio e pepe" <3 and that's saying a lot.
  18. Come on, you both want to try pnk at Pacific Place. You know you do. Oh, just clicked on the link and Dan Thiessan is the manager. That's where he's hiding.
  19. I used to make one from Sunset's Recipe Annual 1988. Umm, it's been years. It had a cranberry filling and the crust included ground almonds (also some cocoa powder and orange peel). I recall it being good, but I'd likely defer to something more modern. Let me know if you want a copy.
  20. Blueacre is the easy. And they will get you a better price on parking if they still have that deal going. Terra Plata is just up the hill at Melrose Market. That's new.
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